Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper

Issue #1

Cover Date: February 1989
Subtitle: Metamorphosis
Writer(s): Mindy Newell
Artists(s): JJ Birch, Michael Bair
Storyline: Selina Kyle was found beaten and unconscious outside a convent. The sisters called an ambulance. When she awakened, a GCPD vice officer named Flannery gave her a card of a man who could teach her how to take care of herself. When she was released, she headed straight back to Stan, her pimp and the man who beat her. He gave her a cat costume and persuaded her to meet a man that night. Selina began meeting with the man who she'd been sent to by the cop - Ted Grant. She and Holly witnessed Batman escaping the SWAT by using Bats. She plotted revenge against Stan.

Issue #2

Cover Date: March 1989
Subtitle: Downtown Babylon
Writer(s): Mindy Newell
Artists(s): JJ Birch, Michael Bair
Storyline: Selina, in her cat costume, attacked Stan. When he was down, she came face-to-face with her sister - a nun - and ran. Sister Magdalene vowed to track down her sister and the pimp. After a few days, Selina - in a new suit - met her sister. She was told their father died a few months back. They parted ways and Stan moved in on Magdalene. One of the other sisters and Flannery visited Kyle; her sister was missing. After they left, Selina began to feel guilty. She went to one of Stan's friends trying to search him out.

Issue #3

Cover Date: April 1989
Subtitle: Gothic Baptism
Writer(s): Mindy Newell
Artists(s): JJ Birch, Michael Bair
Storyline: Catwoman got some possible locations for Stan; Batman began to work the case. After listening to a bugged phone conversation between Selina and Stan, Flannery picked her up and took her in. After questioning, she got into costume and tracked down Stan. She found him with Maggie. Batman was there, too, and saved her sister from a fall. Stan wasn't so lucky - he was killed falling from a scaffolding.

Issue #4

Cover Date: May 1989
Subtitle: Consecration
Writer(s): Mindy Newell
Artists(s): JJ Birch, Michael Bair
Storyline: With Flannery still asking questions, Batman got Maggie to the police. A few weeks later, Holly found Selina in church speaking with her sister. She said she'd been beaten by Captain Strunk. Batman inquired about Holly with Magdalene. She told him the Catwoman went out after Strunk. He got to her before she killed the cop. He told her to go to Gordon and tried to take her in. She kissed him, clawed him, and took off.

trade paperback editionIssue #4


  • This takes place over at least three months. Flannery mentions 2 months passing, then 3 weeks pass later.
  • Issue 1 mirrors many events from Batman: Year One: Bruce's night out against Stan and Holly; Batman escaping the SWAT using bats.

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