Batman ongoing 1987 (issues 403-414)

Issue #403

Cover Date: January 1987
Subtitle: One Batman too Many
Writer(s): Max Allan Collins
Artists(s): Denys Cowan
Storyline: The former cop who was convinced that he was Batman (see Batman 402) escaped Arkham after killing two guards who he thought was Joker and Two-Face. He happened upon the Batcave, stole an outfit, and stole the car. The real Batman realized what was going on and tracked the impostor down. After a short fight, the true Batman won.

Issue #404

Cover Date: February 1987
Subtitle: Who I am, How I Came to Be (Year One part 1)
Writer(s): Frank Miller
Artists(s): David Mazzucchelli
Storyline: James Gordon arrived in Gotham City from Chicago for his new job on the police force. Bruce Wayne returned to his home after 18 years abroad. Gordon didn't fit in well with the corruption that was running rampant in the police force. Wayne began checking out the night-life, following up on the vow he made to his parents. His first time out was disastrous - he was stabbed, shot, and picked up by the police (though he escaped). While thinking of his father, Bruce received an omen - a bat flew through a window in his house.

Issue #405

Cover Date: March 1987
Subtitle: War is Declared (Year One part 2)
Writer(s): Frank Miller
Artists(s): David Mazzucchelli
Storyline: Gordon ended a hostage situation before it turned ugly, gaining the attention of the media and the adoration of the people. Batman made his first appearance; Gordon briefed the force on the sightings of this new vigilante. Batman began taking on the corrupted higher-ups of Gotham society. Gordon believed that the Batman was actually Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent. He and his partner, Sarah Essen, witnessed the Batman first hand and chased him into an abandoned apartment complex.

Issue #406

Cover Date: April 1987
Subtitle: Black Dawn (Year One part 3)
Writer(s): Frank Miller
Artists(s): David Mazzucchelli
Storyline: With the building on the condemned list, it was ordered immediately destroyed. After five explosions, a SWAT team entered. Batman used an ultrasonic device to attracted thousands of bats to his location; the creatures provided him with enough cover to escape. Gordon continued to grow closer to his partner as his marriage continued to falter. Selina Kyle quit the life of prostitution and began robbing in a cat outfit.

Issue #407

Cover Date: May 1987
Subtitle: Friend in Need (Year One part 4)
Writer(s): Frank Miller
Artists(s): David Mazzucchelli
Storyline: Batman and Dent, who'd been working together for a while, took down a major drug dealer, the dealer implicated a policeman - Flass. Gordon admitted to his wife that he'd been having an affair with his partner. Barbara gave birth to James Gordon, Jr. Police Commissioner Loeb ordered a hit on Gordon's family - Jim was able to save his wife, the Batman rescued his newborn son. Flass squealed on the commissioner during his testimony.

Issue #408

Cover Date: June 1987
Subtitle: Did Robin Die Tonight?
Writer(s): Max Allan Collins
Artists(s): Chris Warner, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: After shooting Robin (Dick Grayson) in the arm, Joker taunts Batman. Batman saved Robin from falling off the rooftop. The next morning, Joker was tied up on Arkham's doorstep. While Dick recovered, news reported that the Boy (now Teen) Wonder was dead. After making a walk-through at Crime Alley, Batman returned to the Batmobile to find it's front tires missing. Batman apprehended young Jason Todd, tire thief. He told Batman that his mother was dead and his father was "doin' time." Batman enrolled the kid in a school for boys.

Issue #409

Cover Date: July 1987
Subtitle: Just Another Kid in Crime Alley
Writer(s): Max Allan Collins
Artists(s): Ross Andru, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Ma Gunn, the proprietor of the school, set her boys against Jason. After seeing that the school is actually about the old lady teaching her students to be hoods, Jason snuck out. Batman/Bruce did some checking up on the Todd family. Batman returned to Crime Alley the next night to find Jason was back stealing tires. He told Batman why he'd dropped out of the school. For proof, he told Batman of the heist they were planning. Batman stopped Ma Gunn and her kids, with a little help from Jason. He offered Jason a ride and offered him the Robin job.

Issue #410

Cover Date: August 1987
Subtitle: Two of a Kind
Writer(s): Max Allan Collins
Artists(s): Dave Cockrum, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: After six months training Jason, Batman decided he was ready to be Robin. Two-Face made his presence known by sending Batman a message via Gordon - the envelope housed a poker hand consisting of 2 pair and a 2. Batman introduced Robin to Gordon, and the pair broke up Two-Face's casino robbery; Robin became his hostage. He escaped Dent's custody, though Two-Face remained at large.

Issue #411

Cover Date: September1987
Subtitle: Second Chance
Writer(s): Max Allan Collins
Artists(s): Dave Cockrum, Don Heck
Storyline: Two-Face robbed a bank in broad daylight. The next day, Batman and Robin were waiting for him at a baseball double-header. Dent again escaped the Dynamic Duo. Robin told Batman that he knew Two-Face had killed his father. They caught him the next night robbing the same casino a second time.

Issue #412

Cover Date: October 1987
Subtitle: The Sound of Silence
Writer(s): Max Allan Collins
Artists(s): Dave Cockrum, Don Heck
Storyline: Batman and Robin began investigating a series of crimes against churches - their bells had been silenced. When a street mime shot a cab driver, they knew they had their man (actually woman). Batman got enough time to figure out who the mime was before her next strike. He and Robin were waiting for her when she attacked a rock group performing a concert.

Issue #413

Cover Date: November 1987
Subtitle: The Ghost of Masahiko Tahara
Writer(s): Jo Duffy
Artists(s): Kieron Dwyer, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: An exhibition of ancient Japanese artifacts, clothing, and weapons on tour stopped at a Gotham museum. A ghost samurai was rumored being seen. Batman realized the museum curator had created the "ghost" not only to steal some of the exhibit, but also to attract visitors. Batman easily took down the hired warrior.

Issue #414

Cover Date: December 1987
Subtitle: Victims
Writer(s): Jim Starlin
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: During a series of murders which left young women dead in dumpsters, Bruce met a woman that sparked his interest - a social worker named Kate Babcock. She became the next dumpster victim. Batman let his personal feelings overtake his professionalism and fingered the wrong man. Another dumpster killing went unsolved, but Batman vowed to catch Kate's murderer.

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