Catwoman ongoing 2000 (issues 76-87)

Issue #76

Cover Date: January 2000
Subtitle: Strange Bedfellows (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): John Ostrander
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Marlo Alquiza
Storyline: Selina woke up naked, captive of Penguin. He challenged her to steal his new competition, Lex Luthor, blind. She found her former henchmen working at Camp Lex. Using them again, she got on the inside. Catwoman stole a legion of flying armored assault suits and delivered them to Penguin.

Issue #77

Cover Date: February 2000
Subtitle: Pay Back (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): John Ostrander
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Marlo Alquiza
Storyline: Catwoman filled the suits with explosives and destroyed one of Luthor's camps. Penguin was in the process of trading her to Luthor when she turned on him. She continued to wreak havoc on Luthor's plans. As a truce, she asked him to ask her to stop. Catwoman paid her crew off and disappeared.

Issue #78

Cover Date: March 2000
Subtitle: Plus Ca Change
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Selina returned to Gotham City. She scammed a handyman out of his clothes and prepared for her next heist. Posing as an alarm technician, she set out to steal a crystal spire meant to symbolize the rebirth of the city. She was duped - it was already stolen (a real inside job). Catwoman was blamed anyway; Commissioner Gordon vowed to take her down.

Issue #79

Cover Date: April 2000
Subtitle: Meet Jane Doe
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: As Catwoman continued to knock off rich apartments, Jim Gordon spoke with Batman asking him to let the police handle the matter. Gordon later met with Bruce Wayne and a museum curator. The GCPD were planning on using an exhibit to bait Catwoman. The plan was successful, and after a long chase, Catwoman was in custody. Without giving any ID (she had none), she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and got two years in a detention facility.

Issue #80

Cover Date: May 2000
Subtitle: Kitten in a Cage
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Catwoman was placed in her new home - an experimental faculty for first-time female felons. Being somewhat famous, she was the target of two attacks in her first day and was put in solitary.

Issue #81

Cover Date: June 2000
Subtitle: It's a Wonderful Life
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: In solitary, Selina dreamed about her childhood. She remembered finding her mother's body after she committed suicide, and later finding her father's body after he drank himself to death. After reliving her escape from the juvenile home, she made a break for it when a guard brought her next meal.

Issue #82

Cover Date: July 2000
Subtitle: Cat Outta Hell
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Ron Randall, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: When the other inmates saw Catwoman with a guard at knifepoint, they rioted. With the "residents" holed up in the cafeteria with six guards as hostages, the state police were called in. A negotiator was sent in to try and stop things. In a private meeting with Catwoman, the negotiator cut her (blaming it on another inmate). The negotiator got Catwoman to an ambulance and revealed herself as Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

Issue #83

Cover Date: August 2000
Subtitle: Scavenger Hunt
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Gordon learned Catwoman was loose and the Cinque (the private correctional facility she'd been sentenced to) was under siege. Batman found a note in the abandoned ambulance - it was a scavenger hunt list. The ambulance driver died - Catwoman was wanted for murder. A clue led the police to the location of a stolen spire (that was thought to be a Catwoman job). Clues there led them downtown (to the location of the war Gordon incited between rival gangs during NML). From there, the hunt led them to the courthouse where Two-Face tried Gordon. Inside the courthouse, they found a doll. The doll led Gordon of his major scenes in NML - Gotham Central. In the basement where his wife died, he was ambushed by Harley Quinn and a drugged Catwoman.

Issue #84

Cover Date: September 2000
Subtitle: The Lesser of Two Evils
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Wayne Faucher, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: Gordon woke up tied to his wife's gravestone. Harley forced Catwoman to rob a bank - she showed a note to the cameras that Gordon would be killed if the Cinque inmates weren't released. Batman, with help from Oracle, found Quinn. Catwoman realized she was being played and split. Harley also got away - Batman was more interested in Jim's well-being than catching up with his captors.

Issue #85

Cover Date: October 2000
Subtitle: The Cat Came Back
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Anthony Williams, John Nyberg, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: After a night out, Selina decided to make some changes. She infiltrated Gordon's office as a cleaning lady and planted a listening device. She stole a car and a gun. A detective assigned to her case believed that "Jane Doe" (Catwoman) was the sister of former New York Mayoral candidate Selina Kyle.

Issue #86

Cover Date: November 2000
Subtitle: Tears for Fluffy
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Cary Nord, Wayne Faucher, Rodney Ramos, Mark Lipka
Storyline: Selina got the jump on a heist - the mayor sent a detective to loot the home of a slain musician. Catwoman got the loot - photos of the singer and the mayor's wife with loads of drugs. A gunman opened fire at the singer's funeral. Catwoman called the mayor about the photos.

Issue #87

Cover Date: December 2000
Subtitle: Casa de Mujer-Gato
Writer(s): Jordan B. Gorfinkle
Artists(s): N. Steven Harris, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Catwoman took a job in Mexico. After meeting her contact, she learned she'd be trafficking children. She spoke with the parents and realized it was consensual. She doubled her price and took the job. A week after delivery, she'd received no compensation and went back to confront her benefactor. He'd set her up. She escaped to the parents of the children and turned the townspeople against the man.

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