Detective ongoing 1999 (issues 728-739)

Detective 728

Cover Date: January 1999
Subtitle: Fight or Flight part 2: Chaos Squared (part of Road to No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): William Rosado, Sal Buscema
Storyline: Nightwing and Robin took down the so-called "Dynamiteer" who claimed he'd been hired by the devil. James Gordon interviewed for a position outside Gotham but was laughed at. Back in his city, an attempt was made on his life. Nightwing and Robin went after a crazy man destroying things with a jackhammer.

Detective 729

Cover Date: February 1999
Subtitle: Fight or Flight 3: 30 Seconds to Midnight (part of Road to No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): William Rosado, Sal Buscema
Storyline: Gearhead, hired by Scratch to kill Batman, found only Nightwing and Robin. Scratch's men blew up a bridge with him on it; the heroes escaped. Another group of Scratch's men reported back to their boss that they'd still not located Bruce Wayne. Joker killed them. Nightwing and Robin returned to Wayne Manor to find it bulldozed.

Detective 730

Cover Date: March 1999
Subtitle: No Law and a New Order part 4: Language (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Bob Gale
Artists(s): Alex Maleev, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: (continued from Batman 563)
James Gordon, even after seeing the Bat tag, continued trying to convince himself that Batman was gone. Batman infiltrated Scarface's gang, took him down, and claimed his territory.

Detective 731

Cover Date: April 1999
Subtitle: Fear of Faith part 4: Be Not Afraid (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Devin K Grayson
Artists(s): Dale Eaglesham, Sean Parsons
Storyline: (continued from Batman 564)
A firefight broke out - Penguin's men killed the False Face gang and grabbed Father Sounder. With the GCPD nearing, Batman ended the squirmish. Scarecrow was fingered as the instigator, but Huntress turned the tables on him with pity. He left the refugee camp discouraged and burned his outfit. Father Sounder helped everyone drop the weapons off a bridge. Batman took Batgirl to one of his caves.

Detective 732

Cover Date: May 1999
Subtitle: Mosaic part 2 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Frank Teran
Storyline: (continued from Batman 565)
Batgirl stopped the False Face attack, and captured Black Mask himself. Barbara witnessed the ordeal from her window and was devastated. Commissioner and Mrs. Gordon continued their public fight. Babs used a make-shift Batsignal. When Batman arrived, she went off on him - she felt slighted that someone was out there being her, with her legs. He asked her to trust him. The Gordons made up.

Detective 733

Cover Date: June 1999
Subtitle: Shades of Grey (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Bob Gale
Artists(s): Phil Winslade, Sal Buscema
Storyline: In an attempt to lure out Batman, GCPD encountered Batgirl instead. Gordon gave her a message to relay to her boss - Batman was not welcome in Blue Boy territory. When post-NML dated food began showing up, Penguin realized he had competition. Batman rescued an infant from two women quarreling over guardianship of it. Batgirl gave him Gordon's message; Alfred told him a story about his father. Batman took the child back to the two women and made them promise to both take care of it.

Detective 734

Cover Date: July 1999
Subtitle: Mark of Cain part 2 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Kelley Puckett
Artists(s): Damion Scott, John Floyd
Storyline: (continued from Batman 567)
When the girl fell from a window with David Cain, Batman saved them. She awakened in his presence. Through a mock fight, Batman helped her to understand that he could take care of Cain and his employer, Two-Face. Cain had taught Batman. Batman stalked and met up with Cain; the girl (masked) got to Two-Face. She took his coin and her father's payment and threw them in between Batman and her father, who were fighting. Cain took the payment and left, Batman was impressed with the girl. He told Oracle to call in the troops.
(continued in Legends of the Dark Knight 120)

Detective 735

Cover Date: August 1999
Subtitle: Fruit of the Earth part 3 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Dan Jurgens, Bill Sienkiewicz
Storyline: (continued from Batman 568)
On the first day of Summer, Ivy killed Clayface and turned him into compost for her plants. Batman agreed to leave Ivy alone in Robinson Park if she'd care for the children there, keep others out, and grow fresh food for the residents of NML. Gordon asked Montoya to tell Two-Face their relationship was over. Two-Face visited Gordon, gloating that he had Montoya and the rest of her family captive. Bane was approached to return to Gotham City for a job.

Detective 736

Cover Date: September 1999
Subtitle: Homecoming (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Larry Hama
Artists(s): Mike Deodato, Sean Parsons
Storyline: Bane broke into NML. Batman located him and gave him the fight he was looking for, but had to stop when Bane told him he'd planted a bomb under a nun's soup kitchen. Bane, again, was loose in Gotham City.

Detective 737

Cover Date: October 1999
Subtitle: The Code part 2 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Tom Morgan, David Roach
Storyline: (continued from Batman 570)
With Joker's campaign in full swing, Huntress reported back to Pettit about his candidacy. She later learned of Joker's plans to create explosives. Josh put the moves on Harley while Joker's jealousy grew. Huntress confronted Quinn, but Harley evaded her. Joker blew up Josh, and made up with Harley.

Detective 738

Cover Date: November 1999
Subtitle: Goin' Downtown part 2: The Vandal (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mat Broome, Sean Parsons
Storyline: (continued from Batman 571)
Bane planted explosives in the hall of records as Batman and Robin watched. Instead of stopping him, they saved Two-Face from being lynched by the gangs surrounding his headquarters. Bane's bombs completely destroyed the hall of records; Two-Face escaped.

Detective 739

Cover Date: December 1999
Subtitle: Jurisprudence part 2 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Damion Scott, John Floyd
Storyline: (continued from Batman 572)
Renee Montoya convinced Two-Face that he was also on trial. Two-Face declared Gordon guilty after hearing his testimony, but Gordon insisted he had the right to a defense. He chose Harvey Dent to defend him. Dent called Two-Face to the stand and got his client (Gordon) acquitted. Jim returned home to find the Batsquad had taken care of his wife and people while he was away.

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