Batman ongoing 2008 (issues 671-681)

Batman #671

Cover Date: January 2008
Subtitle: The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul part 4: He Who is Master
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion
[continued from Detective 838]
Batman offered a third option: he'd lead Ra's to Nanda Parbat. En route, they realized the Sensei and his men were already there. The Sensei, Ra's' father, ran him through, seemingly killing him again. The Sensei then went for Batman, all but killing him. They both fell into the Fountain of Life. Ra's put himself in one of the monk's bodies.
[continued in Robin 169]

Batman #672

Cover Date: February 2008
Subtitle: Space Medicine
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion, Florea, Irwin
Storyline: A fake Batman arrived at police headquarters and took Gordon hostage. Bruce saw the signal while hot air ballooning / parachuting with Jezebel. He intentionally overshot and got into costume. He took a shot to the chest from some sort of flame thrower (rpg?). He went into cardiac arrest.

Batman #673

Cover Date: March 2008
Subtitle: Joe Chill in Hell
Writer(s): Grant Morrison (with thanks to Bill Finger)
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion, Sandu Florea
Storyline: While unconscious, Batman dreamed about the isolation experiment he did for 10 days with the GCPD (during Dick's days as Robin) and the Thogal Ritual he endured (during "52"). He also fantasized about meeting Joe Chill and letting him know he'd created Batman.
He awakened in the hands of the fake Batman, who'd revived him.

Batman #674

Cover Date: April 2008
Subtitle: Batman Dies at Dawn
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: Batman was told that he'd been dead for four minutes. The fake was one of three police officers who participated in the isolation experiment with him years ago under the tutelage of Dr. Simon Hurt. They were being trained to take his place in case something happened.
Bruce continued to hallucinate while falling in and out of consciousness.
The fake burned Hurt's files - they were in the same part of the police headquarters basement where the isolation experiment took place.
The police told Gordon what was going on. The experiment and the replacements were all conducted while he'd been temporarily demoted years before.
Batman got free. The fake set off an explosion that freed the third fake - one aided by Venom and Monster Serum. An officer burst in and shot the hulking fake in the back of the head. Batman and his captor escaped.
Bruce called Alfred while getting into his parachuting gear and hopping into a garbage dumpster.

Batman #675

Cover Date: May 2008
Subtitle: The Fiend with Nine Eyes
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Ryan Benjamin, Saleem Crawford
Storyline: A week later, Bruce and Jezebel went out for dinner. She yelled at him for being distant - she knew he hid something. One of the tattooed fingered men (with a missing finger) attacked them.
Nightwing and Robin were nearby and saw an explosion. By the time they got there, Bruce was taking care of things. Jezebel saw what he was doing and realized he was Batman. Talia, Merlyn, and Damian got word that Bruce and Jezebel had been abducted.

Batman #676

Cover Date: June 2008
Subtitle: Batman RIP: Midnight in the House of Hurt
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: Dr. Hurt and the Black Glove welcomed a new member: M'sieur Le Bossu. Elsewhere, Batman and Robin took down a crazed man wanting to be like so many other costumed villains.
Back home, Bruce spent some time with Jezebel; Robin questioned Alfred about Bruce's sanity. Jezebel showed Bruce an invitation she'd received from the Black Glove.
The Black Glove approached the Joker in Arkham.

Batman #677

Cover Date: July 2008
Subtitle: Batman RIP: Batman in the Underworld
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: Batman took down a costumed villain in the sewer and handed him over to Gordon. In the frey, he was cut on his right shoulder. In the cave, Batman and Alfred talked about the movie "The Black Glove." John Mayhew was involved in it. Batman feared Dr. Hurt was, too. Alfred headed out to watch the film.
Hurt and the Black Glove prepared to move in. The "Gargoyle's" cut had also introduced a drug into Batman that would allow the posthypnotic trigger phrase to make Batman vulnerable.
Gordon got a visit from a news reporter who'd received some documentation about the Wayne family - photos and records. It was thought Thomas Wayne may have had his junkie wife murdered and faked his own death. Alfred may be Bruce's father.
Bruce showed Jezebel the cave. She, like many others, feared for his sanity. She thought the Black Glove may be himself. Bruce saw nothing on the computer display but static. Jezebel saw graffiti - all spelling out the same thing: "zur en arrh." Bruce passed out and the Black Glove attacked.

Batman #678

Cover Date: August 2008
Subtitle: Batman RIP: Zur En Arrh
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: Both Robin and Nightwing were attacked by the Club of Villains / Black Glove. Bruce awakened on the streets after being dosed with "weapons grade crystal meth" and street heroine by Dr. Hurt. Honor Jackson gave Bruce (who had no idea who he was) a tour of the streets. He told Bruce to find Lone-Eye Lincoln. When he did, Lincoln told him Jackson had died the day before.
Nightwing was captured, drugged, and put in Arkham. The Black Glove set up shop in the Batcave.
The Batman of Zur-en-Arrh was born after he fashioned a suit made of rags and shreds of cloth.

Batman #679

Cover Date: September 2008
Subtitle: Batman RIP: Miracle on Crime Alley
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: Batman found the man making the costumes for Gotham's new criminals. He gave him a name: Le Bossu. Batman went looking for "the hunchback" and found the gargoyles atop the buildings were talking to him. "Might," a flying pixie creature in a batsuit, told him he had a tracking device in his newest wound. After removing it, he began taking down the Black Glove one at a time.
Gordon showed up at Wayne Manor. Alfred let him in and his squad was attacked by Dr. Hurt's men. Hurt insinuated to Alfred that he was Thomas Wayne.
Robin contacted Squire of the Club of Heroes.
Dr. Dax's men attacked Dr. Arkham and took over the asylum. He prepared a lobotomy for Nightwing. Joker was told Batman was on his way.

Batman #680

Cover Date: October 2008
Subtitle: Batman RIP: The Thin White Duke of Death
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: Perched atop Arkham Asylum, the Batman of Zur-en-Arrh (the identity Bruce created for himself as a backup) watched as millionaires flocked to the Danse Macabre hosted by Black Glove. Wagers were placed on good vs. evil.
Dr. Dax spoke with Joker as he transformed into Le Bossu. Joker was freed. Batman entered Arkham, but Bat-Mite could not. Reason was not permitted inside.
Gordon continued into Wayne Manor where he was greeted by Damian and his mother. Talia told him Damian was Batman's son.
Jezebel cried out for Bruce, Batman went for her (destroying his secret identity). He battled through the Joker to get to Jet, but in the end, she was on the side of the Black Glove.

Batman #681

Cover Date: December 2008
Subtitle: Batman RIP, the conclusion: Hearts in Darkness
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea
Storyline: After Joker's poison took effect, the Black Glove put Batman in his proper costume and buried him alive on Arkham's grounds. He had 30 minutes of air before his brain began dying and they dug him up. While working himself out of his bindings and through the coffin lid, Batman thought about Thogal again. He'd found something in his consciousness that had been placed there by persons unknown. He began working on creating a backup identity in case his mind was compromised - the Batman of Zur-en-Arrh.
Robin continued cleaning up the city as the Club of Heroes arrived.
Joker told the Black Glove they were doomed - Batman was too much for them. Nightwing broke free before he could be lobotomized. After Batman freed himself, the original Dynamic Duo fought through some goons on their way to Dr. Hurt. Hurt shot Batman as he boarded a helicopter and tried to convince him he was Thomas Wayne. Bruce didn't believe him and continued on. He caused the helicopter to crash in the harbor after Hurt placed a curse on the cape and cowl. Robin, Gordon, Alfred, Damian, and Talia watched the crash. Nightwing found his mentor's cape.
Talia "took care of" Jezebel Jet - her plane flew through a swarm of bats.

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