Gotham Knights ongoing 2004 (issues 47-58)

Gotham Knights 47

Cover Date: January 2004
Subtitle: Veritas Liberat chapter one: King of the Mountain
Writer(s): Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Roger Robinson, John Floyd
Storyline: Bane, promising to 'change his spots,' left Dr. Thompkins' clinic in search of himself. Much later, Alfred realized his signal had gone offline and informed Batman. As he lay on a snow capped mountain, he hallucinated of being a 'good guy.' Batman called in Leslie, Alfred, Dick, and Tim to talk about the situation. Realizing his last signal came from a key line, Bruce thought Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins may be involved. Tim told the group about his trip to that area of the world, Kobra, and King Snake - Sir Edmond Dorrance.
includes the Black and White story Riddle Me This by Judd Winick, Whilce Portacio, and Sal Regla.

Gotham Knights 48

Cover Date: February 2004
Subtitle: Veritas Liberat chapter two: Family Reunion
Writer(s): Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Roger Robinson, John Floyd
Storyline: Batman asked Huntress for help in the Bane situation. She gave him her Checkmate files on Kobra. Bane believed he'd found his father - Dorrance. He fed the near-starved man and got him to talk about Santa Prisca. He told him about the affair he'd had with a woman there before losing his eyesight. Bane spoke of the woman who had to serve his sentence, her death, and him carrying on the sentence. Alfred spoke with Barbara and Leslie about what was happening while Bruce, Tim, Dick, and Cassandra made way for the mountains.
includes the Black and White story The Mob is Dead, Long Live the Mob by Eric Cherry.

Gotham Knights 49

Cover Date: March 2004
Subtitle: Veritas Liberat chapter three: The Redeemer
Writer(s): Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Charlie Adlard, John Floyd
Storyline: The Batplane was shot down, but everyone made it out alright. Bane and Dorrace were also attacked by Kobra. Dorrance convinced them he was their leader. Back at Kobra's ruined sanctuary, Bane and King Snake surveyed the situation as Robin watched from above. As the BatSquad moved in, Dorrance shot Bane for betraying him. After King Snake was thrown into a pit, Batman saved Bane via the Lazarus Pit.
includes the Black and White story Fear is the Key by Geoff Johns, Tommy Castillo, and Rodney Ramos.

Gotham Knights 50

Cover Date: April 2004
Subtitle: Pushback book one
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: At a social event, Bruce saw a woman he thought was Vesper Fairchild. He quickly got dressed for work and followed her. She was thrown from her car, but he saved her from getting hit by another. After getting her to safety, he realized the girl wasn't Fairchild. Some mountain people entered a cabin that was owned by one of their friends. He was away, but someone was there. Inside, they found blueprints, maps, and photographs of some of Gotham City's major players. The 'squatter' killed all three men. The Riddler was terrorized while in prison. Nigma got word - a name - to Joker.

Gotham Knights 51

Cover Date: May 2004
Subtitle: Pushback book two
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: Joker pulled some strings and sent a tape to Blackgate's warden. He got Riddler transferred. Batman went over some tapes of the event looking for a clear shot of the woman he saw. Through Oracle, Batman learned Nigma was being transferred to the Slab. He also learned the warden had received calls from the Joker. The convoy transporting Nigma was bombed. As Batman got to Nigma, Oracle alerted him to a bomb threat at a local hospital. Riddler escaped, only to be caught by a bandaged man in a trench coat.

Gotham Knights 52

Cover Date: June 2004
Subtitle: Pushback book three
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: After Hush threw Riddler through the skylight of the Gotham Museum of Modern Art, he drug him, bleeding, into the street. Joker, after being unable to persuade Hush to hand Riddler over to him, ordered his men to kill the bandaged newcomer. They left him unconscious in the street. Not wanting to believe what he saw, Batman went after the bandaged man. He sent Robin to dig up Tommy Elliot's grave. Inside, they found only a newspaper. Riddler gave Joker the name; Joker gave him protection. The name, Oliver Hammet, was of the man who'd killed his wife years ago. Hush hired an outfitter, the outfitter pointed him toward some help - a man named Prometheus.

Gotham Knights 53

Cover Date: July 2004
Subtitle: Pushback book four
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: Green Arrow went after Prometheus. As he fired his final arrow, Hush attacked Prometheus as well. With him out of the way, he grabbed a member of the SWAT, tossed him from the building, and began shooting at GA. Oliver was unable to save the cop. Hush asked Prometheus for his assistance and took him when he passed out. Batman arrived in Star City. Hush operated on Prometheus as Batman clued in Green Arrow. After a short fight, Batman admitted he was wrong not to contact his ally and returned to Gotham City.

Gotham Knights 54

Cover Date: August 2004
Subtitle: Pushback book five
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella, Javier Pina, Jimmy Palmiotti
Storyline: Green Arrow and a SWAT team got into the hotel room where Hush and Prometheus were holed up. They were a bit late - the place was empty. He reported the findings to Batman. Robin joined his partner. He reminded him he was there and understood the dangers; he also noted it being the first time he'd seen Batman scared. Joker, after receiving the name of his wife's killer, told Penguin and Riddler about his beginnings. Trying to get out of the slums, Jack got himself a gig getting a mob group into a chemical company. His wife being pregnant, he tried to get out of it, but they kidnapped her. Batman foiled their heist. Riddler witnessed a dirty cop killing Jack's wife. Joker set out to find Oliver Hammett, his wife's murderer.

Gotham Knights 55

Cover Date: September 2004
Subtitle: Pushback book six
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: Bruce worried - things were too quiet. Riddler urged Joker to help him quickly get out of Gotham City. Hush and Prometheus attacked the entourage as Joker's men took Riddler to safety. All of Joker's men were killed. Batman showed up as Hush was taking on Joker. As he dodged the bullets fired by Prometheus, everyone escaped in separate directions. Back in the cave, Batman and Oracle looked into Prometheus. Riddler went to Poison Ivy for help. Joker returned to the carnival where he'd tortured Jim Gordon years before.

Gotham Knights 56

Cover Date: October 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 1, Part 4: Rules of Engagement
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: [continued from Nightwing 96]
Hush surveyed the mob situation overlooking Gotham City. Penguin attempted to auction off some arms and people to rivals, but his asking price was too high for them. Batman sent Batgirl to order Tarantula to merge with Orpheus' gang. She refused. The Russian mob proposed a merger with another, only to double-cross them and join Scarface. Hush turned down an offer from Penguin.
[continued in Robin 129]

Gotham Knights 57

Cover Date: November 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 2, Part 4: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: [continued from Nightwing 97]
Batman ordered Tarantula to take down Penguin with no killing. She got into the Iceberg Lounge. Spoiler was being pursued. Batman realized the whole thing was going according to his plan. Alfred confirmed that Stephanie was the last person to access the file (his contingency plan on this gang war). He got word out to everyone that Orpheus had to stay alive - he was the center of the plan. Tarantula got to Penguin. Spoiler got to Orpheus, who was in the process of being captured.
[continued in Robin 130]

Gotham Knights 58

Cover Date: December 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 3, Part 4: Flight Risk
Writer(s): AJ Lieberman
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Francis Portella
Storyline: [continued from Robin 131]
Tarantula's gang fled from the cops. She fired shots back at them. Akins, wanting some sort of victory, ordered his squad to take them down with lethal force if necessary. As Black Mask and Scarecrow began to move, Oracle got Batman Spoiler's location. He found her in bad shape and took her to Leslie Thompkins. Oracle got word to him that Tarantula's gang was being attacked by S.W.A.T. teams.
[continued in Batgirl 57]

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