Catwoman: Selina's Big Score

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: July 2002
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Darwyn Cooke
Storyline: Selina Kyle resurfaced in Morocco after her "death." She'd spent the previous three months and all her money to steal the Cup of Hassan, which turned out to be a fake. Back in Gotham City, an associate named Swifty set up a job for her. He introduced her to a girl named Chantel - Frank Falcone's call girl. She'd heard about a money train with $24 million going into Canada to pick up some heroin. Selina met up with Stark, a man from her past, in Miami. He put the past behind him and agreed on the job if he called the shots. They met one of his men, Jeff, in Las Vegas. Afterwards, Selina headed back to deal with a PI who'd been nosing around Swifty about her. Stark took care of his end of the heist - the weapons. Selina and Jeff worked out the getting on and off the train. Frank Falcone found out about Chantel and the heist. The PI, Slam Bradley, burst in on Falcone's apartment. Chantel was dead, and so was Falcone after the shootout. Word got out on the heist, the Canadians found Swifty holed up in the cove awaiting the getaway. Jeff, Stark, and Selina made it onto the train, dropped the loot into the river, and parachuted out. Aboard the boat, Jeff was shot by the Canadians. Swifty was already dead. The sea plane Slam Bradley had rented swooped down and gave Stark and Selina cover to jump ship. Stark grabbed onto the netting with one arm and Selina with the other. They got back on the boat. He was shot by the Canadian and died killing his killer. With everyone but her dead, Selina took the boat to the cove, where she found Slam Bradley. When he told her he was taking her in, she shot him (flesh wound) and told him why that couldn't happen - she had to take care of Chantel's daughter and mother.