Birds of Prey ongoing 2005 (issues 76-87)

Birds of Prey 76

Cover Date: January 2005
Subtitle: Hero Hunters part one: Teenage Wasteland
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Prado, Ed Benes
Storyline: Helena spoke with one of her students who was going through a tough time. Dinah followed the girl - Oracle had fingered her as a suspect in the deaths of some local drug dealers. The girl, calling herself Black Alice (much like Dr. Fate), attacked some more, but Canary saved them. The girl was able to take the magic of others and attacked Canary as Zatanna. Later, the girl found her boyfriend cheating and attacked after shouting 'SHAZAM!' With the help of the girl's friend, they stopped her and called in the real Dr. Fate.

Birds of Prey 77

Cover Date: February 2005
Subtitle: Hero Hunters part two: Harvest
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Tom Derenick, Bob Petrecca
Storyline: A creature in a cloak and hood grabbed a fisherman who'd accidentally killed a girl years before. Barbara sent Helena, Dinah, and Zinda into the town to check on things. The creature had allegedly killed four others. Helena picked a fight in a bar after asking about the "Harvest" ghost. They split after the sherrif told them to "freeze." Harvest found them and let them decide which of the two she would kill.
Alone, Barbara put on a strange, electronic mask.

Birds of Prey 78

Cover Date: March 2005
Subtitle: Hero Hunters part three: Moondance
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Tom Derenick, Bob Petrecca
Storyline: Huntress, Canary, and Zinda took care of Harvest, who disappeared. Canary aged decades within the next hour before reverting back to normal. Oracle checked her out and found nothing amiss. Dinah explained that Harvest had stolen a move from her - one it took her years to perfect. Now she was unable to remember how to use it.
Zinda returned with some gossip: Harvest allegedly steals the life force of the guilty and transfers it to sick children. The town sheriff had a sick child.
Canary and Huntress tracked him down and found Harvest. She told them they'd called off the deal, but the Birds of Prey attacked her anyway. Canary unleashed a cry; Harvest absorbed it and went down. When they checked her out, she'd absorbed into the ground.
A week later, she turned up elsewhere.

Birds of Prey 79

Cover Date: April 2005
Subtitle: Hero Hunters part four: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes
Storyline: Black Canary called Batman. She asked him to lay off Huntress and apologize to Oracle. Oracle reminded Helena she had a flight the next day; Helena thanked her for the teaching job she'd gotten her.
Thorn (half of the Rose & Thorn MPD), was attacked by a man calling himself Deadlock in Metropolis. She killed him.
Zinda went in to check on Savant, but he was not in. Creote told her he'd not seen Savant in four days, and would fulfill his obligation to Oracle should he not turn up.
The Birds flew to Metropolis to investigate Thorn. Rose woke up to the ring of the phone. A man told her Thorn had killed a man the night before. Canary and Huntress found her and gave chase. Canary got with Oracle - Thorn's weapons didn't match the wounds in the deadman from the night before. Thorn was shot by police as the Birds chased her.

Birds of Prey 80

Cover Date: May 2005
Subtitle: Hero Hunters finale: The Cold Light of Day
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes
Storyline: Rose / Thorn underwent surgery to remove the bullet from her abdomen. Canary asked Oracle to check out the cops on the case - she believed most / all of them were dirty. Oracle used the spy satellites she'd found that Luthor set up to investigate. While Canary and Huntress spoke with the detective, the cops snatched Thorn.
While searching, Black Canary found a bottle of bleach, some loose hair, and a tied up nurse and cop. Thorn got to the man who killed her parents - Quincy. He was being arrested for hiring Deadlock.
Huntress left the team after having it out with Barbara.

Birds of Prey 81

Cover Date: June 2005
Subtitle: The Battle Within part one
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson
Storyline: Black Canary and Wild Cat were sent to Singapore to investigate a drug trafficker. Dinah called Oracle with an update after their first meeting. Dinah was attacked by assassins in an elevator, and Wild Cat was quick to take them down. To prove their trustworthiness, Grant and Lance were given a police officer to kill.
Helena, still at odds with Barbara, crashed a mob meeting to stake her birthright.

Birds of Prey 82

Cover Date: July 2005
Subtitle: The Battle Within part two: The Long Count
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson
Storyline: Dinah upstaged their "hosts" by telling them how ridiculous their test was. Back at their hosts' home, Dinah challenged one to a duel. Their fight was interrupted by Rabbit's boss, who was most displeased.
Booster Gold contacted Oracle - Blue Beetle was missing.
Helena played her cards well with the mob bosses. In return, she got one week to show them she was worthy.

Birds of Prey 83

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: The Battle Within part three: A Fighter by his Trade
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson
Storyline: Huntress set up a petty crook as an informant on the mob. She gave him the means to enter the witness protection program.
Rabbit was shamed by his boss, Tan. Wildcat helped the cop escape. Tan gave the drug shipment to the Americans.
Barbara worried that she couldn't find Blue Beetle. Zinda called Dinah - Barbara was unconscious, but still running her computers. Ted and Dinah headed in to help; they were stopped by a roadblock looking for drugs - Ted found 2 pounds of cocaine under his seat. They made it to the plane, but Zinda was hailed by F16s. They got away thanks to the modifications Ted Kord had made to their plane.
Huntress went after a new mob muscle guy on a crutch - Dick Grayson.

Birds of Prey 84

Cover Date: September 2005
Subtitle: Knock-out
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson
Storyline: Huntress and Dick came to an agreement on their separate undercover gigs and parted ways. Helena found Barbara back at her place. She told her all her secrets and apologized for how she'd used her.
Dinah and Zinda took Barbara to JSA headquarters where Dr. Mid-Nite ran some tests on her. The thing Braniac put in her was some sort of cybernetic sentient tumor. She took a nap; Batman came in while she slept and kissed her on the cheek.
Huntress put the hurt on some mobsters and let Dinah know the Tan shipment was coming into Gotham.

Birds of Prey 85

Cover Date: October 2005
Subtitle: A New Morning's Resolution
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Eddy Barrows, Jack Jadson, Robin Riggs
Black Canary welcomed her "friends" from her last trip to the US. Flanking her were Green Arrow (Hawke), Wild Cat, Huntress, Richard Dragon, Savant, and Creote. All hell broke loose between the two sides. With the good guys on the losing end, Zinda flew in and bombed the drug shipment. The fighters agreed to call it a draw after seeing their shipment up in smoke. Tan heard of his failure and asked that his respirator be removed.
Dr. Mid-Nite was suspicious of who his patient might actually be - money didn't seem to be an issue and nothing but star-studded visitors came to see her. She tried to tell her dad some things, but he wouldn't let her - he insisted she tell him after the surgery. Dr. Mid-Nite, Superman, and Cyborg prepared for surgery.
Dinah and Helena arrived shortly after the successful surgery was completed.
Barbara moved her toes.

Birds of Prey 86

Cover Date: 2005
Subtitle: A Wakeful Time
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): (1) Adriana Melo, Will Conrad; (2) Bruce Timm; (3) David Lopez, Fernando Blanco
Storyline: (1) Dinah and Zinda took Barbara too her new home in New York. A surprise party was waiting for her when they arrived. Dick and Barbara came to somewhat of an agreement, and made plans to talk. After the guests left, Zinda took them to the roof and showed them the new helicopter. The Daily Planet building was visible nearby.
(2) With Superman out of the country working an earthquake, Black Canary went on patrol. She found a man calling himself Tonantzin, who was taking hostages in some sort of Native American garb. She realized the man was a former talk show host and appealed as a fan. Then she took him down and rescued the hostages (all while being filmed by the press).
(3) Helena got some advice from Oracle on how to handle a situation with a brother of one of her students. The advice went well (she strong-armed a mob boss), and she officially joined the team.

Birds of Prey 87

Cover Date: November 2005
Subtitle: Perfect Pitch part one
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Eddy Barrows, Jack Jadson, Robin Riggs
Storyline: Calculator upped his efforts to find out what the "little green mask" represented. Senator Pullman told two of his agents the mask belonged to a woman with the code name Oracle.
Oracle sent Black Canary and the gang (Zinda, Huntress, and Creote) to Istanbul. Helena met with a major mob boss and declared war. She gave a two day ultimatum for cutting ties with another group. Leaving, they were fired on by four men in an armored limousine. They were able to crash the car and send a message to their boss.
Calculator got intel on Oracle's partners. He sent Deathstroke and Talia to kill Black Canary, Huntress, and Creote.
Oracle had a check-up with Dr. Mid-Night. On the flight home, Dinah called Oliver.

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