Catwoman ongoing 2004 (issues 25-36)

Catwoman 25

Cover Date: January 2004
Subtitle: Fire with Fire
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Selina and Holly returned home from their vacation. She called Slam so they could meet. A neighborhood store had been torched and the owner killed after his son joined a gang and started selling dope. Sheh got Slam and Holly on the case. They found her the boy and she "talked him into" going back home. Slam got her the info that Junior Galante's mob was trying to take over the area. She and Holly hit their money truck. The Galantes weren't happy and spoke with Oswald Cobblepot about it. They hired Philo Zeiss to take Catwoman down.

Catwoman 26

Cover Date: February 2004
Subtitle: A Knife in the Dark
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Selina spoke with Leslie Thompkins about how she planned to fight the mobs and corruption on the East End. She couldn't keep them out, but she hoped to make the leave innocents alone. Zeiss and Penguin set their plans into motion. Some of the Joker's old goons shot up a schoolyard and kidnapped a little girl. Catwoman and Slam got on the case. They took the ransom to the kidnappers. As Slam secured the child, Catwoman went off on the gang. Zeiss stabbed Slam through his Kevlar vest.

Catwoman 27

Cover Date: March 2004
Subtitle: Night Moves
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Selina met Slam, Jr. in the hospital. Slam was expected to make a full recovery. She slipped out and caught Holly up on the circumstances. She asked that she get her boys (she was using a group of kids as her eyes and ears) on the look out for who hired the clowns. After days of busting heads for answers, Catwoman bumped into Batman. He filled her in on Zeiss and told he what to expect. She visited Penguin, a known associate who'd been laying low since his escape.

Catwoman 28

Cover Date: April 2004
Subtitle: Miss Calculating
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: While unknowingly being watched, Catwoman roughed Penguin up a bit. She told him to give Zeiss a message for her. She tailed Slam after he was released from the hospital; Zeiss was quick to make a move on him. It didn't take much for her to realize what Batman said was right. Zeiss cut the boy who'd been Slam's bodyguard and hopped on a subway car.

Catwoman 29

Cover Date: May 2004
Subtitle: Under Pressure
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Dr. Thompkins said Dex would heal, but he'd probably have a scar (he was looking forward to it). She reminded Selina that she was putting people in harm's way for her own cause - like Bruce. As she worked out with Ted Grant, Slam and Slam, Jr. talked about the situation with Zeiss. Slam refused to tell his son the truth. As Selina, Ted, and Holly went to get something to eat, they noticed her followers. Selina went after them. They ran from her when she approached them. Holly got pissed that she'd been keeping things from her and ran off to see her girlfriend. Catwoman visited Slam, who gave her the lowdown on what he thought of her operation. She apologized and left. Zeiss found her on a rooftop.

Catwoman 30

Cover Date: June 2004
Subtitle: End of the Line
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Before their fight really began, Catwoman was thrown from the rooftop. Zeiss pursued. They continued into a bar after falling through a skylight. As Catwoman realized the goggles were the key to defeating him, he stabbed her in the stomach. As she lay bleeding, Zeiss told her his backstory - he was out for revenge against Batman - nothing personal against the East End or Catwoman - she was just a means of getting back at the man who'd defeated him. She offered him Batman's identity. Distracted, he was attacked from behind be the cult that had been following her in recent months. Slam and Holly got to the scene to find Batman standing over Zeiss's body. He was still alive, but he'd been run through with a sword. Selina was missing.

Catwoman 31

Cover Date: July 2004
Subtitle: Out of this World
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Selina awakened - healed - in a strange Egyptianesque temple. A man entered her room and introduced himself as Omari, Chieftain of the Beti-Ma. He explained to her that they were the chosen ones and would be married. She vehemently declined and was knocked unconscious as she tried to leave. The next time she awakened, she was in her wedding attire. She convinced her husband-to-be that the gods couldn't possibly bless a union that both parties didn't agree on. He helped her escape, thus forfeiting his life in the cult. As they made their break, he drugged her with a kiss. She awakened on a train headed for Gotham City. She saw a newspaper and realized she'd lost an entire month.

Catwoman 32

Cover Date: August 2004
Subtitle: Only Takes a Night
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Sean Phillips, Stefano Gaudiano
Storyline: Karon discussed Holly's actions with her while Selina was missing. Holly tried to avoid the subject. Batman found Catwoman and welcomed her back. He told her he'd torn Gotham apart looking for her. He agreed to take of the mask so they could just be Selina and Bruce for one night. They took a walk, had dinner, and caught a movie. Slam and his son got together for drinks, he learned that Catwoman had been sighted a few times while she was allegedly away. Holly saw Bruce and Selina together as she was feeding the cats. She ran into Slam on his way in to give Selina some flowers. Talked him out of it and got him to walk her home. He asked her about the person masquerading as Catwoman while Selina was away. Selina woke up to find Bruce had gone - the signal lit up the sky.

Catwoman 33

Cover Date: September 2004
Subtitle: Cat-wo-mon
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Diego Olmos, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Catwoman picked up three of Junior Galante's men who were attacking another man in an alley. When they awakened, she presented them with the widow of a man they'd recently beaten to death. Being threatened by the widow who'd been given the opportunity for revenge, they talked. Catwoman threw the men through the skylight of Barbarossa, the man who'd called the hit. Wanting to send a message to Galante to stay out of the East End, she set Barbarossa and his home on fire. Catwoman thought of Bruce, Barbarossa visited Zeiss in prison.

Catwoman 34

Cover Date: October 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 1, Part 7: Cold Hard Facts
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: [continued from Batgirl 55]
Catwoman stopped a shootout from getting too close to a group of children. She got the victim to the Thompson Clinic. Holly called - Mr. Freeze attacked a group attending what they thought was a peace conference. Catwoman took him down, though when she arrived he'd already killed everyone involved. She spied Spoiler and talked to her. Stephanie believed she was the cause of the war. Catwoman took her to her home so they could talk. She admitted that she'd stolen plans from Batman's computer and had invited all the mob bosses together that first night. One major player didn't show up - Matches Malone - which set the whole thing in motion. Stephanie had no idea Malone was one of Batman's aliases. [continued in Batman 631]

Catwoman 35

Cover Date: November 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 2, Part 7: Betrayal
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: [continued from Batgirl 56]
Oracle clued Catwoman in on the Ravens, who were in her neighborhood. Batman took control of the police airwaves. He ordered all officers to push their prey toward Robinson Park. Catwoman cornered the Ravens, but one shot a tanker truck causing a huge explosion. Batman called Orpheus and told him to meet him at the Hill; Black Mask intercepted the message.
[continued in Batman 632]

Catwoman 36

Cover Date: December 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 3, Part 7: Multiple Fronts
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: [continued from Batgirl 57]
Catwoman, looking for Spoiler, encountered Zeiss. Batman spoke with Akins via radio. They were not on the same page. Black Mask continued to speak to his TV audience - he planned to storm the Clocktower - Batman's lair. Batman went in to save Tarantula and her gang. Catwoman got the best of Zeiss by taking his goggles out of the fight. Black Mask reached Barbara's control room. Batman, with Tarantula in tow, saw part of Black Mask's broadcast.
[continued in Batman 633]

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