Batman ongoing 1999 (issues 561-572)

Batman 561

Cover Date: January 1999
Subtitle: Bruce Wayne Goes to Washington part 2: The Witness (part of Road to No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, David Roach
Storyline: With the nation watching, Bruce Wayne spoke eloquently on behalf of Gotham City to a senate committee.

Batman 562

Cover Date: February 1999
Subtitle: The Devil his Due (part of Road to No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, David Roach
Storyline: Gothamites were given 48 hours to get out of the city before it was to be dropped from the union. Nicholas Scratch hired an assassin to kill Bruce Wayne, but the sniper missed and killed Mayor Grange instead. With Gotham's deadline passed, bridges leading out of the city began to be destroyed.

Batman 563

Cover Date: March 1999
Subtitle: No Law and a New Order part 3: Tactics (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Bob Gale
Artists(s): Alex Maleev, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: [continued from Shadow of the Bat 83]
With a simple over-tag by the Blue Boys (GCPD), a war broke out between the LoBoys and the Street Demonz. After days of bloody combat, the Blue Boys simply walked in and claimed both territories (which included Police HQ and the Clocktower where Barbara lived). Batman and Alfred returned to Gotham City. After contacting Oracle, Batman ran into the new Batgirl. He told her he did not approve, but also did not disapprove; he ordered her to not disgrace the symbol.
[continued in Detective 730]

Batman 564

Cover Date: April 1999
Subtitle: Fear of Faith part 3: Life in Hell (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Devin K. Grayson
Artists(s): Dale Eaglesham, Jaime Mendoza
Storyline: [continued from Shadow of the Bat 84]
Mikey was shot by his old gang. Huntress got Batman to take him to Leslie Thompkins, who had a makeshift clinic up and running. After speaking with Leslie, Batman forced Penguin to tell him the location of his weapons store. Gordon found out the location as well from an anonymous tip. The False Facers attacked the refugee center; all its patrons learned of the weapons.
[continued in Detective 731]

Batman 565

Cover Date: May 1999
Subtitle: Mosaic part 1 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Frank Teran
Storyline: Batman delivered some of his take downs to Lock-up. Black Mask continued his offensive. Gordon struggled with his feelings for Batman; some of his crew began to doubt him. Batman asked Batgirl to hold ground against the advancing False Facers without being seen.
[continued in Detective 732]

Batman 566

Cover Date: June 1999
Subtitle: The Visitor (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Kelley Puckett
Artists(s): Jon Bogdanove, Eduardo Barreto
Storyline: Superman arrived in Gotham City. Batman gave him 24 hours. Superman stopped a fight, and got an engineer to help him bring power back to the city. When the power blinked, Superman found that Mr. Freeze was siphoning it. After he stopped Freeze and returned to the power plant, the engineer had setup shop as his kingdom - everyone wanted power back first. Superman told Batman he was right and left town.

Batman 567

Cover Date: July 1999
Subtitle: Mark of Cain part 1 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Kelley Puckett
Artists(s): Damion Scott, John Floyd
Storyline: [continued from Shadow of the Bat 87]
One of Oracle's agents, a mute girl, put herself in the crosshairs of an assassin aiming for James Gordon. The assassin flinched and failed to take the shot. He killed two of the Blue Boys while escaping. Batman caught Two-Face and threatened him for taking his territory. The mute girl helped Jim and Barbara understand that the assassin was her father, David Cain. The girl stopped him in a second attempt on Gordon's life.
[continued in Detective 734]

Batman 568

Cover Date: August 1999
Subtitle: Fruit of the Earth part 2 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Dan Jurgens, Bill Sienkiewicz
Storyline: [continued from Shadow of the Bat 88]
Clayface had been holding Ivy, forcing her to grow food for her, and enslaving the children she'd been caring for. Robin began getting the children to safety; Batman began attempting to get Ivy free from the brick-like clay that held her. As Clayface returned, Robin set off explosives that freed Ivy. Huntress joined Pettit's group.
[continued in Detective 735]

Batman 569

Cover Date: September 1999
Subtitle: I Cover the Waterfront (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Janet Hrvey
Artists(s): Sergio Cariello, Matt Ryan
Storyline: As instructed by Batman, Batgirl took and held ground at one of the last remaining gas stations in NML. Some gang-bangers arrived with a bazooka to show their strength. They demanded the gas and blew the place up when they found none. After they split, the shop keeper gave Batgirl his last canister of gasoline for helping him stand ground.

Batman 570

Cover Date: October 1999
Subtitle: The Code part 1: Breakin' the Law (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Bronwyn Carlton
Artists(s): Mike Deodato, David Roach
Storyline: Joker's gang took another block. Harley Quinn found that above the 27th floor of one of the buildings was untouched. Other than supplies, she found a book on how to get your lover to marry you. She read it and decided to live by it. She asked Joker if she could move into one of the apartments (without him). He complied and gave her one of his new henchmen, Josh. A few weeks passed and Joker began to be jealous of Josh. To gain respect in his territory, Joker decided to hold an election for President of No Man's Land. He picked Billy Pettit as his opposition.
[continued in Detective 737]

Batman 571

Cover Date: November 1999
Subtitle: Goin' Downtown part 1: The Vault (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mat Broome, Sean Parsons
Storyline: Bane found his employer's underground arsenal. He and his "volunteer" made way for his destination, killing everyone who crossed his path. Upon the victims, he placed playing cards - all 2 of Spades - in order to frame Two-Face. Bane neared the hall of records.
[continued in Detective 738]

Batman 572

Cover Date: December 1999
Subtitle: Jurisprudence part 1 (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Damion Scott, John Floyd
Storyline: Two-Face and Tallyman made a move on Blue Boy territory. James Gordon was captured. Penguin met with an agent who was stock piling in his territory. Batman moved in on him and learned it was all building materials. Oracle buzzed him with information on Two-Face's offensive. Two-Face began the trail of Commissioner Gordon.
[continued in Detective 739]

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