Lobo & Deadman: The Collection

Date: February 1995
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Martin Emond
Collects: n/a
Chapter One: Deadmen Don't Wear Plaid
Lobo arrived on Earth to collect a bounty. Per his psychiatrist's instructions, Deadman went on a vacation. The bounty happened to be Deadman.
Chapter Two: From Here to Eternity
In order to save all the men who Lobo was interacting with, Deadman possessed him. Deadman, in order to find out who'd placed the bounty on him, followed through Lobo's contract and headed into space. Before he knew it, Deadman was in Lobo's body on Apokolips. He used Lobo's gun and was captured by it. Lobo collected his bounty from Dr. Serge Kroolman and picked up another contract - on himself.
Chapter Three: The Ghost in the Machine
Lobo accepted the bounty. He would die so he could question Deadman on how to get to heaven. Kroolman began experimenting on the two spirits. Lobo's bike was summoned, and Deadman escaped. Lobo convinced him to possess the bike, which had organic parts. The two escaped, but crashed into Darkseid's lair. He had Kroolman killed and set the two hostages free.