The Batman Chronicles 1998 (issues 11-14)

Issue #11

Cover Date: Winter 1998
Subtitle: (1) Berlin Batman; (2) The Bride of Leatherwing; (3) Curse of the Catwoamn
Writer(s): (1) Paul Pope; (2) Chuck Dixon; (3) John Francis Moore
Artists(s): (1) Paul Pope; (2) Quince Alcatena; (3) Kieron Dwyer
Storyline: Note: all stories are ELSEWORLDS
[1] Batman as a Jew in pre-WWII Berlin out to stop the Nazis.
[2] Batman, Robin, and Catwoman in a pirate adventure.
[3] PI Bruce Wayne fell for Selina Kyle, who became a cat-slasher during full moons. He learned how to cure her - find a willing taker of the powers. He became a bat.

Issue #12

Cover Date: Spring 1998
Subtitle: (1) The Contract; (2) House of Cards; (3) A Bird with a Hand; (4) Trapped; (5) Love me 2 Times; (6) Little Orphan Andy
Writer(s): (1) Devin K Grayson; (2) Chris Renaud; (3) Rick Burchett; (4) Chris Renaud; (5) Klaus Janson; (6) Kelley Puckett
Artists(s): (1) Marcos Martin, Vince Giarrano; (2) Chris Renaud, Bob McLeod; (3) Rick Burchett, Bill Sienkiewicz; (4) Alex Maleev; (5) Klaus Janson; (6) Rick Burchett
Storyline: (continued from Shadow of the Bat 74)
[1] An odd band of small time crooks hired by WayneCorp saved a group of people trapped in a building. A young boy was convinced the Batman had sent them.
[2] Ra's al Ghul thought of the "Detective," and hoped he'd finally join him now that his city had betrayed him.
[3] Penguin, walking through the rubble, decided which people to help based on how they could repay the favor.
[4] Robin, while thinking of his own family and friends, helped out in the excavation.
[5] Two-Face surfaced.
[6] Dr. Leslie Thompkins continued playing her part in helping victims.
(continued in Nightwing 20)

Issue #13

Cover Date: Summer 1998
Subtitle: (1) Duty. Trust. Parternship; (2) Friends, Lies, and Audiotape; (3) Partners
Writer(s): (1) Bill Bajeski; (2) Robert L. Washington, III; (3) Eric Fein
Artists(s): (1) Yvel Guichet, Robert Campanella; (2) Simon Coleby, Stan Woch; (3) Sal Buscema, Dick Giordano
Storyline: NOTE: all stories here take place before the Cataclysm. [1] Montoya was partnered with a copy who didn't like female cops. They were after a man who dressed in a wetsuit and killed at random. By the time they captured him, Montoya had changed the mind of her new partner.
[2] Detective Bock received a case and had to take down his first partner who'd become corrupt.
[3] Detective Bullock and Sheriff Shotgun Smith teamed up on a jewel heist / kidnapping case. They realized they were very much alike by the time they closed the case.

Issue #14

Cover Date: Fall 1998
Subtitle: (1) Master of the House; (2) The Lunatic Fringe; (3) Random Encounters
Writer(s): (1) Lisa Klink; (2) Bruce Canwell; (3) Greg Rucka
Artists(s): (1) David Boller, Aaron Sowd; (2) Jim Aparo, Drew Geraci; (3) Sal Buscema, James A. Hodgkins
Storyline: [1] Alfred fended off some looters entering Wayne Manor. Fireworks were set off during the struggle marking the first celebration since the quake (July 4).
[2] Huntress tracked a lost school bus and its occupants. The trail led her to a slaughter house where the children would soon be on the menu. She rescued the survivors and rounded up the bad guys for the cops.
[3] Renee Montoya's brother, Benny, told her the story of why he was back in town. As a fighter pilot in the Persian Gulf, his jet was damaged. He was forced to fire upon an enemy troop transport.

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