Detective ongoing 2003 (issues 776-787)

Issue #776

Cover Date: January 2003
Subtitle: (1) Orphan; (2) Spore part 1
Writer(s): (1) Paul Bolles; (2) JC Gagne
Artists(s): (1) William Rosado, Bob Wiacek; (2) Michel Gagne
Storyline: (1) Batman investigated a case involving a former undercover officer (who'd gone missing from witness protection) and the deaths of some of the men he was investigating. He learned after it was too late that the man's father, also a former cop, was behind the murders. He was killed trying to stop the kingpin. His son was allowed back on the force.

Issue #777

Cover Date: February 2003
Subtitle: (1) Dead Reckoning part 1; (2) Spore part 2
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) JC Gagne
Artists(s): (1) Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger; (2) Michel Gagne
Storyline: (1) A man, Leonard Weinstein, was released from prison. The next day, he was killed while wearing Killer Moth's costume. Montoya and Allen questioned the only witness, a man named Charlie Tann. Batman found a coin on the rooftop where the man was killed - it was scarred on both sides. Batman visited Weinstein's girlfriend; Edward Nygma visited Oswald Cobblepot. Batman got a lead on the killer - it was the witness. He found a latex mask in the man's apartment. Penguin received a scarred coin in his mail.

Issue #778

Cover Date: March 2003
Subtitle: (1) Dead Reckoning part 2; (2) Spore part 3
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) JC Gagne
Artists(s): (1) Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger; (2) Michel Gagne
Storyline: (1) Jim Gordon, now a college criminology professor, had to postpone a meeting with Bruce Wayne - he'd been shot at after a lecture. The shooter left a scarred coin. After talking to Gordon, Batman met with Two-Face. Dent refused to talk, but pointed him to Cobblepot. Batman found Penguin dangling from a noose with a scarred coin in his hand.

Issue #779

Cover Date: April 2003
Subtitle: (1) Dead Reckoning part 3; (2) Spore part 4
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) JC Gagne
Artists(s): (1) Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger; (2) Michel Gagne
Storyline: (1) Edward Nygma visited Professor Crane about Cobblepot's murder. Bruce visited Lucius Fox in the hospital - he was making great progress since his stroke. Afterwards, he snuck into the room of Penguin's driver, still in ICU. Batman spoke with a former detective who dealt in the paranormal - Penguin had visited him the night before thinking he was haunted by the ghost of actor Paul Sloan. Bruce and Barbara visited with Sloan's ex-fiance (he was a presumed dead stage actor). During the performance, Batman encountered Charlatan. He escaped and visited with Crane.

Issue #780

Cover Date: May 2003
Subtitle: (1) Dead Reckoning part 4; (2) Spore part 5
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) JC Gagne
Artists(s): (1) Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger; (2) Michel Gagne
Storyline: (1) Batman told the police what he'd learned; they told him Jervis Tetch was in a coma - poisoned while in Arkham. Batman ran into Catwoman on a rooftop and later got to the Riddler, who gave him the rundown on Sloan - they'd (he, Joker, Penguin, Killer Moth, and Scarecrow) hired him to portray Two-Face in their plot to kill Batman eight years before. Batman asked Gordon for a favor - he needed to talk to Joker.

Issue #781

Cover Date: June 2003
Subtitle: (1) Dead Reckoning part 5; (2) Gottismburgh
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) Jon Lewis
Artists(s): (1) Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger; (2) Stefano Gaudiano
Storyline: (1) At the Slab, Joker told Batman the story with Sloan. They'd gotten him to impersonate Dent, but he took the "part" too seriously and tried to pull off a heist as Two-Face. Joker ratted him out (anonymously) to Batman, who foiled the plot (though Sloan-Face escaped). The real Two-Face caught him, tortured him, and left him for dead at the gang's hideout. Crane pronounced him dead and dumped the body. Joker said Sloan visited him the night before. Batman got back to Gotham City to learn from Oracle that Two-Face was being visited by his lawyer (who was strangely on vacation). When Batman got to Arkham, two guards were dead and Two-Face was gone. A police sketch of the "lawyer" revealed the man to be Harvey Dent.
(2) The Bat-King and his Robins protected a forest from a hunter prince.

Issue #782

Cover Date: July 2003
Subtitle: (1) Dead Reckoning Conclusion; (2) The Mourning After
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) Jason Hall
Artists(s): (1) Tommy Castillo, Wade Von Grawbadger; (2) Craig Rousseau, Dan Davis
Storyline: (1) After visiting Scarecrow, who told him more of the story - he'd nursed Sloan back to health and experimented on him, rendering him unable to sense fear and able to escape, Batman alerted the media that Penguin was not dead. He found Sloan and Two-Face. Sloan attacked Batman, wanting to finish the job he'd been hired for eight years ago - to kill him. Though Two-Face escaped, Charlatan was captured and placed in care of Arkham Asylum.
(2) After overhearing a man planning to watch Bruce place roses on the site of his parents' death, Alfred had Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl keep him occupied while Batman placed the memorial.

Issue #783

Cover Date: August 2003
Subtitle: (1) More Perfect than Perfect; (2) Death and the Maidens prologue
Writer(s): (1) Paul Bolles; (2) Greg Rucka
Artists(s): (1) Shawn Martinbrough; (2) Klaus Janson, Clem Robins
Storyline: (1) Batman found a burned skeleton missing its teeth. Four such victims were found, none related in any obvious way. Bruce realized one of the victims had worked for him. He learned that all the victims had been laid off by an "efficiency specialist." He was able to save the next victim before the man could kill her. He also saved him from suicide after a car chase.
(2) See Death and the Maidens.

Issue #784

Cover Date: September 2003
Subtitle: (1) Made of Wood part 1; (2) Josie Mac: Trading Up
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) Judd Winick
Artists(s): (1) Patrick Zircher, Aaron Sowd; (2) Cliff Chiang
Storyline: (1) Jim Gordon happened upon a dead body while on his morning walk. It was at the base of the Green Lantern statue, and it had the phrase "made of wood" carved into it. Batman realized it related to a series of unsolved murders from the late 1940s, when Alan Scott was Green Lantern. Batman, in disguise, recovered the man's wallet and shoes. His name was James Sime. As he investigated a nearby warehouse and found more evidence, Green Lantern (Alan Scott) arrived.
(2) Josie and Oscar finished up a missing persons case the day of his retirement. She got a promotion and he pleaded that she not let anyone know about her "thing." Captain Sawyer welcomed Josie to major crimes unit.

Issue #785

Cover Date: October 2003
Subtitle: (1) Made of Wood part 2; (2) The Dogcatcher part 1
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) Rick Spears
Artists(s): (1) Patrick Zircher, Aaron Sowd; (2) Rob G.
Storyline: (1) Batman shook down an Irish pub with a connection to Sime while Green Lantern provided backup. Alan and Bruce played golf that morning and discussed the original murders. O'Rourdan, the leader of the gang Sime fronted for was missing. Jim Gordon worked on the case as well. he and DA Jeffe checked out Arkham records from when the original killings stopped. While Batman and Green Lantern searched for O'Rourdan, police found his body. Gordon was abducted while investigating.
(2) Animal control caught a dog with a tag reading "Joker."

Issue #786

Cover Date: November 2003
Subtitle: (1) Made of Wood part 3; (2) The Dogcatcher part 2
Writer(s): (1) Ed Brubaker; (2) Rick Spears
Artists(s): (1) Patrick Zircher, Aaron Sowd; (2) Rob G.
Storyline: (1) Oracle contacted Batman, who was in the cave with GL, about her father. Bruce and Alan pieced together the situation from O'Rourdan's lawyer. Gordon's captor, the original killer's grandson, told him about the time his grandfather's store was destroyed accidentally by GL after being hit with a wooden baseball bat by the SportsMaster. GL and Batman took him down and rescued Gordon. Afterwards, Batman gave Jim a phone so he could be reached easily.
(2) The dog catcher began searching out Joker's owner.

Issue #787

Cover Date: December 2003
Subtitle: (1) Mimsy were the Borogoves; (2) The Dogcatcher part 3
Writer(s): (1) Brian K. Vaughn; (2) Rick Spears
Artists(s): (1) Rick Bruchett, John Lowe; (2) Rob G.
Storyline: (1) this issue takes place before Batman: Officer Down - Schreck
Mad Hatter escaped Arkham with his psychiatrist and kidnapped Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Batman got to them, but Hatter had forced Langstrom to cook up a serum to turn his doctor into the Jabberwocki. He and the creature escaped while Batman saved Langstrom. He then used some of Langstrom's "cure" on the Jabberwocki. The psychiatrist insisted that Tetch was trying to help him.
(2) Joker arrived for his dog as it was being put down.

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