Date: 1973-4 (original material), 1986 (collection)
Writer(s): Howard Chaykin, Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Howard Chaykin
Collects: Weird Worlds 8-10
[1] "Ironwolf"
Lord Ironwolf defied the Empress and refused to give up anti-gravity wood that grew on his homeworld. He killed several of her bodyguards while escaping and was helped by an actress. He agreed to take her along as she was a fugitive now. The group began pirating and destroying as much of the Empress's holdings as they could.
The Empress sent vampires to Ironwolf's homeworld. When Ironwolf arrived on Illium, they had already conspired with his brother. Ironwolf escaped back to his ship and blew up the anti-gravity trees.
Later, he happened across a woman who offered him and his men a place in the Rebel Government.
[2] "Though this be Madness"
Ironwolf's ship captured another carrying actors to the Empress. He took the place of the one who would have been him. At the Empress's palace, he was found out and barely escaped.
[3] "Homeworld"
Ironwolf's ship took heavy damages. They stayed with the family of a crew member. Ironwolf learned that the man was a drug dealer and realized that both the Empress and her opposition were corrupt.


  • This is the complete Ironwolf saga.