Catwoman: Secret Files & Origins #1

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: November 2002
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker (except where noted)
Artists(s): various as noted below
Storyline: The Many Lives of Selina Kyle (artists - Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Manley): Holly told her girlfriend, Karon, about Selina while she was getting her hair cut. "Bald" Louie was late to a meeting - his crew had been attacked by Catwoman. He and his partners talked about their run-ins with her. She attacked them and left a message for their boss, Junior Galante.
Slam Bradley: The McSweeney Case (artist - Cameron Stewart): Slam and Selina picked up a boy who's father Bradley had put away years ago. They basically offered him a second chance on life and suggested he take it.
Why Holly isn't Dead (artist - Eric Shanower): Holly talked comics with Selina while taking a bath.
Proper Planning (artist - Cameron Stewart): Black Mask tortured a prisoner while one of his agents planned to break a woman free from prison.
Profiles: Catwoman (artist - Cameron Stewart), Slam Bradley (artist - Michael Lark), Holly (artist - Cameron Stewart), Black Mask (text by Geoff Johns, art by Cliff Chiang)