The Batman Chronicles 2000 (issues 19-22)

Issue #19

Cover Date: Winter 2000
Subtitle: (1) Got a Date with an Angel; (2) Rapscallions; (3) The Penny Plunderers
Writer(s): (1) Steve Englehart; (2) Joseph Harris; (3) Graham Nolan
Artists(s): (1) Javier Pulido; (2) Eric Battle, Rob Hunter; (3) Graham Nolan
Storyline: [1] During Bruce Wayne's first week of being Batman, he attempted to juggle a girlfriend and his work. He decided to break it off with her when a family was killed after he'd gone to see her.
[2] Huntress was captured by a group of children who had been working for a drug lord she was staking out. Two of them were left to guard her while the others left. The gang returned and a fire-fight broke out. Huntress stopped them, but the children were killed.
[3] A small-time crook trying to make his break told his story. Batman and Robin showed up at the heist; he'd been trapped when a giant penny fell on him. As Batman and Robin stood above his dead body, the man realized he was in hell.

Issue #20

Cover Date: Spring 2000
Subtitle: (1) Whippersnappers of Mass Destruction; (2) Photo Finish; (3) The Rage of Angels
Writer(s): (1) Devin Kalile Grayson; (2) Scott Beatty; (3) Ian Edginton
Artists(s): (1) Yvel Guichet, Hector Collazo; (2) Dean Zachary, Phillis Novin; (3)
Storyline: [1] Catwoman, looking for a government tracking device, stumbled upon a superhero team of children. She helped them evade the DEO.
[2] Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade) was onsite at Brentwood Academy taking class pictures. Robin teamed up with her to stop the rival school from stealing Brentwood's mascot.
[3] As Nightwing checked out a Russian mob, Supergirl attacked them. Together, they stopped the drug runners and saved a boat load of refugees.

Issue #21

Cover Date: Summer 2000
Subtitle: (1) Apocalypse Girl; (2) Citizen Wayne; (3) A Silent tale of the Bat
Writer(s): (1) the Pander Bros.; (2) Brian Michael Bendis; (3) Jordan B. Gorfinkle
Artists(s): (1) the Pander Bros.; (2) Michael Gaydos; (3) Dick Giordano, Joe Rubinstein
[1] A girl from the future was zapped back into the present. She became corrosive to the touch.
[2] A reporter named Kent searched for clues to the death of Bruce Wayne.
[3] A bunch of Batmen in Gotham City.

Issue #22

Cover Date: Fall 2000
Subtitle: (1) Pay for the Ferryman; (2) Cry, Uncle; (3) Daughter of the Demon
Writer(s): (1) Christopher Goldon, Tom Sniegoski; (2) Chuck Dixon; (3) Darren Vincenzo
Artists(s): (1) Jordan Raskin; (2) Gordon Purcell, Danny Miki; (3) Rodolfo Damaggio
Storyline: [1] Lady Shiva sought out an assassin who once beat her to a kill. When she learned he was dying, she refused to kill him. After she beat him, he told her he'd done his first job for one crown and offered it to her to finish the job. She took it, killed him, and threw the crown down at his body.
[2] Stephanie Brown's uncle Dave, also a criminal, came for a visit. Spoiler took him and his "business associates" down.
[3] Talia's helicopter was shot down. A man rescued her and helped her get across the border to her father's country. She helped him get back at the murderers of his family in return.

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