Detective ongoing 2001 (issues 752-763)

Detective 752

Cover Date: January 2001
Subtitle: A Walk in the Park part two
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: GCPD prepared the defoliant. Batman found Ivy and warned her of it. She refused to leave - to her, the place was worth dying for. She ordered the children out so they'd encounter no effects from the chemicals. Outside, they revolted against the police and went back in. Ivy was forced to exit and turn herself in to save the children. Bruce Wayne went home and got scolded by Sasha, his new bodyguard.

Detective 753

Cover Date: February 2001
Subtitle: The Adventures of Copernicus Dent
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Steve Mannion, Brad Rader, Hilary Barta, John Lowe
Storyline: An art project for the inmates of Arkham Asylum lost funding. An administrator read a comic book created by Harvey Dent.

Detective 754

Cover Date: March 2001
Subtitle: Monster in a Box: Officer Down part six
Writer(s): Nunzio Defilippis
Artists(s): Mike Collins, Jesse Delperdang, Steve Bird
Storyline: (continued from Nightwing 53)
Officer Jordan Rich (aka Jordan Reynolds) was grilled by Allen and Montoya. Gordon couldn't finger Rich as the shooter, and the detectives could not get a confession from him - he knew too much about police procedure to give in. He chose to take his chances on the outside against Batman rather than be a sitting duck in prison waiting for him.
(continued in Gotham Knights 13)

Detective 755

Cover Date: April 2001
Subtitle: Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Bruce Wayne and his bodyguard, Sasha, attended James Gordon's retirement party. She continued to think her "principal" was more than he let out as he ditched her again. Sasha went into the men's room to scold him, but was taken hostage by Two-Face. Dent's coin landed on good heads and instead of doing anything rash, he gave a speech on Gordon's good points and what he'd meant to Gotham City. After speaking, Dent gave himself up peacefully.

Detective 756

Cover Date: May 2001
Subtitle: Lord of the Ring
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Coy Turnbull, Dan Davis
Storyline: (continued from Superman 168)
Superman and Batman fought throughout the White House; Batman ended up in possession of Luthor's Kryptonite ring. Later, they told Lois their act was all for show. Sasha Bordeaux found batarangs in Bruce's luggage.

Detective 757

Cover Date: June 2001
Subtitle: Air Time
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Rick Burchett, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: Batman pursued the Lucky Hand Triad, not knowing their car had forced another over a ravine into a lake. After taking down the gangsters, he realized what had happened by noticing paint marks on their car. He was able to find the victim car's exit point and saved the family inside from drowning.

Detective 758

Cover Date: July 2001
Subtitle: (1) Unknowing part one; (2) History Lesson
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): (1) Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell; (2) Steve Lieber, Gloria Vasquez
Storyline: (1) Sasha began looking for Batman so she could confront him. Three police officers were taken in for corruption charges. After a round of golf, Bruce retired for the evening - Sasha believed he knew she was on to him. Montoya and Allen followed up on some unsolved cases, all nearby police precincts. Commissioner Akins used the signal for the first time since taking over for Gordon. Sasha followed Montoya and Allen, who were under the Mad Hatter's mind control.
(2) Barbara Gordon had dinner with Renee Montoya. They discussed Commissioner Akins. Montoya told Barbara a story about Akins' old job and his squad's relationship with a vigilante.

Detective 759

Cover Date: August 2001
Subtitle: (1) Unknowing part two; (2) Trail of the Catwoman part 1
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): (1) Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell; (2) Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart
Storyline: (1) Detectives Montoya and Allen took Sasha as their hostage while robbing a strip club. Batman took them down and clued Sasha in on the Mad Hatter. He went to Commissioner Akins as Montoya and Allen were brought in. Bruce and Sasha discussed his "secret" - she wanted in. He had her go buy him some coffee from one of the stands near police HQ.

Detective 760

Cover Date: September 2001
Subtitle: (1) Unknowing part three; (2) Trail of the Catwoman part 2
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): (1) Shawn Martinbrough, Jesse Delperdang; (2) Darwyn Cooke
Storyline: (1) Sasha returned with the coffee. Batman gave her some orders and went out on the hunt. The commissioner's secretary attacked him, but Batman got there in time to save him. He told Akins about the coffee, which was the vehicle for Tetch's mind control (along with the "buy 10 get the 11th free" card). Hatter's plan was moved into full-on mode. Officers began going crazy all over town. Batman found Hatter and had Sasha blast white noise on the police frequency, breaking up the mind control link. The next morning, Sasha found Bruce having breakfast with Vesper Fairchild, a woman he'd dated before the quake.

Detective 761

Cover Date: October 2001
Subtitle: (1) In Thirty Days; (2) Trail of the Catwoman part 3
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): (1) Shawn Martinbrough, Jesse Delperdang; (2) Darwyn Cooke
Storyline: (1) Bruce took Sasha down to the cave. Since she insisted on not quitting, he gave her 30 days to get in shape - not bodyguard shape, but vigilante shape. Internal Affairs began their investigation of the GCPD. Montoya was questioned about Jordan Rich, the man who'd shot Gordon. Sasha continued to train while Bruce and Vesper continued to get closer (she was secretly back in town to do a story on Batman). After her 30 days, Sasha passed Batman's tests.

Detective 762

Cover Date: November 2001
Subtitle: (1) Passings; (2) Trail of the Catwoman part 4
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): (1) Rick Burchett, Dan Davis, Rodney Ramos; (2) Darwyn Cooke
Storyline: (1) Vesper picked Bruce up for breakfast. Internal Affairs told Montoya that they believed Jordan Rich had been killed, and that it was possible officers were involved. Batman took Sasha (complete with a new costume) out on patrol. Bullock all but admitted to Montoya that he'd helped Rich's killer. He then turned in his badge.

Detective 763

Cover Date: December 2001
Subtitle: (1) La Cucilla (part of Last Laugh); (2) Lost Voices part one
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Judd Winick
Artists(s): (1) Shawn Martinbrough, Jesse Delperdang; (2) Cliff Chiang
Storyline: (1) Though Batman ordered Sasha to stay home, she went out anyway. She caem across Huntress going up against a Jokerized escapee. They didn't get along, but together they took down the poisoned woman. She turned out to be a DEO agent on assignment in the Slab.
(2) Josie Mac, a woman with the knack of finding lost things, joined Gotham City PD.

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