Catwoman ongoing 2001 (issues 88-94)

Catwoman 88

Cover Date: January 2001
Subtitle: TK
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Cary Nord, Mark Lipka
Storyline: The mayor called Gordon off the Catwoman hunt. He had to pull detectives and put them on the funeral shootout case. Banner - the funeral shooter - was involved in another racist altercation. Catwoman watched it and later blew up the mayor's car.

Catwoman 89

Cover Date: February 2001
Subtitle: Always Leave 'em Laughing
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Craig Rousseau, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Dr. Harleen Quinzel pitched a TV show idea to some network execs. They ended up changing her true-to-life Catwoman premise into a teenie-bopper family show. She killed them all with gas her Puddin' gave her.

Catwoman 90

Cover Date: March 2001
Subtitle: Smoking Gun (Officer Down part four)
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Mike Lilly, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: (continued from Birds of Prey 27)
Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Azrael teamed up and caught Catwoman. She fingered another cop as the gunman who shot Commissioner Gordon. She was able to produce the weapon, and they let her go. Gordon went into surgery again.
(continued in Nightwing 53)

Catwoman 91

Cover Date: April 2001
Subtitle: The Short Road
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Peter Doherty, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Catwoman made a deal with Banner - her hostage for some explosives. Someone overheard them talk and tipped off the police. Banner was taken into custody at the raid. Catwoman escaped after her prisoner (a police officer) was killed in the crossfire.

Catwoman 92

Cover Date: May 2001
Subtitle: Tag
Writer(s): John Francis Moore
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: Selina, experiencing identity problems, began to believe her sister was out to get her. She set up a camera in her apartment in hopes of catching Maggie in the act. When reviewing the tape, she realized it was her - not her sister - that was the person trying to get her. Believing Two-Face had to be behind her behavior, she broke into Arkham and attacked Dent. He told her Scarecrow's chemicals were affecting her.

Catwoman 93

Cover Date: June 2001
Subtitle: Fear is Here to Stay
Writer(s): John Francis Moore
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, James Hodgkins, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Jonathan Crane was being transferred back to Arkham when Catwoman attacked. He was able to take the upperhand by using post-hypnotic suggestions. He left her with a gun expecting her to kill herself and ran away. Catwoman was able to fight through her fear. She later made a deal with Penguin to get Scarecrow. At the setup, she was able to defeat him and regain part of herself.

Catwoman 94

Cover Date: July 2001
Subtitle: You Don't have to go Home, but you Can't Stay Here
Writer(s): John Francis Moore
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Dan Davis, James Hodgkins
Storyline: The mayor hired Deadshot to get Catwoman. She lured Batman to a museum job and led him on a chase. When he caught up to her, they talked about their relationship; she invited him on a vacation sans masks. Deadshot took out a tanker truck, which exploded and appeared to kill Catwoman.

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