The Immortal Dr. Fate #1

Cover Date: January 1985
Subtitle: This Immortal Destiny // Golden Age Classic // He Is Dr. Fate
Writer(s): Paul Levitz // Gardner Fox // Martin Pasko
Artists(s): Joe Staton, Mike Nasser // Hal Sherman // Walt Simonson
Storyline: [1] Inza Nelson wrote of her husband, Kent - Dr. Fate, in her diary. His father, Sven, was an archeologist who took his son on expeditions. On one such, twelve year old Kent awakened Nabu, a mage who'd been in suspended animation for a millennia. His father was killed and Nabu trained the boy to be Dr. Fate. When the training was complete, Kent was given a golden helmet and amulet.
[2] Dr. Fate and Inza traveled to the underworld looking for the soul of Wotan, a sorcerer he believed he'd killed. They were transported elsewhere when they learned he was not dead. Fate defeated Wotan, who was planning on using the Earth's poles to tear it apart.
Wotan was placed in a trance and buried alive.
[3] Dr. Fate was summoned to a museum in Boston when a mummy awakened. The mummy was Khalis, a servant of Anubis. He was able to take Fate's amulet and escape.
Kent Nelson returned home. His wife, Inza, got tired of not having a whole husband and left him. Nelson researched Khalis and found that he'd been originally given the amulet of Anubis and enslaved his people to build a temple. Nabu had defeated him and the people mummified him while he was alive.
Anubis turned his back on Khalis and Dr. Fate defeated him and recovered the amulet.

The Immortal Dr. Fate #2

Cover Date: February 1985
Subtitle: Apocalypse of the Fifth Sun // Twilight of the Fifth Sun // Dawn of the Sixth Sun // Tomorrow is Forever
Writer(s): Martin Pasko
Artists(s): Keith Giffen, Larry Mahlstedt
Storyline: [1] Inza tried to stop Kent from putting on the gear and allowing Dr. Fate to take over. They questioned their love for each other. Dr. Fate was once again summoned to a museum in Boston. A statue of Totec, war god of the Aztecs, had come alive and killed a man. Inza followed him; Totec used her as a weapon against Fate. They were both captured.
[2] Totec, actually the lord of chaos Malferrazae, teleported them to Tenochtitlan - reborn from Mexico City. Fate was set loose to do battle with Totec's reborn worshippers. When Totec noticed the jealousy raging inside Inza, he freed it as a monster. The beast attacked Fate.
[3] Not knowing what the creature was, Dr. Fate waged battle against it. The monster unleashed an earthquake on the San Andreas fault. When it spoke, Dr. Fate recognized the voice. He summoned the Orb of Nabu, which proved the creature was part of Inza. He summoned Inza from Totec; the monster removed Fate's helmet.
[4] Inza was dead, but her spirit spoke to her husband. Without jealousy, she told him to defeat Totec and save the world. The creature was summoned back to it's master, but refused to go. It's jealous nature brought it back to Nelson, who was kissing his wife. The creature was stunned and Nelson regained the helmet. Inza was made whole again and Malferrazae was defeated.

The Immortal Dr. Fate #3

Cover Date: March 1985
Subtitle: American Gothic // Rogue Gods // Blood on the Sun // Crimson Testament
Writer(s): Steve Gerber, Martin Pasko
Artists(s): Keith Giffen, Larry Mahlstedt
Storyline: [1] The Orb of Nabu summoned Dr. Fate once more, this time to a corn field in Iowa. There, he found a crystal growing in an ear of corn. The farmer blasted fate with his shotgun and banished him to another dimension.
Inza Nelson received a call for her husband about a dig they'd participated in. She took the lecture job in order to get out of the house.
[2] In the nihil-verse, Dr. Fate did battle against Vandaemeon, a chaos beast. Inza had lunch with Vern Copeland. Afterwards, they kissed.
[3] Dr. Fate, still battling Vandaemeon, reached out for Mrs. Nelson. He displaced himself to where she was. Copeland was knocked out and thrown back. Kent and Inza fought back at their tower. The next morning, he found a note - she'd left him.
Outside, he saw the crystal from the cornfield. It covered the sky, having grown due to the fight he'd had with Vandaemeon inside it. From it came Ynar, a lord of order who'd fallen to chaos.
[4] Realizing he could not fight a renegade lord of order and a beast of chaos with only order, he sought the human spirit. Inza found him, she knew it was the end of the world. Dr. Fate pulled her into the multiverse and showed her the very things for which she resented his relationship with her husband. Ynar and Vandaemeon were defeated and confined to their crystal.
Kent and Inza began to work out their relationship.


  • Reprints stories from: DC Special Series 10 (April 1979); More Fun 56 (June 1940); First Issue Special 9 (December 1975); Flash 306-313 (February - September 1982)
  • Twice it is stated that Kent Nelson encountered Nabu at age 12.
  • Nelson is 27 (found Nabu at 12, 15 years previous) at the time of First Issue Special #9 "He is Dr. Fate."
  • "That (Kent merging with Dr. Fate) was over 40 years ago - but it might as well be yesterday...Kent ages slowly - almost unnoticeably..." (Inza, internal, Flash 306)