Wrath of the Spectre #1

Cover Date: May 1988
Subtitle: The Wrath of the Spectre // The Anguish of the Spectre // The Swami and the Spectre // Adventurers' Club (non-Spectre story)
Writer(s): Michael Fleisher
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Russell Carley
Storyline: (1) After Jim Corrigan got a lead on a gang who robbed an armored car and killed the drivers, the Spectre killed them.
(2) A man's business partner killed him. Jim Corrigan investigated and the Spectre dealt out vengeance on the killers. Along the way, the man's daughter, Gwen Sterling fell in love with Corrigan.
(3) A swami had a man killed who stopped investing in him. Corrigan became involved when Gwen went to him to help her make him whole again. The Swami and his men were dealt with by the Spectre.
(4) Nelson Strong looked over the murder weapon which killed a gangster and an innocent girl in a drive-by shooting. The girl's father, a hypnotist, caused both the killer and the driver to see her everywhere they went.

Wrath of the Spectre #2

Cover Date: June 1988
Subtitle: The Nightmare Dummies and the Spectre // The Man Who Stalked the Spectre // The Gasmen and the Spectre
Writer(s): Michael Fleisher, Russell Carley
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Frank Thorne
Storyline: (1) The Spectre took down a mannikin maker who's creations were murdering people across the city. The last straw was one made to look like Gwen. It attacked Jim Corrigan. The Spectre turned the man into a mannikin and watched it burned with the rest of his living dolls.
(2) Earl Crawford, a writer, began putting two and two together and believed there was an occult force killing people. He talked his editor into getting him a gig partnering with a police detective to further his investigation. He saw the Spectre first hand after being assigned to Jim Corrigan.
(3) A crazed would-be general sent his men into the city to gas a crowd at a car show. Crawford followed Corrigan, who was to deliver the ransom money in hopes that no more murders would happen. The Spectre killed the man and his "troops."

Wrath of the Spectre #3

Cover Date: July 1988
Subtitle: The Human Bombs and the Spectre // The Spectre Haunts the Museum of Fear // The Voice that Doomed the Spectre // The Second Death of the Spectre
Writer(s): Michael Fleisher, Russell Carley
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Ernie Chua
Storyline: (1) Lt. Corrigan got himself out of homicide long enough to tackle a string of kidnappings, including Gwen. A mad scientist was using the people as "human bombs," brain washing them into pulling crimes for him. The Spectre fed him to his own pet alligators and released his prisoners.
(2) The Spectre took down a museum curator who was using real people in exhibits based on scenes from Americana.
(3) Gwen got herself kidnapped again, this time at a bank robbery. Corrigan was nearby and followed. The radical group faced the Spectre's wrath and Gwen was saved. She told Jim she wanted them to get married, but he again refused her.
That night, he wished aloud to become a man again so he could be with her. Unbeknownst to him, the wish was granted. The next day, Corrigan was shot while taking down a mobster. After two weeks in the hospital, he approached Gwen and planned their wedding. The mobsters planned his death.
(4) Corrigan was killed by the mobsters while following up on a tip that they would turn themselves in to him. His body was dumped on Gwen's doorstep. After a small funeral, he awakened and once again became one with the Spectre.
A caretaker helped dig out his body once he awakened (as a cover story for his return). The Spectre turned the mobsters' car into a meteor and destroyed them.
Jim returned to Gwen and told her he was a ghost again.

Wrath of the Spectre #4

Cover Date: August 1988
Subtitle: The Arson Fiend and the Spectre // The Maniac and the Spectre // The Voodoo Hag of Doom // The Demon Within (non-Spectre story)
Writer(s): Michael Fleisher
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo, Pablo Marcos
Storyline: (1) Earl Crawford witnessed the Spectre again - it was helping a woman and child from a burning building. He did some digging on a series of fires at apartment buildings and went to the location he believed to be the next arson.
There, he witnessed the Spectre kill the fire starter. After the pictures were developed, Crawford was arrested and tried for murder (of the arsonist). He was acquitted, but sentenced to an asylum.
(2) Corrigan sent Gwen (in disguise) to Crawford to let him know that others had witnessed the Spectre. She gave him a tool to aid his escape. The Spectre took the guise of the arsonist and walked into a police station. He then made a daring escape. Since he was not dead, Crawford was released.
The Spectre killed the slum lord (by turning him into a cactus) who had hired the man to torch his buildings for insurance claims.
(3) A voodoo priestess killed a member of the Sterling Textiles board by drowning him (using a voodoo doll). After a second member was killed, Crawford snuck into Gwen's house (she, too was a member of the board). Inside, he found the wig and wardrobe she'd worn to visit him at the asylum. The Spectre killed the voodoo woman by turning her into a spider and her money into flies. He then saved Gwen by taking on the man who would have killed her next.
(4) A boy was lobotomized by request of his parents - he could turn himself into a demon.


  • Reprints stories from: Adventure Comics 426, 431-440; House of Mystery 201 new material. The "new" material was written in 1975 and drawn in 1988.