Catwoman: Defiant

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: prestige
Date: 1992
Writer(s): Peter Milligan
Artists(s): Tom Grindberg, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Batman saved Catwoman from Mr. Handsome's thugs and asked her for a favor. She wore a tracking device and agreed to be captured by the "Model Army" so Batman could take them down. While tailing her, Batman fell for a diversion and she was taken. When she awakened, she was in a dungeon being watched by Mr. Handsome. When an ogre-beast attacked, she was helped by Mr. Handsome's discarded wife, Mary. She and Mary attempted to escape, but Mary couldn't make it. She made Selina promise to kill her husband. Batman got their location by torturing one of Handsome's goons; he was on his way. Catwoman made it to Handsome's room and went for him. She took off his mask to find Mary, who'd killed him years before and assumed his role. The ogre escaped and was in the room with them. Catwoman escaped and it killed Mary. Batman showed up while Catwoman left with some artwork.