The Batman Chronicles 1999 (issues 15-18)

The Batman Chronicles 15

Cover Date: Winter 1999
Subtitle: (1) Will to Power; (2) Between the Stars Above and Below; (3) An Answer in the Riddle
Writer(s): (1) Kelley Puckett; (2) Marco Palmieri; (3) Greg Rucka
Artists(s): (1) Joe Staton, Bill Sienkiewicz; (2) James A. Hodgkins; (3) Roger Cruz, Sean Parsons
Storyline: [1] Green Lantern followed a lead into Gotham. Batman met him and warned him to leave his city. When GL refused, Batman snatched his ring and vanished. GL decided to go after his prey without the ring and was beaten and stabbed. Batman bailed him out and gave his ring back.
[2] Two thugs broke in on Oracle, but Man-Bat broke through her window and stopped them. In a weird bonding moment, he swooped her up and flew her through the city.
[3] The Question helped Huntress track down and stop some drug thieves who turned out to be the some of the National Guardsmen stationed in Gotham City.

The Batman Chronicles 16

Cover Date: Spring 1999
Subtitle: (1) Two Down; (2) The Comforts; (3) Harold
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Scott Beatty; (3) Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): (1) Jason Pearson, Cam Smith; (2) Damion Scott, Wayne Faucher; (3) Chris Renaud, Sal Buscema
Storyline: [1] (set before the declaration of No Man's Land) Renee Montoya, sent out for a few days off by Commissioner Gordon, went to stay with her parents. She began helping her brother with the clean-up and rescue nearby. Harvey Dent was in their group. She was skeptical, but his coin landed always on good heads. Working together, they formed a bond. Montoya saved his life when looters attacked and convinced Batman she'd reached him.
[2] A couple stranded in No Man's Land found what appeared to be one of Joker's hideouts while searching for supplies and food. Inside, they found dead bodies in a room marked "hostages," a piranha tank, a trophy which appeared to be the body of Jason Todd, and some rare artwork. Batgirl ordered them to leave and destroyed the place.
[3] Harold thought of his mother when the quake hit. Upset with Alfred, he went into the city to help fix things.

The Batman Chronicles 17

Cover Date: Summer 1999
Subtitle: (1) Little Bat Lost; (2) Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out; (3) Identity Crisis
Writer(s): (1) Scott Beatty; (2) Dafydd Wyn; (3) Chris Renaud
Artists(s): (1) Pascal Alixe, Wayne Faucher; (2) Eduardo Barreto; (3) Graham Nolan, Bill Sienkiewicz
Storyline: [1] Aaron Langstrom, mutated son of Dr. Kirk (Man-Bat) and Francine, was kidnapped. His mother took the serum and found her child. Batman warned her to not cross the line or he'd take her down.
[2] Batman and Oracle were able to get a local access type NML broadcast out to the entire country showing what really was happening there.
[3] While fighting Killer Croc, Batman's mask came undone. An old associate now living on the streets, Dr. Kryder, saw him and realized he was Bruce Wayne. He tried to sell the information to Two-Face (he'd once tried to cure Dent), but the coin came up bad-heads and Two-Face killed him.

The Batman Chronicles 18

Cover Date: Fall 1999
Subtitle: Spiritual Currency (part of No Man's Land)
Writer(s): Devin K Grayson
Artists(s): Dale Eaglesham, Jamie Mendoza, John Floyd
Storyline: Dr. Leslie Thompkins pondered her newest patient - Mr. Zsasz. AS she spoke to Killer Croc (who was there checking on a friend), Pettit's group showed up. Huntress tried to talk to Leslie about Zsasz, but she wouldn't listen. Batman and Batgirl arrived with supplies. While he was keeping Pettit from killing Croc, Zsasz woke up. Croc got loose and kept him from hurting Dr. Thompkins. Batman stopped Zsasz and Croc fled. Bruce and Leslie spoke.

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