Catwoman: When in Rome

Issue #1

Cover Date: November 2004
Subtitle: Monday
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: After having a weird dream about Batman, the Joker, Two-Face, and Carmine Falcone, Selina Kyle woke up on a plane en route to Italy. Edward Nigma - the Riddler - was with her. Once they touched down, they were met by a man named Christopher Castillo, sent by Don Verinni. Due to her luggage being lost, Selina had to go shopping and get a new costume. She visited Don Verinni to snoop into Falcone's past; he was killed by Joker poison.

Issue #2

Cover Date: December 2004
Subtitle: Tuesday
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Catwoman escaped and got back to her hotel room. Nigma was in her bedroom dressed in her outfit (her luggage had been found). She tossed him out and went to bed.
Christopher "Blondie" Castillo woke her from a dream about Batman to tell her that Verinni was dead. Riddler burst in - there was a fire. All three leapt from the window into the pool. Blondie told Selina he knew of a place she would be safe from Verinni's son.
On his boat, the Verinni clan still found them. Catwoman emerged during a shoot-out and was attacked by Mr. Freeze's gun.

Issue #3

Cover Date: January 2005
Subtitle: Wednesday
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Blonde shot her out of her ice encasing and took her away. Verinni and his men (along with their freeze gun) were gone. She dreamed about Bruce and Batman again and woke up to find the Riddler at her bedside. They were on Blonde's yacht. She spoke with him and found out he was Carmine Falcone's god son. He told her of a ring which made the wearer the biggest mob boss in town. The only problem was that it was kept in the Vatican.
Nigma got her floor plans, etc. for the job. Six weeks later, she was ready and went in. Once the ring was in her hands, Cheetah attacked her.

Issue #4

Cover Date: March 2005
Subtitle: Thursday
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Catwoman and Cheetah went toe-to-toe before she was hit with a tranquilizer dart. Blonde, not knowing Catwoman was Selina, had saved her once again. Cheetah got up quickly and vanished, though Catwoman had secured the ring.
She dreamed about Batman again.

Issue #5

Cover Date: April 2005
Subtitle: The Test
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: After some coaxing, Riddler told Catwoman everything he'd found out. She went to Verinni's place and dangled the ring in front of their faces. From Verinni, she got the location of Falcone's wife. Louisa was now blind and a part of a convent. Selina dropped her mask as soon as she saw the woman - who looked like her only older.
Louisa denied having any daughters other than Sofia.
Catwoman dreamed about Batman again and put all the pieces together - Freeze's gun, Joker's poison, Cheetah, and now Scarecrow's fear toxin: Riddler was manipulating her.

Issue #6

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: The Dawn
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Selina took down Cheetah and Scarecrow. She then realized the Riddler was there hoping he could find out Batman's secret identity from her. The yacht went up in flames after the Freeze gun destroyed its engines. Blondie saved Selina. He told her Louisa Falcone had lied - there was a second daughter. Falcone, knowing Verinni would take on more power if he were to not have a son, sent the child to be disposed of. Louisa was able to, without Falcone knowing, get the child up for adoption. Blonde had seen this when he was a child. After touring Italy, they parted so Selina could return home.
Blonde was killed by Louisa Falcone for losing the ring, as he believed it was swept to sea when his boat burned. Riddler got Selina by knife point and demanded the ring. She gave it to him. When he removed it from it's box on the plane home, it dosed him with Scarecrow gas. Believing Blonde had left her, she headed for home with the real ring.

hardcover edition


  • This takes place during Catwoman's absence in Dark Victory.
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