Catwoman ongoing 1995 (issues 17-27)

Catwoman 17

Cover Date: January 1995
Subtitle: Thief of Paris - Catfile part three
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: Catwoman was sent to Paris to steal a painting for her next job. Prince Willem hired Henri DuCard (the detective who trained Bruce Wayne) to get her. While stealing the painting, she was able to get rid of the implant in her arm, but she was taken by a group of armed men. She awakened to Willem and a wedding dress.

Catwoman 18

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: Here Comes the Bride - Catfile part four
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: Catwoman shoved a gun into Willem's side during the ceremony; the group she was working for broke in and attacked - they were out to assassinate both Prince Willem and Catwoman. With inadvertent help from her once-to-be-husband, Catwoman escaped.

Catwoman 19

Cover Date: March 1995
Subtitle: Jungle Cat
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Storyline: Catwoman's plane crashed in South America near her destination. She was able to hitch a ride from a local. She found her target - a camp of geriatric Nazi veterans - and staked it out. She kidnapped the ringleader and videotaped him telling what he knew. She sent the tape to the organization who'd been controlling her, which promptly let her out of their service. She returned to Gotham City with a clean record.

Catwoman 20

Cover Date: April 1995
Subtitle: More Edge More Heart
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: Catwoman was hired by a low-budget filmmaker to steal a high-budget script. He told her where and which one and she set off to oblige. At her destination (and island in Latin America), a hurricane struck during filming.

Catwoman 21

Cover Date: JUne 1995
Subtitle: Box Office Poison
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Balent
Storyline: Selina and two of the film's actors were attacked by one of the movie's special effects. They escaped narrowly. Catwoman confronted the writer/director only to learn there was no script - he was winging the entire movie. After all that had gone wrong, the producer fired the writer/director. He went nuts and attacked everyone, and was killed in the process. Selina wrote her own script (with only her knowing it did not exist), delivered it, and watched the movie become a huge hit.

Catwoman 22

Cover Date: July 1995
Subtitle: Family Ties
Writer(s): Deborah Pomerantz
Storyline: Six months without a score, a dagger Catwoman stole became a murder weapon. The murder led to a mob war between the Marquez and Hellman families. Catwoman infiltrated the Marquez family as a maid, but was quickly fingered (she'd stolen their dagger six months before). For some reason, the "allowed" her to escape.

Catwoman 23

Cover Date: August 1995
Subtitle: Family Ties 2: Loyalties Unbound
Writer(s): Deborah Pomerantz
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: Back in Gotham City, Catwoman made her way to the heart of the Hellman family and their new leader, Hilary (who took over for her murdered father). Hellman shook off an assassination attempt by killing her attacker. Catwoman was once again captured by the Marquez family.

Catwoman 24

Cover Date: September 1995
Subtitle: Family Ties 3: Vengeance and Vindication
Writer(s): Deborah Pomerantz
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: Marquez, Sr. let Catwoman go. Hilary's affair with one of his sons had been engineered by the old man in attempt to reunite the family - he had once been a Hellman. After seeing three of his sons die, and killing Hilary himself, Marquez blew up his home.

Catwoman 25

Cover Date: October 1995
Subtitle: The Crooked House
backup story: Endangered Species
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Writer (backup):Doug Moench
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith, Dick Giordano
Artist (backup)Brian Stelfreeze, James A. Hodgkins
Storyline: Catwoman went after a soon-to-be condemned building which used to be home to an eccentric billionaire that still had $2billion unaccounted for. Robin saw her from outside and went in after her. Two others were making their entrance from below. The place was heavily guarded by odd booby traps. By the time Robin got to the thieves, they were all fed up and wanting to leave. He let them all go. Catwoman saw on TV that during demolition it was discovered that the house was built of solid gold bricks.
backup story: Selina Kyle (and as Catwoman) took down an illegal fur trade which was making coats from tigers.

Catwoman 26

Cover Date: November 1995
Subtitle: The Secret of the Universe part 2: Rats
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: (continued from SotB 43)
Catwoman closed in on Thomas Blake, who'd set up a man in a catsuit to take the fall for him. She broke in and stole the idol and shroud she'd been commissioned to steal back. Making her escape, she crashed Blake's car into the Batmobile. Batman chased her on foot into the sewers where they were surrounded by Ratcatcher's legions.
(continued in SotB 44)

Catwoman 27

Cover Date: December 1995
Subtitle: Groddspell (part of Underworld Unleashed)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Balent, Bob Smith
Storyline: Catwoman was hired to steal back an artifact by a species of intelligent, talking apes. After being attacked by Grodd (their leader), she decided to keep their sculpture and money.

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