Shadow of the Bat ongoing 1995 (issues 34-45)

Shadow of the Bat 34

Cover Date: January 1995
Subtitle: Progidal part ten
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): MD Bright, Scott Hanna
Storyline: (continued from Batman 514)
The Tally Man set a trap for Batman and caught him. Dick was in trouble for something Jean Paul did. Batman was able to stun him psychologically and take him down.
(continued in Detective 681)

Shadow of the Bat 35

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: Troika part two
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: (continued from Batman 515)
After questioning the Dark Rider, Batman and Robin split up (Ariana's family's store was again attacked - Robin requested to watch there). As Troika plotted, Bruce found it difficult at home without Alfred. Batman located Colonel Vega. He took down Vega's mind-controlled henchmen and chased the former KGB colonel into the street, where he was shot dead.
(continued in Detective 682)

Shadow of the Bat 36

Cover Date: March 1995
Subtitle: Black Canary - In the Name of the Father
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: Black Canary began investigating the murder of a teenager. With the help of Batman, she landed the killer of her father's godson.

Shadow of the Bat 37

Cover Date: April 1995
Subtitle: The Joker part one: The King of Comedy
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson, John Stokes
Storyline: Joker escaped his temporary holding at Blackgate (after the damage done to Arkham Asylum). Jeremiah Arkham, having reservations about Batman, hired a man calling himself Wild to bring him back. Joker's men began kidnapping former members of the Gotham University Comedy Club.

Shadow of the Bat 38

Cover Date: May 1995
Subtitle: The Joker part two: Tears of a Clown
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson, Scott Hanna
Storyline: In an abandoned theater, Joker set his audience up and began his act. He began to remember his days as a failed comedian and started killing his audience. Batman arrived and attacked. Wild took them both by surprise, shooting Joker in the hand and leg (he'd killed Wild's family). Joker hit him with gas and escaped. Batman got the remaining hostages to safety.

Shadow of the Bat 39

Cover Date: June 1995
Subtitle: Solomon Grundy - One Night in Slaughter Swamp
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Kevin Walker, Curt Shoultz, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: Batman responded to an attack at a swamp by a "white-skinned monster." Realizing it was Solomon Grundy, Batman had few choices. He was able to fight Grundy until the monster went back to the swamp.

Shadow of the Bat 40

Cover Date: July 1995
Subtitle: Anarky part one: Prophet of Doom
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): John Paul Leon, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: Malochia, a self-styled prophet of doom, began predicting the end of the world publicly. Lonnie Machin - Anarky - plotted. Robin discovered the source of Maolchia's funding - Anarky. Batman arrived where Anarky and Malochia were meeting and was trapped along with Anarky and Joe Potato. Ex-Commissioner Gordon was approached by a privately funded business man to run for mayor.

Shadow of the Bat 41

Cover Date: August 1995
Subtitle: Anarky part two: The Anarkist Manifesto
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): John Paul Leon, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: Joe Potato, Anarky, and Batman were strapped onto a blimp loaded with explosives. It lifted off, pointed toward central Gotham. Lonnie's parents found a note from him; it explained why he became Anarky and his thoughts. With Batman unconscious, Anarky and Joe Potato got the blimp redirected toward Gotham Harbor. Batman recovered after being cut loose, he was able to get Potato to safety. Anarky was presumed dead in the explosion.

Shadow of the Bat 42

Cover Date: September 1995
Subtitle: Feedback - the Day the Music Died
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Liam Sharpe, Joe Staton, Ray McCarthy, Roy Boyd, Scott Hanna
Storyline: Ex-Commissioner Gordon asked Bruce Wayne for backing in his bid for the mayor's office. Wayne declined knowing he'd be better off back as commissioner. Batman and Robin investigated the murder of a top band's roadie. The band's former singer took carjacked the band's limo and killed all the members. He escaped Batman due to his apparent cybernetic abilities.

Shadow of the Bat 43

Cover Date: October 1995
Subtitle: Ratcatcher - The Secret of the Universe part one
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: Batman went after Cat-Man, who was trying to rob a casino. Catwoman was approached for hire by a South Seas tribe to steal back sacred items that Thomas Blake (Cat-Man) had stolen from them. Batman had to drop pursuit when he heard screams - Ratcatcher's pets were attacking people. The rats were helping him break into pharmacies.

Shadow of the Bat 44

Cover Date: November 1995
Subtitle: Cat-Man - the Secret of the Universe part three
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: Thomas Blake tracked Catwoman into the sewer, where he and his pet cats joined her and Batman. Batman was able to smash Ratcatcher's controlling device. He took him and Blake down. Catwoman delivered the goods to her buyers.

Shadow of the Bat 45

Cover Date: December 1995
Subtitle: Wayne Manor - Anatomy of a Murder
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Michael Dutkiewicz, Gerry Fernandez
Storyline: Sgt. Bullock responded to Wayne Manor on a murder case. Alfred found a long dead body beneath the cellar when working on a leak. When it was discovered to be a great great uncle of Bruce's, he did some research. He learned that the man died getting slaves to Canada during the time of the Underground Railroad.

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