Birds of Prey ongoing 2004 (issues 61-75)

Birds of Prey 61

Cover Date: January 2004
Subtitle: Feeding the Game
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes, Alex Lei
Storyline: Oracle and Black Canary tried to convince each other of their own points of view. Barbara went to blow off some steam and get some lunch. While she was out, Dinah made some appointments with people for sparring matches. After contacting Nightwing, she heard that he and Barbara had split up. While she was out, Dinah had to take on the Oracle role for Huntress, who was being tailed by the senator and his goons. She was able to help her get away from them. Barbara returned and told her she'd been over-reacting. Savant escaped from Arkham and called the BoP. Oracle threatened him and he bolted.

Birds of Prey 62

Cover Date: February 2004
Subtitle: Sensei & Student
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes, Cliff Richards, Alex Lei
Storyline: Oracle made two mistakes on locations - she gave Batman the home of an old couple, and she sent the JSA to a resort. Dinah visited Hong Kong to be with one of her teachers on his death-bed. Shiva was also there. He requested something of each - that Dinah not ever arrest Shiva and that Shiva not ever kill Dinah. The two had lunch together and were attacked by a local gang. After taking them down, Dinah realized it was an attempted hit on her - one of the gangsters had a JSA photo. They returned to the home of the sensei to find everyone there dead from poisoning. They both believed it to be the work of Cheshire. Oracle realized she'd been hacked.

Birds of Prey 63

Cover Date: March 2004
Subtitle: Sensei & Student part 2: Pride & Poison
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes, Cliff Richards, Alex Lei
Storyline: Canary and Shiva burst in on Cheshire. Canary hit her with her sonic cry and chased as she attempted to escape. They captured her. Oracle conferred with some of her internet friends on how she could have been hacked. Cheshire swore on the life of her child that she was set up. The man she was trying to take down was trying to make things look like her style. She fingered the man as Senator Pullman. Barbara was abducted while in town.

Birds of Prey 64

Cover Date: April 2004
Subtitle: Sensei & Student part 3: Mercy & Murder
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes, Alex Lei
Storyline: Barbara was being brought up on treason charges as Dinah and Shiva partnered with Cheshire to take down Senator Pullman. Savant was working with Pullman, who was behind Barbara's "arrest." Savant did not know which of the ten women in custody was Oracle. The girls were attacked by the same gang again, and took them down just as easily as before. Since Cheshire uploaded her files to her computer in Gotham City, Dinah was forced to take them both back with her. Shiva asked Canary to become her apprentice.

Birds of Prey 65

Cover Date: May 2004
Subtitle: Sensei & Student part 4: Power & Permanence
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes, Alex Lei
Storyline: Shiva gave Canary 12 hours to contemplate her offer. Barbara was able to swipe a cell phone from one of her captors and find out where the cameras were in her cell. She called the Clocktower. Huntress answered and traced her call. While doing so, she found pictures of Barbara with Nightwing. She headed to the location. Canary, Shiva, and Cheshire landed and headed to the former's apartment. She gave Canary the data she promised. She called and made an appointment with the senator. He was most unhappy when she said she could prove he killed seven men in Hong Kong within the last week and that he was the biological father of an international terrorist (Cheshire). Huntress got access to the compound and encountered Savant. Cheshire poisoned Shiva and admitted to her that she'd lied - she killed the sensei.

Birds of Prey 66

Cover Date: June 2004
Subtitle: Sensei & Student part 5: Murder & Mystery
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Michael Golden, Mike Manley, Scott Hanna
Storyline: Dinah went into some of her mother's files believing Senator Pullman was somehow connected to the original Black Canary. Her mother and father had investigated a crime scene where a Bertinelli (Huntress's father) had been present. While investigating, Black Canary found another body. She was able to save the next would-be victim, but the killer got away. Dinah (the current one) believed the killer to be Pullman's father.

Birds of Prey 67

Cover Date: July 2004
Subtitle: Sensei & Student part 6: Faith & Finality
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes
Storyline: Black Canary attacked Senator Pullman's secret compound as he unexpectedly met with his daughter, Cheshire. Huntress freed Oracle. Cheshire poisoned Pullman; Oracle broadcast their ordeal at Times Square. After seeing it, Cheshire kidnapped the senator with Canary in pursuit. Canary threw Cheshire from the helicopter to save her from Shiva. Canary, wearing her mother's costume, captured the 'Blonde Slasher' - Pullman's father. Oracle made Huntress an agent and gave her full access to the Clocktower. Dinah and Shiva buried their sensei.

Birds of Prey 68

Cover Date: August 2004
Subtitle: One Day, Well-Chosen
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose
Storyline: Barbara, Helena, and Dinah took a walk through the park and discussed things. Barbara wanted to possibly bring Savant over to their side. Helena and Dinah had a bit of a verbal fight. Dinah dropped Barbara off to have lunch with her father while she scrimmaged with Wonder Woman. Barbara got Dinah a place where she could open a flower shop and Helena a teaching gig.

Birds of Prey 69

Cover Date: early September 2004
Subtitle: Between Dark and Dawn part one
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ron Adrian, Rob Lea
Storyline: Oracle called in Huntress and Black Canary. Three rich teenagers had apparently committed suicide recently. All were discovered wearing the costume of a dead superhero (Donna Troy, Terra, and Robin). She sent Huntress on an undercover operation to Oregon. Coming out of a convenience store, she was stopped by police. She realized they were fake and she took them out. She was eventually outnumbered and captured. Black Canary questioned some of the parents. Things pointed to cult activity. The cult which captured Huntress found press passes, etc. in her car and welcomed her to their camp. The leader was very cooperative and answered all questions posed to him. Some of the militant members roughed her up after catching her snooping.

Birds of Prey 70

Cover Date: late September 2004
Subtitle: Between Dark and Dawn part two: Huntress / Prey
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ed Benes
Storyline: Savant moved into his new home that had been provided to him by Oracle. He accepted the terms - no killing, no computers, and to clean up the neighborhood. Huntress was able to get free from Vixen before she was too badly injured. The cultists broke up the fight and got them both medical attention. She slipped away and got into costume. She found a room where metahumans were apparently being drained of their blood, getting it replaced by some sort of synthetic fluid. She hooked up a laptop so that Oracle could get the necessary info. Oracle suffered an apparent seizure. The cult leader and Vixen took Huntress down as Canary tended to Oracle.

Birds of Prey 71

Cover Date: early October 2004
Subtitle: Between Dark and Dawn part three: Insanity Defense
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Rod Adrian, Rob Lea
Storyline: Barbara woke up in a hospital bed with Dinah at her side. Neither Superman (who got her there) nor the doctors could find any internal problems. She asked for a computer. When she began to "see" things on it even though it wasn't powered on, Canary took her home. At the Clocktower, Barbara drew a massive picture that she'd seen on Brusaw's site. Savant and Creote began to "work" their neighborhood. Huntress tried to get Vixen out from under the brainwashing. They tried an escape.

Birds of Prey 72

Cover Date: late October 2004
Subtitle: Between Dark and Dawn part four: Material Girl
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Rod Adrian, Rob Lea
Storyline: Oracle ordered Black Canary to a location - she could see the next suicide victim there. Once Canary was out of the Clocktower, Barbara stood up and confronted Brainiac. Brainiac became Joker, who became Nightwing. Dinah saved the boy and was notified of three more. Brusaw's people attacked Huntress and Vixen (now free of the brainwashing). Brainiac got into Oracle's head.

Birds of Prey 73

Cover Date: early November 2004
Subtitle: Between Dark and Dawn part five: Blood and Circuits
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Ron Adrian, Bob Lea, Eric Battle, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: Plasmus, Flamebird, Bumblebee, Plastique, Agent Liberty, Claw, and Geo-Force readied to attack Vixen and Huntress. Black Canary returned to the Clocktower after all three possible suicide kids were saved. She was attacked by a possessed Oracle. She was able to help Barbara drive Brainiac from her mind. Vixen and Huntress took down the cult and began the return trip home. That night, Oracle noticed some markings of digital code on her skin.

Birds of Prey 74

Cover Date: late November 2004
Subtitle: Unraveled
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Jim Fern, Steve Bird
Storyline: Black Canary and Huntress dressed up as Penguin and Riddler to infiltrate a group of people also dressed up as "super villains." They'd all been wronged by their former employers. They began a brawl and called in the police. Savant contacted Oracle - he was having his neighborhood bulldozed. The next day, Huntress and Black Canary double-crossed him. Canary defeated him to show him she could. She let him go and warned him never to cross her path again.

Birds of Prey 75

Cover Date: December 2004
Subtitle: (1) Breathless; (2) There Would be no Spring
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): (1) Ed Benes; (2) Eduardo Barreto, Andrew Pepoy
Storyline: (1) Barbara, Helena, and Dinah visited the Clock Tower ruins. Most of her data and personal belongings were destroyed. They talked, then met with Ted Kord. Barbara planned an outing for her crew - they were going to go pro-active against vigilantes who'd killed. Before that, they went out for some Gotham night life. The three went in after a gang of South African terrorists. After taking them down, they set off on their journey, Barbara vowing not to return to Gotham for a long time.
(2) Zinda Blake, last of the World War II Blackhawks (in present time due to Zero Hour), drank to her fallen friends and her misfortune. She was visited by Dinah Lance. Dinah recruited her to be the Birds of Prey pilot.

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