The Batman Chronicles 1997 (issues 7-10)

Issue #7

Cover Date: Winter 1997
Subtitle: (1) World's Finest: Equal Justice; (2) Like Riding a Bike; (3) Double Play
Writer(s): (1) Jerry Ordway; (2) Devin K. Grayson; (3) Mike Grell
Artists(s): (1) Lee Weeks, Jesse Delperdang; (2) Rodolfo Damaggio; (3) Jim Aparo, Sal Velluto
Storyline: [1] Superman came to Gotham City to check the case of a cop-killer sentenced to die that night. She'd killed the partner/lover of her child's father after she accidentally caused their baby's death. Batman got the true nature out via the witness/father/partner, but the girl was shot dead in prison for attacking a nun.
[2] Donna Troy visited Dick Grayson. They reminisced about their Titans days while Dick fought a street gang trying to steal his motorcycle.
[3] Robin (Tim Drake) and Green Arrow (Connor Hawk) talked about a case their mentors worked together. Batman and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) saved a girl from her kidnappers after the ransom had been paid.

Issue #8

Cover Date: Spring 1997
Subtitle: (1) The Prison; (2) Double Jeopardy; (3) Secrets of the Batcave: Dinosaur Island
Writer(s): (1) Jon Stanisci; (2) Sholly Fisch; (3) Graham Nolan
Artists(s): (1) Sal Buscema, John Stanisci; (2) Douglas Wheatley, Wade Von Grawbadger; (3) Graham Nolan
Storyline: [1] Ra's al Ghul sent Talia to Gotham City to kill "the Detective." She set a trap for him - three assassins in a sealed room filling with poison gas. She entered when she felt he could not longer be alive, but he had survived. She was unable to pull the trigger to finish him off and returned to her father a failure.
[2] When Commissioner Gordon suspected Boss Maroni had killed a key witness in his trial after being set free, he went to Harvey Dent for help. Two-Face's coin agreed. He led the police to a number of Maroni's hideouts, but escaped before getting to their last chance. He prepared to kill Maroni for scarring him, but stood down when Gordon asked him to.
[3] Batman tracked the killer of a man he'd looked up to as a child. The trail led him to the dinosaur theme park and his former partner there. Batman defeated the animatronic dinosaurs and took the killer down. Bruce Wayne, under an assumed name, bought the dinosaur as a trophy.

Issue #9

Cover Date: Summer 1997
Subtitle: (1) Photo Finish; (2) Just Desserts; (3) Passion's Fruit
Writer(s): (1) Devin K. Grayson; (2) Chuck Dixon; (3) Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): (1) Duncan Fegredo; (2) Dwayne Turner, Danny Miki; (3) Cully Hamner, Robert Campanella
Storyline: [1] Batman and Robin went after Catwoman at a mall robbery. Batman sent Robin in for evidence as he struggled with Catwoman. Robin encountered Batgirl for the first time. Dick and Babs worked together well; they caught the real thief and saved a woman and her child from him. Batman commended Robin for his teamwork.
[2] Batman and Robin went in on a Mr. Freeze bank robbery. He was working with the bank president on the job - the president's wife was already in the tropics spending the loot when they were all captured.
[3] Poison Ivy caused a stir by creating plant-like rodents that threatened to overtake the city. She called them off when Batman visited her and let her kiss him.

Issue #10

Cover Date: Fall 1997
Subtitle: (1) To See the Batman; (2) The Madman's Tale; (3) Odd Attachment
Writer(s): (1) Bob Gale; (2) Chris Duffy; (3) Gary Frank
Artists(s): (1) Bill Sienkiewicz; (2) Javier Saltares, Mike Sellers; (3) Gary Frank, Cam Smith
Storyline: [1] A young boy set out to get a picture of Batman so he'd be more popular at school; it had worked for one of his neighbors. The first night, he chickened out, but was prepared the next few times (though each time he failed). Using a dark photo of a sheet on a clothesline, he fooled his classmates into thinking it was Batman. A girl verified his story and they became friends.
[2] An up and coming mobster readied to make his move in the organization until hearing a first-hand account of "the bat."
[3] A man paid ransom for his kidnapped dog. Batman stepped in when the kidnappers failed to return the pet. The man got his dog back and the ransom money.

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