Detective ongoing 2007 (issues 825-837)

Issue #825

Cover Date: January 2007
Subtitle: The Return of Dr. Phosphorus
Writer(s): Royal McGraw
Artists(s): Marcos Marz, Luciana del Negro
Storyline: Dr. Phosphorus escaped - the man holding him had depleted his life savings and was going to patent the technology used in his body to create energy. Batman and Gordon went over the crime scene; Batman knew almost immediately who was at work (even though Phosphorus was thought dead).
With one accomplice dead and another who probably wouldn't survive, the third remaining doctor who'd kept Phosphorus imprisoned went to Batman with the whole story. Dr. Phosphorus attacked them. Batman attempted to "drown" his fire, but failed and was knocked off the rooftop. When he returned, the madman had burned the third doctor.
Batman headed back to the cave and spoke with Alfred. He knew Rupert Thorne would be Dr. Phosphorus' next target; Gordon and some cops were guarding him at Blackgate. He attacked and was able to project his fire outward to knock away Gordon's gun. Batman arrived with baking soda and put Sartorius' flames out. Thorne's sentence was extended to reflect the charges against him for helping "create" Dr. Phosphorus.

Issue #826

Cover Date: February 2007
Subtitle: Slayride
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Robin attempted to bust some gunrunners, but was caught in the middle when rivals turned it into a shootout. He wrecked his bike and jumped into an SUV when it slowed down and called out to him. Once inside, he looked at the driver: The Joker.
While knocked out from the gas, he thought back on a conversation he'd had with Dick and Bruce about the clown. When he woke up, he'd been tied, de-belted, and gagged. Joker laughed at the coincidence of them running into each other and told the Boy Wonder he planned to let him go. As he talked, he ran down a pedestrian, then backed over him. He pulled out a cell phone and called 911 on the incident. While on the phone with them, he hit a woman. After hanging up, he hit a group of people.
Joker then ordered some drive through. When not pleased with the service, he demanded to speak to a manager. He shot him and drove off. After snatching away a toy Robin was using to cut himself free, Joker removed his gag. As he was about to run down a Santa and some children, Robin made a Marx Brothers joke. Joker enjoyed it and swerved away. They talked about the movie until Joker got on a rant. Robin freed an arm and knocked him silly. He was able to snatch his gas, hit him with it, and knock him out of the car.
Joker jumped from the overpass, but no body was found. Batman picked his partner up and told him how proud he was of him.

Issue #827

Cover Date: March 2007
Subtitle: Double Talk
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Batman responded to a police scanner call - witnesses said Catwoman had been shot. He got to the body, which had a note on it that read "dummy." A counter started at 4 seconds - he got out as the place exploded. When he got back to his car, there was a dummy posing as Robin. He shot it with a grapple and it, too, exploded.
Batman had the police exhume Arnold Wesker's body, but the coffin was empty. Bruce went out disguised as Lefty Knox to see what the underground was saying. Within a week, he heard the Ventriloquist was making a come back at the Iceburg Lounge. "Lefty" attended the big show - as the curtains parted, Wesker sat with Scarface in his lap. A beautiful blonde knocked over the dead body, picked up the dummy, and continued on. When she was questioned by an audience member, she shot him. Scarface told the room he was working on a plan to take over the city, but would have to remove Batman from the equation first. He called Batman out, knowing he'd be in the audience. Bruce threw his voice and made it look like one of the other criminals was confessing. A batarang flew and took out the lights. Scarface opened fire.
Batman swooped in and grabbed the woman and the dummy. He separated them and realized the dummy was a bomb. The woman escaped. Batman informed Gordon of what had happened.

Issue #828

Cover Date: April 2007
Subtitle: Shark Bite
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Bruce attended a fundraiser masquerade as Zorro. Riddler saw through his costume in no time. One of the attendees - Matthew Atkins, a childhood friend of Wayne's - fell overboard; Bruce jumped in after him (from the other side of the boat so no one saw him). Batman brought the man's lifeless body aboard - he found a strange prick in his wrist.
In the cave, Bruce went over photos he'd taken of the body and confirmed one of the "shark" bites was not of shark origin. Batman began investigating the man's recent history. It appeared he'd been selling museum pieces to collectors and replacing them with replicas. Batman heard a scream while in the museum and rushed upstairs. He found Riddler unconscious on the floor. Batman did battle with the murderer until Riddler came to and helped take him down. Batman then fingered Atkins' "girlfriend."
Batman bolted as the police arrived, giving Riddler the opportunity to show off again.

Issue #829

Cover Date: early May 2007
Subtitle: Siege part one
Writer(s): Stuart Moore
Artists(s): Andy Clarke
Storyline: Wayne Tower held the first Gotham International Anti-Terror Conference. Bruce welcomed delegates from all over the world. Explosions rang out. Wayne and the delegates were trapped in a conference room; Tim headed to one of Bruce's "special storerooms."
Robin went looking for the bomber, who appeared to be spreading explosive goo. Batman notified Commissioner Gordon that he was on it. A costumed man named Vox sent a video to the police claiming responsibility in retaliation to the foreign occupation of the nation Jalib. Bruce got word to Robin on from where Vox broadcast.
Robin came face to face with the terrorist. He was sprayed with the explosive gel.

Issue #830

Cover Date: late May 2007
Subtitle: Siege part two
Writer(s): Stuart Moore
Artists(s): Andy Clarke
Storyline: Robin notified Batman that he'd been hit. Gordon sent his men in when the next explosion hit. Batman instructed Robin to use a small blowtorch to burn off the modified c4.
Bruce dropped a smoke bomb into the stairwell in order to get away from the delegates.
Batman got to Vox, but while grappled, they fell through a window. Vox knocked himself free of Batman's hold and fell to his death below.

Issue #831

Cover Date: June 2007
Subtitle: Kind of Like Family
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Dr. Harleen Quinzell was denied parole once more. On the way back to her cell, one of the guards tried to help her escape, but Quinzell alerted other guards. She was knocked unconscious and thrown into an ambulance which drove into a tractor trailer. When she woke up, Scarface introduced her to Moose (the guard who sprung her) and Sugar (the new ventriloquist).
Harley Quinn was sent into the office of a gangster kingpin named Cotts. He was to receive a $10 million drop off from another gangster named Sabatino. When she scored the cash, she called the police station asking for Gordon. She told him what was going down and where she could be found. Gordon notified Batman.
Batman got there in time to see Scarface shooting up an ally trying to hit Quinn. The Ventriloquist was attacked. She detonated the dummy, shot a cop, and escaped in his squad car.
Batman returned Quinn to Arkham, where she was released two days later when board member Bruce Wayne changed his vote.

Issue #832

Cover Date: July 2007
Subtitle: Triage
Writer(s): Royal McGraw
Artists(s): Andy Clarke
Storyline: Batman and Gordon checked out the murder scene of Sherman Shackley - the Shark. His teeth had been pulled out and he was wrapped in white, tied to a wooden plank. Gordon's men caught Volper the Vulture, but Fisk the Fox (the other two members of the Terrible Trio) was still at large.
Batman caught Fisk who fingered "the fourth man" as Shackley's murderer. He said he'd been following them for months. The Fourth Man now had them both captured in a makeshift arena. He loosed wolves on them then bombed the place.
Batman was able to save Fisk. When he spoke with Gordon, he learned that Volper had "disappeared" from police custody. Batman found the man - the Fourth Man had him strung up and was feeding him to vultures. The Fourth Man turned out to be Shackley - he'd pulled his own teeth to leave at the scene of his own "death." He brandished new ones and bit Batman, who flung him through a window. He ended up as the new fish in Arkham.

Issue #833

Cover Date: August 2007
Subtitle: Trust
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Batman went in to a burning theater which was hosting a performance of the magician Ivar Loxias. He was able to save two of Loxias' assistants, but a third was killed. Batman noted, as Loxias was speaking with Gordon, that several people had been hurt or killed in his performances of late.
Batman contacted Zatanna - she knew the girl who'd been killed. Though it pained him, he asked her to meet him in the cave.
They reviewed a recording of that night's performance. Zatanna noticed that Katy (the girl who had been killed) seemed frantic even before she was put in the death trap. Batman checked her gag and it had traces of walnut oil - Zatanna noted that she was allergic to nuts. They went after Loxias.
The magician admitted he'd killed the girl - she'd been snooping into his business and he didn't much like his secrets getting out. He then pulled out a gun and shot Zatanna in the throat. Batman was caught off guard and placed in an electric chair. After giving Batman a bit of a jolt, he placed Zatanna in a tank of water and locked her in. The man then removed a mask to reveal himself as the Joker.

Issue #834

Cover Date: September 2007
Subtitle: Trust part 2 of 2
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Joker related his recent escapades to Batman. After being beaten around by Robin, Ivar Loxias had taken him in and nursed him back to health. Though he was eager to work with the Joker, the clown killed him the first chance he got. He then took over his identity and act. He knew he would bring Zatanna out by killing Katy - Batman was simply a "bonus."
Batman broke free and went to save Zatanna. Joker bolted through a trap door in the stage. Batman got Zatanna free - she'd used her magic to heal herself, but still required CPR.
She woke up later in Wayne Manor. Alfred brought her work clothes to her. The two went back to the stage they'd been trapped at the night before. Batman had a brainstorm - he found where Joker had been taking notes in the shower.
Joker had one final performance planned as Loxias - he dressed as death and began to gas the audience. He had the gates wired with electricity so no one could escape. Batman went at the Joker while Zatanna turned the gas into something a bit less toxic. She then turned the audience into bats and had them attack the main attraction.
Batman and Zatanna put their past behind them and moved on.

Detective #835

Cover Date: October 2007
Subtitle: Absolute Terror 1 of 2
Writer(s): John Rozum
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: Dr. Jonathan Crane had enough of Arkham and escaped by hypnotizing some guards after convincing several inmates to commit suicide. Bruce, on a date with Kay Scott, got a call from home to meet Robin at the scene.
Batman and Robin began setting up surveillance equipment at all the major chemical plants in Gotham City hoping to catch the Scarecrow in the act.
Scarecrows began showing up all over the city - some were dressed-up victims of the madman. He appeared to no longer be using his fear gas.

Detective #836

Cover Date: November 2007
Subtitle: Absolute Terror 2 of 2
Writer(s): John Rozum
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: With no other clues to go on, Batman and Robin went after straw (needed to turn the victims into scarecrows). Robin hit the zoo while Batman checked out a farm outside the city. Robin found what they were looking for.
The Dynamic Duo once again stopped the Scarecrow. He received medical attention after cutting himself with one of his own scythes.

Detective #837

Cover Date: December 2007
Subtitle: Honor Among Thieves
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Bruce Wayne hired Edward Nigma to find what had happened to an employee who had been working on a new human regenerative sterroid. The Riddler tracked her and her stolen goods to the Amazonian Women's Help Shelter in Metropolis.
With the help of Harleen Quinzel and Holly Robinson, he got his mark and returned the chemical to Wayne.
"Athena" handed a vile over to Desaad.

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