Batman: Batgirl

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: prestige
Date: 1997
Writer(s): Kelley Puckett
Artists(s): Matt Haley, Karl Kesel
Storyline: Barbara was spending the night riding the beat in a squad car when a 420 occurred nearby. Her car responded. The two officers, fearing her father's wrath, ordered her to stay inside. They took down the suspects and Barbara bashed another trying to escape with the car door. Back at the commissioner's office, she heard of a possible Joker attack. At the scene, Gordon ordered two officers to escort his daughter away - the place had been bombed.
Barbara got into costume and headed out on a tip off as to where the Joker might strike next: the Barbieri home. From the trees across the street, she helped two cops take down possible intruders and burst into the home. The owner, thinking she was the criminal, attacked her. She was freed when the Joker's goon put a gun to his wife's head. Batgirl took down the henchman, but Joker came in, shot the owners, and disabled Batgirl. She woke up somewhere in a basement with the Barbieri's kid, who'd seen the whole thing. She was able to get the kid to safety, but ran straight into the arms of the Joker doing so.
He strapped her to a wheel and began throwing knives at her as Batman arrived. She freed herself while Joker went after the real prize. Batman took a bullet to the cowl; Batgirl kept Joker occupied until the cops arrived. Gordon got Batman to the Thompkins Clinic.


  • Gordon is Commissioner.
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