The Batman Chronicles 1996 (issues 3-6)

Issue #3

Cover Date: Winter 1996
Subtitle: (1) Riddle of the Jinxed Sphinx; (2) The First Cut is Always the Deepest: The Secret Origin of Mr. Zsasz; (3) Workin' my way back to You
Writer(s): (1) Doug Moench; (2) Alan Grant; (3) Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): (1) Brian Stelfreeze, Bill Sienkiewicz; (2) Jennifer Graves, Wayne Faucher; (3) Gabriel Gecko, Robert Campanella
Storyline: [1] Riddler began striking, but attempting to change his M.O. by not sending riddles to the police or Batman. He finally broke down and sent one to Essen-Gordon. She showed it to Batman, who promptly took Nygma down.
[2] Mr. Zsasz spoke with his therapist about his beginnings. He'd been young and rich, but lost it all gambling. His first victim was a man who tried to mug him while he contemplated suicide. The therapist got too close to him, and she became his latest victim.
[3] Killer Croc left his Louisiana swamp home and made his way back to Gotham City.

Issue #4

Cover Date: Spring 1996
Subtitle: (1) Hitman; (2) Huntress: Exposure; (3) Beggar's Banquet
Writer(s): (1) Garth Ennis; (2) Christopher Priest; (3) Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): (1) John McCrea; (2) Matt Haley, Mike Sellers; (3) Frank Fosco, Stan Woch
Storyline: fits in between Detective 696 and Catwoman 32 during the Contagion storyline
[1] Batman learned of a secret government entity that might be able to provide a cure for the Clench. Hitman killed him before Batman could get there.
[2] Huntress went looking for one of her students who'd lost his entire family to the plague. She found him dying of it.
[3] Tim dreamed he was cured. His father and girlfriend knew he was Robin, and his mother was alive.

Issue #5

Cover Date: Summer 1996
Subtitle: (1) Oracle: Year One: Born of Hope; (2) Decoys; (3) Of Mice and Men
Writer(s): (1) John Ostrander, Kim Yale; (2) Tommy Lee Edwards, Howard Chaykin; (3) Alan Grant
Artists(s): (1) Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story; (2) Tommy Lee Edwards, John Paul Leon; (3) Scott McDaniel, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: [1] Barbara Gordon recounted her first months after being shot in the spine by the Joker. She took her first case against a computer genius that her father was having a hard time arresting. She had a dream where she was the Oracle of ancient Greece and became more and more comfortable in that role. She trapped the cyber-criminal and got her to make a full confession.
[2] Lt. James Gordon worked a case in his early days in Gotham City. He was helping move a mob snitch who escaped during a shootout.
[3] Alfred helped young Bruce Wayne with a bully problem at school while contemplating his future at the Wayne home.

Issue #6

Cover Date: Fall 1996
Subtitle: (1) Choices; (2) Shadow Job; (3) Cityscape
Writer(s): (1) Mark Nevins; (2) Brian Augustyn; (3) Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): (1) Jesse Delperdang, Ray McCarthy, Quince Alcatena; (2) Dave De'Antiquis; (3) Curt Swan, John Dell
Storyline: [1] In Istanbul, Batman battled some of Ra's al Ghul's men. He obtained an ancient journal from one of them, describing a man's journey to the "new world" in the mid 1500's. The man encountered Ra's there - he wanted to learn mystical powers from the Native Americans. Ra's appeared and demanded the Detective hand the journal over to him. Batman instead gave the book back to its writer.
[2] A young Bruce Wayne, under the pseudonym Frank Dixon, worked an investigation with Dan Mallory in Chicago.
[3] Tim read an old account of Gotham's first citizens - the city started as an insane asylum.

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