Batman ongoing 2008 (issues 682-)

Batman #682

Cover Date: early January 2009
Subtitle: The Butler Did It
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Lee Garbett, Trevor Scott
Storyline: While hooked up to Dr. Simyan's cloning machine, Batman relived parts of his life:
The bat crashing through his window. Julie Madison. Death traps. Hugo Strange's monster men. Haly's Circus. Robin. Batwoman. The isolation experiment. Nightwing.
He began to realize he was being manipulated.

Batman #683

Cover Date: late January 2009
Subtitle: What the Butler Saw
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Lee Garbett, Trevor Scott
Storyline: Batman's memories - and the fake memories being implanted by Simyan and the Lump - continued through his mind:
Talia. Man-Bat. A new partner. Jason's death. Barbara's paralysis.
The clones began to break down while receiving Batman's memories - Bruce was manipulating the Lump.
Tim. Bane. Azrael. No Man's Land. Hush. Jack Drake. Damian. Zur en arrh. The Justice League's call about the death of a god. Examining the bullet.
The Lump escaped and freed Batman.

Batman #684

Cover Date: February 2009
Subtitle: Batman: Last Rites - Last Days of Gotham part 2 of 2
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Guillem March
Storyline: [continued from Detective 851]
A pizza delivery boy helped Nightwing escape the building and gave him a ride after he learned his motorcycle had been stolen.
Alfred helped him clear his head, they were both still reeling from the loss of Batman. The next day, the fake Two-face struck a jewelry store. Gordon lit the signal and waited. Nightwing showed up and asked for info on Millicent Mayne.
After he found her (she was now living near the theater she was in when the quake hit), she told him about what had been happening. The diamonds from their first meeting years ago were presumably still in the theater. The goons showed up and found them, then found Nightwing waiting for them. He took them down and delivered them to Gordon.

Batman #685

Cover Date: March 2009
Subtitle: Catspaw
Writer(s): Paul Dini
Artists(s): Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
Storyline: [continued from Detective 852]
Catwoman was in Vietnam stopping a poaching ring. She'd infiltrated and taken it over. She used Hush as a toy for her baby rhino. After, she let him in on the plan. She couldn't just walk away from the operation, so she was going to have Bruce Wayne (whom they were going to ransom) escape. While everyone tracked him, she would trash the place and escape.
She left him in the hands of two trusted members to get him to a boat. The two men turned out to be Nightwing and Robin. Catwoman made her escape and they made off with Elliot. He was placed in a cell in a penthouse atop Wayne Tower.

Batman #686

Cover Date: April 2009
Subtitle: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? part 1 of 2
Writer(s): Neil Gaiman
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Scott Williams
Storyline: Batman saw his city, thinking he was dead. He saw Selina Kyle - not the one he knew, but he seemed to know her anyway - walk into an inn. She was greeted by Joe Chill - who Batman knew to be dead - then Alfred. He showed her Batman's body. Two-Face was next to show up, followed by Commissioner and Barbara Gordon, Riddler, Joker, Harley, Ivy, and Kirk Langstrom.
Selina Kyle, old and grey - not the one he'd seen before, walked to his casket and spoke: She'd met him "a couple of years before Pearl Harbor." Their relationship had been strange, she eventually gave up her life of crime for him and helped run other criminals away. He did not approve of her methods. Later, she opened a pet store and he came to her for help. She tied him up and let him bleed to death.
Alfred was next to speak. He'd been an actor who joined the Wayne family after his father's death. After Thomas and Martha were killed, Bruce began training and eventually donned the cape and cowl. He wasn't happy until Alfred called his old friends and creates villains for him, including himself as the Joker. Eddie Nash, the Riddler, eventually snapped and shot him in the face.
[continued in Detective 853]

683 variant edition

684 variant edition

686 variant edition

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