Gotham Knights ongoing 2005 (issues 59-70)

Gotham Knights 59

Cover Date: January 2005
Subtitle: Fire & Ice
Writer(s): Robbie Morrison
Artists(s): Charlie Adlard
Storyline: Mr. Freeze attacked a park in Gotham City and planned more. Batman was quick to get to him. Freeze killed his associates and detonated a bomb during the fight. Fearing death, he created an igloo for himself and his adversary so the raging flames would not get to them. After it melted, they were able to get to safety through the sewer system.

Gotham Knights 60

Cover Date: February 2005
Subtitle: The Games People Play
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Javi Pina, Francis Portella
Storyline: Alfred was accosted when he stopped to help a woman with car trouble. Batman, quick to the scene, checked on Alfred and went after the attackers. One let loose they were just there to get Batman away from the old man. He was shot by a sniper on a nearby rooftop. Alfred was delivered to Hush.
Batman encountered Poison Ivy, who refused to help him. He found Hush on his own and rescued Alfred. Pennyworth received a concussion, which caused him to lose the memory of seeing one of Hush's other hostages - Tommy Elliot.

Gotham Knights 61

Cover Date: March 2005
Subtitle: Human Nature book one
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Poison Ivy returned to Robinson Park after hearing about a teen suicide (the eighth in recent weeks). Hush approached her. He was unaffected by her charms and left her with a warning. Ivy realized all the suicides were her 'park orphans.' She checked their autopsy reports and realized she'd killed them.
Commissioner Akin fingered Ivy as the focus for their murder investigation - they were no longer classified as suicide.
Another of her children died in her arms. He had eaten fertilizer and threatened her.

Gotham Knights 62

Cover Date: April 2005
Subtitle: Human Nature book two
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Poison Ivy tracked Batman and asked him for Bruce Wayne's help - he owed her for the Alfred incident. He analyzed the last victim and found out that he'd been some sort of experiment - he'd basically been petrified from the inside. He reported his findings to Ivy. She visited the place where she was transformed. She looked for Jason Woodrue, who was responsible for her condition. She was told he was killed three years previous and someone else had taken over his work.
Hush dosed himself with an antidote to Ivy's touch. He wanted her to believe she couldn't kill him.

Gotham Knights 63

Cover Date: May 2005
Subtitle: Human Nature book three
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: So that she didn't kill anyone further, Poison Ivy began an attempt to find out what created her. Police located her and put SWAT in motion. After one of the team was killed, they pulled back. Batman headed to her location.
Cops again neared her and were taken down, this time by Hush. He asked her to kiss him. She complied and it did not seem to affect him. He introduced himself as Tommy Elliot. He refused to help her in her quest to revert her chemistry back to normal. She approached Bruce Wayne for help, knowing he had something of a relationship with Batman.

Gotham Knights 64

Cover Date: June 2005
Subtitle: Human Nature book four
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Ivy asked Wayne for his help. If they were successful, she would be out of the picture. If they weren't, she'd be dead. He took the bait and heard her out. After a night working through some experiments together, Wayne convinced her she needed rest and left. Hush, who'd been clued in by Prometheus on Ivy's past and her current involvement with Wayne, attacked. He told Ivy Wayne was Batman. Alone, she called him on it, and he was able to produce Batman. Wayne told Batman she was innocent of killing the cop. Ivy fled; Alfred got out of costume.
Back in the lab, Ivy tried one of the compounds they worked out. It didn't "fix" her. Hush and Batman fought over her as she and Wayne took a break. The next night, Wayne found the hole in their formula. After taking it, Ivy's skin returned to normal.
Researcher's working with Jason Woodrue's old experiments showed off some of their new human biological weapons.

Gotham Knights 65

Cover Date: July 2005
Subtitle: Human Nature book five
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Bruce Wayne dropped Pamela Isley, seemingly cured of Poison Ivy, off at Robinson Park. She was immediately confronted by a man claiming to be Jason Woodrue. As he began to tell her about the biological weapons, he was shot in the forehead.
She asked Batman (who'd been following her) to help her get back to what she was so that she could save the children. He refused, as did Bruce Wayne. She went to Hush. They were attacked by one of Woodrue's backers. She killed him by injecting him with poison. Another of his creations attacked; Isley threw her from a window after Hush put bullets in her. Though Batman attempted to intervene, she died when she injected herself in order to get back to being Ivy.

Gotham Knights 66

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: Job Termination
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Hush fired Prometheus; Deathstroke's Kobra men captured him. Talia sent them after Hush. He was also captured. Hush was unable to cure him - he'd been infected by one of the Ivy clones. Talia promised him that if Prometheus died, he would, too. Hush got him stabilized and was able to escape.
The key they were looking for (which Talia believed Prometheus knew where to find) was uncovered in the JSA's headquarters.

Gotham Knights 67

Cover Date: September 2005
Subtitle: The Life of Riley
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Rick Burchett, Alvaro Lopez
Storyline: A film student named Riley accidentally caught some shots of Bruce Wayne fighting Hush atop a nearby building. He compared it to some amateur footage of Batman and realized they were the same. He set his friend up to kill a security guard so they could get another tape. The friend was shot, too.
Riley gave a tape to Wayne. The boy wanted "millions." He refused to take favors (jobs, etc.) and demanded cash. Both he and Alfred (who was the middle man) were shot.

Gotham Knights 68

Cover Date: October 2005
Subtitle: The Shape of Things to Come part one
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Weeks previous (while hiring a gang to kidnap Alfred), Hush found a chemical that could help the victim change shape like the Clayfaces. The chemical had caused a fire in a warehouse. "Tommy Elliot" went in search of a firefighter who'd survived the inferno.
Alfred remembered what he'd seen on the boat before being knocked overboard.
Riley, the man who'd attempted to blackmail Bruce Wayne, was found dead.

Gotham Knights 69

Cover Date: November 2005
Subtitle: The Shape of Things to Come part two
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Six months previous, Hush stopped a man from jumping off a bridge to his death. The man had mutated while escaping a fire. Hush promised him he could cure it if he would help him destroy Bruce Wayne. He had the newest Clayface become him - Tommy Elliot. Detectives were called in - two actresses notified them their director had been murdered. They found a bag of cash with Bruce Wayne's name on it.
Alfred told Bruce Tommy Elliot was a captive of Hush and not Hush himself. He insisted on going out with him on patrol. They got DNA from the boat - Batman learned it was not a "who," but a "what" - a new Clayface. Batman got a feed on Hush and went after him. They fought off the edge of a building; Alfred cut Batman's jumpline.

Gotham Knights 70

Cover Date: December 2005
Subtitle: The Shape of Things to Come part three
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Batman was able to grab Alfred and help him regain his senses. Back at the cave, Batman did blood work on him and learned Hush had infected him with Clayface blood. Two detectives knocked on the door of Wayne Manor and told Bruce some of his belongings had been found in a dead guy's apartment. Since he had an alibi, they asked to speak to his "servant." Bruce told them Alfred was away. Bruce locked him up in the cave knowing he was the last person to see the director alive. Bruce spoke with Akins and found Alfred outside police headquarters. He took him home and went after Hush.
Hush realized he needed a strain of Clayface DNA that was not altered by human DNA. The only pure sample could come from Cassius.
Batman caught up with Hush and was taken by surprise when he ended up grabbing Clayface. The real Hush held a gun to his cowl.

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