Detective ongoing 2006 (issues 813-824)

Issue #813

Cover Date: January 2006
Subtitle: City of Crime part 11: A Place of Fear
Writer(s): David Lapham
Artists(s): Ramon Bachs, Nathan Massengill
The Batcopter headed to the hospital to pick up Robin, Gordon, and the men they were protecting. Madness grabbed them.
Batman found the location where the men of mud were created. He saved Raffi from becoming part of "the Body." He thought he'd found "the head," but it removed its head. Batman emerged and saw the signal.

Issue #814

Cover Date: February 2006
Subtitle: City of Crime part 12: The Big Show
Writer(s): David Lapham
Artists(s): Ramon Bachs, Nathan Massengill
Batman attacked the Body members waiting outside the hospital. As he led them all away, the cop (who everyone thought was mad) killed the head. All the mud zombies died, and those entranced awakened. Batman blew up a construction site when he was sure all the zombies were around him. At the last moment, he grabbed on to his plane and flew off.
The dead girl's mother admitted to Batman that she was the murderer.

Issue #815

Cover Date: March 2006
Subtitle: Victims
Writer(s): Shane McCarthy
Artists(s): Cliff Chiang
Storyline: Victor Zsasz escaped from Arkham after killing four guards and a doctor. Batman made sure the police knew he was on the case. Bruce returned home to host a charity event.
He watched as Alfred was stabbed in the gut. Zsasz escaped Wayne Manor. Bruce got his friend into one of his converting cars and headed for the hospital. When Alfred was safely in the hospital, Akins made sure to tell Wayne that the man must remain dead to Zsasz.
Zsasz killed three more cops.
Bruce Wayne held a press conference announcing his butler was indeed not dead.

Issue #816

Cover Date: April 2006
Subtitle: Victims
Writer(s): Shane McCarthy
Artists(s): Cliff Chiang
Storyline: Akins delivered the word to his troops - shoot first, ask questions later with either Zsasz or Batman.
As the serial killer grabbed another policeman, Batman swooped down and grabbed him. Inside a building, they fought. Zsasz was tossed through a window into parked cars below. He grabbed onto a truck and waved to the police. Batman pursued.
Zsasz jumped into a car and killed the driver. Batman, now in his own car, continued to follow. Both were cornered by the police; both escaped. Batman finally took the mad man down at Alfred's hospital room door.
Bruce apologized for putting Alfred in danger.

Issue #817

Cover Date: May 2006
Subtitle: Face the Face part 1 of 8
Writer(s): James Robinson
Artists(s): Leonard Kirk, Andy Clarke
Commissioner James Gordon was awakened by a phone call.
The KGBeast, now doing mob hits, sighted in his target. He was attacked and chased through a window onto an adjacent rooftop. The attacker, calling himself "Gotham's Protector," threw him from the rooftop and put two bullets in his head. Detective Harvey Bullock investigated the crime.
Harvey Dent - Gotham's Protector, was told his work was over. He'd been stopping the crimes he once would have committed - as Two-Face.
Gordon, at the stationhouse, thought back - he'd been back as commissioner (for the third time), Bullock had been back on the force six months, Batman had been away for twelve. He and a rookie cop, Harper, went to the roof when he got the call about Poison Ivy's attack. They lit the batsignal. People below cheered as Batman and Robin arrived. After a short talk with Gordon, the Dynamic Duo leapt into action.
[continued in Batman 651]

Issue #818

Cover Date: June 2006
Subtitle: Face the Face part 3 of 8 + The Crime File of Jason Bard
Writer(s): James Robinson
Artists(s): Leonard Kirk, Andy Clarke
Storyline: [continued from Batman 651]
Batman, Robin, Gordon, and Bullock checked out the latest crime scene - Magpie was dead. Bullock told them KGBeast had been found the same way - two bullets to the head. All of Magpie's birds had been killed (she had an aviary) also.
Back at the cave, Bruce and Alfred talked. The guns which killed KGBeast and Magpie were the same. They were traced back to Harvey Dent, the former "Two-Face." He then mentioned plans for day time help, and something for Tim. As he watched the "Dynamic Duo" take down Mad Hatter, Harvey thought about Batman and the various Robins. He began to believe this third one was almost as in synch now with Batman as the first had been. He wondered if the third had been trained by the first. He battled back Two-Face as he considered his future as a vigilante.
Batman told Robin to head to Police HQ, he'd meet him there in an hour.
Arnold Wesker - the Ventriloquist - was broken in on. He and his puppet, Scarface were shot. He seemed to know the shooter.
Batman visited Jason Bard in his apartment. Batman acknowledged the man had no fear of him then asked to put him on retainer. Bard took the job and was given some files to check out.
[continued in Batman 652]

Issue #819

Cover Date: July 2006
Subtitle: Face the Face part 5 of 8 + The Crime File of Jason Bard
Writer(s): James Robinson
Artists(s): Leonard Kirk, Andy Clarke, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: [continued from Batman 652]
Gordon questioned Batman's decision to leave Dent "in charge" while he was gone. Though Dent's prints were found on the gun, Alfred also examined it.
Batman and Robin, while searching for Orca, encountered Killer Croc. After knocking him out, they found Orca's corpse - two bullet holes in her head. She'd been dead for some time, even before Croc found her.
Harvey battled with his other persona.
Jason Bard went over his notes on Orca: Real name Dr. Grace Balin. She'd worked with killer whale genes to become Orca. She'd married within the last year. Talking with her husband, he learned she'd been missing for about a week. He told her she, KGBeast, Magpie, Ventriloquist, and Firebug were all working for Penguin. They'd been hired to rob one of Penguins weapon houses. Dent had intervened, asking them to be his spy against Cobblepot.
The man was shot dead before he could say anything else. Bard looked up at the gun of the Tally Man (a new person using the name). He fired.
[continued in Batman 653]

Issue #820

Cover Date: August 2006
Subtitle: Face the Face part 7 + The Crime File of Jason Bard
Writer(s): James Robinson
Artists(s): Leonard Kirk, Andy Clarke
Storyline: [continued from Batman 653]
Batman talked with Gordon while he and Robin took on Scarecrow and his new batch of fear gas. Tim saw the E2 Robin and Superboy Prime; Bruce saw his father in his own Batman costume.
The gun had been dismantled, then put back together with another handle and trigger. After the murders, the handle and trigger with Dent's original prints was replaced.
Batman and Robin defeated Scarecrow and stopped in to visit Gordon. While they were there, Jack Ryder broke the story: Two-Face had returned.
Jason had been able to make the Tally Man misfire by tripping him with his cane. He then got up and knocked him out with a kick to the face. He then called Batman with the news.

Issue #821

Cover Date: September 2006
Subtitle: The Beautiful People
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): JH Williams, III
Storyline: Batman stopped a predator from attacking a woman at a train station. The man fell in front of an oncoming train. The odd thing about him was that he was a loser and wearing a $1000 suit. Batman and Gordon discussed a pattern of similar incidents. Batman realized the force behind the robberies was new to the game. He decided to hit the circuit as Bruce Wayne.
Bruce met a girl he believed could be in on the caper and got a number. He confirmed it when she motioned to some others, but escaped them once outside the club. She wrote her number on a fast-food receipt - the place was in a very questionable part of town. Batman followed them to their next destination. They led him to a masked man called Facade. Facade's mannequins began firing at Batman. Robin showed up; Batman had him call Gordon to pick up the goons. He was going after their boss.
After taking him down, Batman and Robin met back at the cave. Facade was really Erik Hanson, a busboy at a ritzy club.

Issue #822

Cover Date: October 2006
Subtitle: E. Nigman, Consulting Detective
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Batman stopped Roxy Rocket after she heisted some equipment from STAR Labs, then headed home. Once there, he noted that Alfred appeared to have visitors. In the house, Bruce Wayne found Commissioner Gordon, the Riddler, and some members of the press. Nigma, now reformed and a detective, was there to show that Bruce Wayne did not murder Karrie Bishop. Gordon showed him a photo of him with her the night of her murder. Bruce (and Riddler) said it wasn't him in the picture.
After Riddler was gone, Gordon told Wayne that the dead girl's rich uncle had gotten him freed from Arkham and had hired him for the case. Batman checked some things out and found a suitable person to question. The man, who'd been dating Karrie, had an alibi. Batman checked it out, then found Riddler perched on his car. They checked out a few things, including a tunnel going from the alibi bar into a bondage club the man frequented.
Batman and Riddler went back to visit the man, and were shot at through his window. They found him dead inside with a suicide note / confession. While Nigma called his employer, Batman checked out the man who'd impersonated Wayne. Batman then called the real killer - the dead girl's father's assistant. After the murder, she took control of the grieving uncle's wealth and staged the Riddler media circus.

Issue #823

Cover Date: November 2006
Subtitle: Stalked
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Joe Benitez, Victor Llamas
Storyline: Poison Ivy was attacked by a huge plant in her Arkham cell. She got free from it, grabbed a gun from a downed guard, and took off running. Outside, plants continued to attack her. She went to the police and told them the story. Batman took her back to the cave. He ran some tests and left Robin to guard her. At her old hideout, he found some unclassified plants and some notes. He also found a dvd and headed back to the cave with it. It showed her talking to a man who was being digested by one of her plants. As they watched, plants began springing up in the cave - her growth serum had mutated with her victims: they now lived on and were out to get her.
They tangled Batman and Robin, then attacked their murderer. Batman hit a switch which activated some hard-core defoliant spray. "Harvest" fell into the underground river below and died.
Ivy was returned to Arkham.

Issue #824

Cover Date: December 2006
Subtitle: Night of the Penguin
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Batman escaped a Penguin death trap; Penguin claimed to be clean - Batman was breaking and entering; his staff detained him with stun guns. The death trap wasn't "real" - they'd left his belt on him, etc. He gave his favorite vigilante invitations to his grand reopening the next night.
Bruce (who was already invited) attended with a woman Alfred scheduled for him. She wandered off and Bruce bumped into Lois Lane, who was on assignment. They noticed Penguin and Riddler walking off together.
Lois snooped on them: Penguin talked about franchising the Iceburg Lounge into other markets and selling T-Shirts. He went nuts when one of his employees told him how much one of the gamblers was winning. Bruce scanned him with his "phone" and found him to have a tiny camera above one of his ears. He called Zatanna and inquired about some specific magicians.
Batman took the card-shark down outside the club. The traced signal led back to his partner holding a magician hostage. Batman rescued the man and went back to Penguin. He dropped off a large bag of money recovered from the game swindlers.

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