The Batman Chronicles 1995 (issues 1-2)

Issue #1

Cover Date: Summer 1995
Subtitle: (1) Midnight Train; (2) Anarky: Tomorrow Belongs to Us; (3) Death Mask
Writer(s): (1) Chuck Dixon; (2) Alan Grant; (3) Doug Moench
Artists(s): (1) Lee Weeks, Bill Sienkiewicz; (2) Stewart Johnson, Cam Smith; (3) Brian Apthorp, Terry Austin
Storyline: [1] The train James Gordon was riding got hijacked. Huntress, who happened to be another passenger, helped him take down the hijackers without any innocents being injured. She reminded James of his daughter; he thought back on finding her cape and costume, but never telling her what he knew.
[2] Anarky went up against a media mogul's election campaign.
[3] The mask of a young man killed while robbing a bank drifted through Gotham City, finally resting on his grave site.

Issue #2

Cover Date: Fall 1995
Subtitle: (1) The Space Between Good and Evil; (2) Goin' Downtown; (3) Commissions
Writer(s): (1) Alan Grant; (2) Chuck Dixon; (3) Doug Moench
Artists(s): (1) Liam Sharp, Mike Sellers; (2) Rodolfo Damaggio, Rob Leigh; (3) Dusty Abell, Terry Austin
Storyline: [1] (continued from SotB 42)
Batman and Robin tracked down the murderous singer who'd now captured his former manager. Batman was knocked unconscious. Robin attempted to talk down the delusional rock star and learned of his coma and cybernetic implants. He convinced the man to give up.
[2] Harold went out on a supply run and got caught up in a robbery. He used his engineering genius to spoil the attempt and catch the crooks.
[3] Sarah Essen Gordon thought of her new position as Commissioner and of her relationship with her estranged husband.

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