The DC Animated Universe (DCAU)

ongoing monthly titles

The Batman Adventures
1992-1995, 36 issues

The Batman and Robin Adventures
1995-1997, 25 issues

Gotham Adventures
1998-2003, 60 issues

Batman Adventures
2003-2004, 17 issues

Batman Beyond
1999-2001, 24 issues

Superman Adventures
1996-2002, 66 issues

Adventures in the DC Universe
1997-1998, 19 issues

Justice League Adventures
2002-2004, 34 issues

Justice League Unlimited
2004-2008, 46 issues

Teen Titans Go (undetermined as to inside or outside of DCAU continuity)
2004-2008, 55 issues


The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years
5 issues, 1998

Batman Beyond
6 issues, 1999

Gotham Girls
5 issues, 2002

Batman: Harley and Ivy
3 issues, 2004

original graphic novels, one-shots, and specials

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the Animated Movie (film adaptation)

Batman The Animated Series: Shadows of the Past (non-graphic novel)

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

Batman the Animated Series: The Dragon and the Bat (non-graphic novel)

Batman the Animated Series: Dual to the Death (non-graphic novel)

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special

Batman & Superman Adventures: World's Finest (film adaptation)

Batman & Robin Adventures: Sub-Zero (film adaptation)

The Batgirl Adventures

Superman Adventures Special: Superman vs. Lobo

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu (non-graphic novel, video game adaptation)

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (non-graphic novel, film adaptation)

Justice League Unlimited: Jam Packed Action

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (film adapatation)

trade paperbacks and collected editions

The Batman Adventures
The Batman Adventures 1-6
Batman: Gotham Adventures
Gotham Adventures 1-6
Justice Leauge Adventures: Friends and Foes
Justice Leauge Adventures 13, 14, 16, 19, 20
Justice League Unlimited: World's Greatest Heroes
Justice Leauge Unlimited 6-10
Justice League Unlimited: Champions of Justice
Justice League Unlimited 11-15
Superman Adventures: The Never-Ending Battle
Superman Adventures 25-29
Superman Adventures: Last Son of Krypton
Superman Adventures 30-34
Superman Adventures: The Man of Steel
Superman Adventures 35-39
Teen Titans Go: Truth, Justice, Pizza
Teen Titans Go 1-5
Teen Titans Go: Heroes on Patrol
Teen Titans Go: 6-10
Teen Titans Go: Bring it On
Teen Titans Go 11-15
Teen Titans Go: Ready for Action
Teen Titans Go 16-20
Teen Titans Go: On the Move
Teen Titans Go 21-25