Batman ongoing 2007 (issues 659-670)

Batman #659

Cover Date: January 2007
Subtitle: Grotesk part 1
Writer(s): John Ostrander
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: Two policemen encountered a man engulfed in flames. He begged they kill him and get him out of his misery. Batman, in disguise, evaluated the scene afterwards. He noticed a piece of skin missing from the burned man's corpse.
Batman later visited Dr. Thompkins' clinic, where Russian gangsters were tracking one of the doctors - a woman Bruce Wayne once dated. Batman fought them until Grotesk - the creature who'd been burning people - attacked. He and Batman fought, but he escaped after damaging an oncoming vehicle.
Batman came to the conclusion that Grotesk was Dr. Wayne Franklin, brother of Dr. Amina Franklin, the woman the Russian mob was after. They wanted money her brother owed them.

Batman #660

Cover Date: early February 2007
Subtitle: Grotesk part 2
Writer(s): John Ostrander
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: Batman went looking for clues - a machine that Dr. Franklin was developing had been stolen in the design phase. Japanese mobsters, led by Johnny Karaoke, attacked ... as did Grotesk. A scientist who had Dr. Franklin's notes was killed after he told Batman the machine (which allowed a doctor to perform surgery from afar) did not work.
The Russian mob attacked Dr. Amina Franklin at the hospital where she was working. Batman protected her and captured their leader, Perun.

Batman #661

Cover Date: late February 2007
Subtitle: Grotesk part 3
Writer(s): John Ostrander
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: The Russians escaped and were contacted by Grotesk. He ordered them to a building that used to be a theater. Inside, Grotesk lowed the machine and had the Russian and Japanese mobs fight over it, hoping they would kill each otehr off. Batman intervened. The machine, a decoy, exploded. Only one survived - one of Johnny Karaoke's bodyguards.

Batman #662

Cover Date: March 2007
Subtitle: Grotesk conclusion
Writer(s): John Ostrander
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: Bruce went to Amina hoping to get answers that Batman could not. He, in order to protect her from the mobs wanting revenge, put her up in one of his penthouses. She told him the story - her brother developed Parkinson's Disease and could no longer practice medicine due to his condition. He had another sufferer pose as him to fake his death. Franklin was caught in the explosion when it went off too early.
Grotesk attacked his sister and Bruce was injured. Batman soon swooped in, but he was too late - Franklin had killed Amina. Batman tracked Grotesk to the harbor, where he'd boarded a ship hoping to leave the city. The ship collided with another and Grotesk was lost in the frigid waters.
Note: Though Dr. Thompkins' clinic was a scene in this arc, she was not present.

Issue #663

Cover Date: April 2007
Subtitle: The Clown at Midnight
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): John Van Fleet
Storyline: Clowns gathered at a cemetery to bury Bozzo the Bandit. He'd been one of Joker's henchmen who the "Boss" had killed. One lost grip of the coffin. It fell and killed another. They all began falling from their boss's poisons.
Batman headed to Arkham to see the Joker. He was informed that he'd just gotten out of shock treatment and had been spending most of his time in speech therapy - he no longer seemed to be a threat after Batman had shot him and thrown him into a dumpster.
Joker, wrapped in bandages, seemed to confirm the "hit" via eye blink Morse code. Batman suspected Harley Quinn was his "speech therapist" when Arkham told him the doctor's name was "Wisakedjak" (the name of the Cree Indian trickster god).
More henchmen were found dead. Batman found a pattern - everything seemed to be either black or red. He tracked down Harley. She opened fire on him and placed red and black flowers near each other, setting off a chemical reaction (the same that had been killing clowns). Batman bombed them as Harley escaped.
Joker, too, escaped. Two guards were killed on his way out of Arkham. Harley was there for him, but she was somewhat uncomfortable with his new look (he'd had reconstructive surgery after being shot in the face by the fake Batman). Batman watched and warned Harley that she would be his next victim. Joker attacked her with a straight razor. She fought back, breaking one of his arms, before realizing she didn't care. She walked to him in submission.
Batman attacked the Joker. When their fight began to wind down, Harley shot her lover. Batman dragged him back into the asylum.

Issue #664

Cover Date: May 2007
Subtitle: Three Ghosts of Batman
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Bruce Wayne met Jezebel in the mountains for some skiing. Bruce caused a small paparazzi helicopter to crash by throwing his ski rod at it. They had dinner before he headed back to Gotham City.
Batman moved in on a pimp who was supplying to the GCPD. There was a "monster" who'd been preying on hookers. He found a den with corpses and one prostitute still alive. A giant of a man (on venom?) approached him. He picked Batman up and threw him through a wall into the alley outside. The giant stomped him and left him.

Issue #665

Cover Date: June 2007
Subtitle: The Black Casebook
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Roxy, one of the hookers Batman helped earlier repaid the debt. She found him and dropped him off near the Penthouse. From there, he called Alfred.
When Bruce woke up, Alfred and Tim were there with him. He told them about the Bane-like man who'd beaten him. While he was doped up on morphine, Tim went out to investigate. Bruce told Alfred about a black casebook full of situations where he and Robin (Dick) had gone up against time travel and other unexplainable situations. Alfred knew of it and had been working with it recently. Bruce then told him about a dream where he'd encountered three different ghosts of Batman.
Robin crashed his motorcycle into the creature, then Batman arrived and did the same with the Batmobile. As Batman went after the stunned man, police arrived and told him to back off. Batman disappeared and told Gordon about the dirty cops. Gordon knew and said he was working on it.
Elsewhere, Talia got Damian to a medical facility for "full organ harvest and replacement." When she learned that he was stabilized, she also learned that Bruce had been seen twice with Jezebel Jet. Someone was watching when he met with her again.

Issue #666

Cover Date: July 2007
Subtitle: Legend of the Batman
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Since the death of his father, Damian Wayne had become Batman.
After taking down one of the Dollotrons, Batman escaped from Commissioner Gordon (Barbara) and her cops. Back in the cave, Damian spoke with his cat, Alfred. He believed the killer he was after was one of three "replacement Batmen that haunted my father years ago." The killer was making himself out to be the biblical anti-Christ.
Batman tracked him down - he, too, was wearing a Batman costume. Batman killed him while telling him he'd sold his soul to his father years before.

Batman #667

Cover Date: August 2007
Subtitle: The Island of Mister Mayhew
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JH Williams III
Storyline: Batman and Robin arrived in England to meet up with the "International Club of Heroes." They were invited by John Mayhew, a millionaire who tried to buy himself a superhero team years before. The group settled in without seeing their host. Soon, a display went active - a man wearing Mayhew's skin addressed them as the Black Glove, telling them they'd all be dead within a day.
All their vehicles exploded. The Roman member was the first to die.

Batman #668

Cover Date: September 2007
Subtitle: Now We are Dead
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JH Williams III
Storyline: With the Legionary dead, the rest of the group began looking for clues. Knight was captured and forced to swallow a bomb - the exact thing that killed the original Knight, this one's father.
The group was split up - Robin and Squire were separated from everyone else. They found Raven Red. The others found Wingman's body after surviving an attack from a blue robotic scorpion.

Batman #669

Cover Date: November 2007
Subtitle: The Dark Knight Must Die
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JH Williams III
Storyline: Man-of-Bats cut the bomb out of Knight.
Batman outed Dark Ranger as the real Wingman, then took him down as one of the conspirators. Man-of-Bats got to Robin and Squire and helped them free Raven Red, who'd been placed in a deathtrap by El Sombrero.
Batman used Dark Ranger's jet pack and boarded a plane which took off from the island. Mayhew was flying it, but ejected when Batman got close. Batman got back to the island and rounded up the survivors. They escaped before the entire island blew up.

Batman #670

Cover Date: December 2007
Subtitle: A Prelude to The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul: Lazarus Rising
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion
Storyline: Batman met up with I-Ching in Hong Kong. An attacker seemed to be momentarily possessed.
Talia sent the Silken Spider, Dragon Fly, and Tiger Moth to 'keep Batman occupied.' From them, he learned Ra's al Ghul was no longer dead.
Ra's let himself be known to Talia and Damian. His new body was decaying quickly - he could feel nothing through it. Damian fled when he learned Ra's wanted to claim his body. Talia fought her father.
[continued in Robin 168]

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