Detective ongoing 2009 (issues 850-)

Detective #850

Cover Date: January 2009
Subtitle: Heart of Hush the conclusion: The Demon in the Mirror
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
Storyline: Batman got to the Manor just after Hush did. He was able to get in touch with Alfred first, who was busy fighting him off. The enemies fought their way into the cave, where Nightwing and Robin joined the fight. Hush told Batman how he'd killed his mother after she wrote him out of the will. Hush got on a whirlybat and crashed it into the cave wall. Robin and Nightwing found no body.
Batman got Terrific and Mid-Nite to the cryogenically frozen heart (Hush got help from Mr. Freeze) and Selina was fixed up. While recovering, Bruce told her he loved her.
Two months later, Selina sent Elliot a message. She, with some help, had stolen all of his money and spent it all.

Detective #851

Cover Date: February 2009
Subtitle: Batman: Last Rights / Last Days of Gotham part 1 of 2
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Guillem March
Storyline: An actress named Millicent Mayne was being strong-armed by thugs when the theater she was in was hit by the great Gotham earthquake. Years later, she'd become known as the "Face of Gotham." Two-face's thugs wanted to go after her, but he refused.
Gracchus took things into his own hands and fashioned himself a mask to make him look like his boss. He went into a charity event Mayne was holding and thew acid in her face.
Gordon and Bullock gave up on Batman (again) and turned the signal off after four hours of waiting. Alfred called Dick. He headed into the city (he'd recently gone up against Two-Face in NYC) and contacted Oracle. Dick got to the manor and got into his work clothes. He went in on the perps and was in their chop shop when it caught fire.
[continued in Batman 684]

Detective #852

Cover Date: March 2009
Subtitle: Reconstruction
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
Storyline: Two months after escaping the Batcave and losing all his money to Catwoman, Hush found himself on the same bridge his father died on. He jumped.
Bruce Wayne was pulled from the waters by a boat. Realizing he could fool locals, but not Bruce's "family," he told them he'd been in a skiing accident and must have crashed into the water after taking too many pain pills. They got him to shore and he told them they'd be compensated if they went to Lucious Fox. The fishermen gave him $60 since he'd lost his wallet.
That cash was enough to get him a shave and some clothes. He headed to a club and picked up a widow who let him stay with her until he'd recovered. They took her yacht for a cruise. Hush killed both the driver and the woman. He sold the boat in Jamaica for $800,000. He got himself a couple of guns and a passport. A flight to Australia got him $2 million AUS from one of Wayne's holdings.
He then trekked to Vietnam hoping to syphon more from the Wayne fortune, but was captured by Catwoman.
[continued in Batman 685]

Detective #853

Cover Date: April 2008
Subtitle: What Ever Happened to the Caped Crusader? part 2 of 2
Writer(s): Neil Gaiman
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Scott Williams
Storyline: [continued from Batman 686]
The stories continued on - Batman knowing them all, but not knowing if they were him. Poison Ivy. Azrael. Batgirl. Mad Hatter. Joker. Robin. Clayface. Harvey Bullock. Ra's al Ghul. Superman. They all had different stories of his death.
Batman went through a door and realized he'd been speaking with his mother. He saw more things from his childhood, then said goodbye to his life again before being reborn.

851 variant edition

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