Catwoman Annual 2: Year One

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: July 1995
Writer(s): Jordan B. Gorfinkel
Artists(s): Jim Balent, James A. Hodgkins
Storyline: Selina fell through a window, cutting herself, into the river below after a botched robbery. She washed ashore and made her way home. Holly cut her long, black hair off in order to help evade police. Back working for Stan, she found blueprints to an art gallery while one of her "clients" was sleeping. She went for it. At the Galler Gallery, she was attacked by what appeared to be a ninja. He roughed her up for defiling a statue and ran; Selina followed. She found her self in the midst of a huge ninja gathering. She was accepted into the dojo.
Kai, the lead student Selina followed, was assigned to instruct her. They immediately hated each other; Kai vowed to take her down. Selina went home for a night and was awakened by Holly - Batman was surrounded. They went to check it out. She took his lead and decided to make a costume of her own. "Catwoman" ran into some security guards, but made good on her first costumed heist.
After a year, Selina became the lead student at the dojo. At a social event, Catwoman was beaten to a score by Kai - in costume as "Hellhound." Though it was a cop gathering, they fought; the fight spilled into the mingling officers. After defeating him, she escaped and met with the sensei. Knowing she would be leaving for good soon, he gave her a gift.
Catwoman wondered what Batman was doing.


  • This takes place during Batman: Year One and Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper. The events take place in the time span of just over one year.
  • Selina is 19: "I hate my own...worthless...self more than anyone. Because I'm washed up at nineteen. A total failure."
  • The scene where Holly and Selina watched Batman escape with the aide of bats is mirrored here.
  • Petey Grogan is Commissioner.
  • Gordon is "across town on that Joker case" during the fight between Catwoman and Hellhound.
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