Shadow of the Bat ongoing 1992 (issues 1-7)

Issue #1

Cover Date: June 1992
Subtitle: The Last Arkham part one
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Norm Breyfogle
Storyline: Jeremiah Arkham took control of the asylum that his uncle had once founded. He began making changes to the now-famous home for the criminally insane. He was convinced he could handle his newest patient - the Batman. Nightwing met up with Robin.

Issue #2

Cover Date: July 1992
Subtitle: The Last Arkham part two
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Norm Breyfogle
Storyline: Batman tried to un-muddy his thoughts, he'd been investigating a series of murders that appeared to be the work of Mr. Zsasz, or a copy-cat killer. He and Gordon visited Zsasz in Arkham, he hinted that the details of the murders. Batman accidentally killed Lt. Kitch when he made a joking comment about the murders. Gordon placed him in Arkham. Nightwing and Robin discussed the situation.

Issue #3

Cover Date: August 1992
Subtitle: The Last Arkham part three
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Norm Breyfogle
Storyline: Nightwing approached the asylum and entered under cover of the night. He and Batman met up in a ventilation shaft and broke into Jeremiah Arkham's office together. Guards arrived on the scene, and Batman turned himself in as a diversion to get Nightwing safely away. Arkham, believing he could get better respect from the inmates if Batman was taken down, set every patient against him.

Issue #4

Cover Date: September 1992
Subtitle: The Last Arkham part four
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Norm Breyfogle
Storyline: Batman defeated each of the inmates and was put in isolation. Nightwing visited Gordon and learned the facts about his mentor's imprisonment. He discovered how Zsasz had been escaping - one of his victims was the head contractor during Arkham's recent renovations. He'd created an escape tunnel. He and Batman converged on Zsasz and took him down despite sustaining stab wounds in the fight. They delivered him back to Gordon and Arkham. Arkham was humiliated when he was told about the setup, though there was no evidence to incriminate him.

Issue #5

Cover Date: October 1992
Subtitle: The Black Spider
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Norm Breyfogle
Storyline: Batman went after the Black Spider - a vigilante bent on taking down drug lords. He'd crossed the line and killed. Batman tracked his girlfriend and son, whom he found dead in their apartment. Black Spider left him a note detailing what was going on - her supplier killed them both and he was going after the organization. Batman got to the scene in time to see Black Spider blow himself and most of the organization up.

Issue #6

Cover Date: November 1992
Subtitle: The Ugly American
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Dan Jurgens, Dick Giordano
Storyline: The CIA approached Gordon, demanding to be left alone in an investigation. Batman smelled something fishy and did his own investigation. They were on the trail of Jon Kennedy Payne, a government programmed assassin. Batman found him first and tangled with him. The CIA shot him dead while Batman was making a move.

Issue #7

Cover Date: December 1992
Subtitle: The Misfits
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Batman chased a new costumed freak, this one from Texas calling himself Chancer. Cat-man caught him and they joined forces. Nimrod - another costumed man (in a stolen military chameleon suit) was on Chancer's trail. Calendar Man and Killer Moth were also on Cat-man's team of misfit criminals. They plotted to kidnap Mayor Kroll, Commissioner Gordon, and Bruce Wayne.

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