Batman ongoing 1986 (issues 391-402)

Issue #391

Cover Date: January 1986
Subtitle: Death Comes as the End
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: The Earth seemed to be coming to an end. Robin, while protecting Nocturna, was attacked by Night-Slayer. Batman got Robin's message while visiting the hospitalized Catwoman; he left to join his partner. Selina broke out of the hospital. Night-Slayer stabbed Nocturna three times while telling her he loved her. Batman arrived and took him on. Robin tried to get Nocturna (who was calling him her son) to safety. Catwoman crashed a helicopter into the observatory where the action was taking place. She helped Batman out, but both her and Night-Slayer were lost in an earthquake. Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Night-Slayer washed up on the beach. The Crisis loomed near.
>>continued in Detective 558

Issue #392

Cover Date: February 1986
Subtitle: A Town on the Night
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: [continued from Detective 558]
Catwoman (former thief-turned vigilante) joined Batman in a street fight. They tried to have a nice night together, but happened upon crime after crime instead. Working together and showing Gordon the perpetrators they'd captured, the Commissioner was convinced that she'd reformed.

Issue #393

Cover Date: March 1986
Subtitle: The Dark Rider
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy
Storyline: Batman met with a CIA agent in Venice for a mission. The chase led him to West Germany, then Moscow. He met with an operative there and traveled with her to Switzerland. The statue carrying plutonium moved again, this time to the United States.

Issue #394

Cover Date: April 1986
Subtitle: At the Heart of Stone
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Paul Gulacy
Storyline: In Gotham, Batman and Katia (the operative he met in Moscow) tracked down the Dark Rider and his statue. The Russian zealot was not planning a bomb, but to pollute Gotham's water supply with the plutonium. Batman and Robin were able to stop him in time.

Issue #395

Cover Date: May 1986
Subtitle: The Film Freak
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: With a jealous Jason at home, Batman again teamed up with Catwoman. They went after a burglar who was later dubbed the Film Freak due to spouting off classic movie lines. An old girlfriend gave the press his true identity. As the Bat and Cat checked out leads, Robin decided to team up with Bullock (who had knowledge of old films). The Film Freak's next stunt was the shower scene from Psycho with the reporter as his leading lady.
[continued in Detective 562]

Issue #396

Cover Date: June 1986
Subtitle: Box-Office Smash
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: [continued from Detective 562]
Batman and Catwoman were too late with the next strike - Film Freak killed an old friend. Gordon got everyone on the same team to work together. They stopped his next attempt, this time to blow up his old director's new premier. They finally stopped him doing a King Kong skit.

Issue #397

Cover Date: July 1986
Subtitle: Binary Brains
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: [continued from Detective 563]
Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and Gordon met on the rooftop. Batman and Robin went after Two-Face while Catwoman tracked down a woman who had a vendetta against Black Mask (Roman Sionis). Two-Face broke in and took some computers to help him decide which crimes to commit. He and his crew robbed the Twin Towers Bank; they Dynamic Duo could not stop them.
[continued in Detective 564]

Issue #398

Cover Date: August 1986
Subtitle: About Faces
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: [continued from Detective 564]
Batman and Catwoman discussed their feelings toward each other, and the Robin issue. Circe helped Harvey while Batman lurked behind. They attempt to bring the Harvey side back to the forefront failed. Batman, Robin, and Catwoman had to take him out. Circe got away; Selina tried to decide whether or not to pursue the relationship with Batman.

Issue #399

Cover Date: September 1986
Subtitle: Strike Two
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Tom Mandrake
Storyline: [continued from Detective 569]
The dead lady's head was mailed to her roommate's boyfriend. Batman staked out and bugged the suspect's apartment. He captured him when he got the needed evidence. Catwoman broke it off with him.

Issue #400

Cover Date: October 1986
Subtitle: Resurrection Night
Writer(s): Doug Moench (with introduction by Stephen King)
Artists(s): Art Adams, Terry Austin, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Paris Cullins, Mike Grell, Michael W. Kaluta, Karl Kesel, Joe Kubert, STeve Leialoha, Rick Leonardi, Steve Lightle, Larry Mahlstedt, Bruce D. Patterson, George Perez, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ken Steacy, Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran, Berni Wrightson
Storyline: Explosions rang out at Arkham Asylum and at the state prison in Gotham City. Batman's most dangerous foes were all loosed - some joined together to work with the man who freed them, others ran free on their own. Ra's al Ghul visited the Batcave, much to Batman's surprise (who though he was dead). He warned the detective about the breakouts and offered to eliminate the villains if he would join him. Killer Croc kidnapped Alfred while Batman and Robin went after Riddler. On his trail, they were ambushed by Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Catman, and Black Spider. Riddler informed the duo that Alfred, Vicki Vale, Julia Pennyworth, and Sgt. Harvey Bullock had all been captured. Joker and Penguin placed police headquarters under siege. Talia came to Batman's aide. Catwoman was captured. Batman freed her and the other hostages and apprehended some of the escapees. The Batsquad went after Ra's al Ghul and destroyed his stronghold, the man himself was once again believed dead.

Issue #401

Cover Date: November 1986
Subtitle: A Bird in the Hand
Writer(s): Barbara J. Randall
Artists(s): Trevor Von Eeden
Storyline: Batman and Gordon tracked a jewel thief / murderer. She (the Magpie) attacked at a Wayne party. Batman and Robin tracked her down and stopped her.

Issue #402

Cover Date: December 1986
Subtitle: There's Nothing So Savage as a Man Destroying Himself
Writer(s): Max Collins
Artists(s): Jim Starlin
Storyline: An impostor Batman killed two muggers. Batman talked to Gordon about what was happening. The impostor struck again, this time killing some would-be liquor store robbers. The media went nuts over the Batman killings. The victims all turned out to be criminals released from custody due to technicalities. Some detective work revealed the true killer - a former policeman who was dismissed for using excessive force.

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