The Batman Chronicles 2001 (issue 23)

Issue #23

Cover Date: Winter 2001
Subtitle: (1) The Bomb, the Bull, the Butler, and the Bat; (2) Automotive; (3) The Mimic
Writer(s): (1) Doug Moench; (2) Michael Jan Friedman; (3) Jay Faerber
Artists(s): (1) Bo Hampton; (2) Cam Smith; (3) Paul Ryan
Storyline: [1] Batman investigated after his car was bombed; Alfred received minor injuries and was questioned by Sgt. Bullock. Batman took down the perpetrators; Alfred and Bullock cleaned them up.
[2] A robber, spooked by the parked Batmobile, ran into the path of Batman and Robin.
[3] Jason Bard took and solved a case where the suspect was a copycat of the original "Mimic."

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