Batman and the Outsiders ongoing 1986 (issues 29-32)

Issue #29

Cover Date: January 1986
Subtitle: The Truth about Looker, part 2: the People of the Abyss
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: Batman tracked the mind control to roughly the same location that Metamorpho was captured. In a man-made cavern in Switzerland, they found Metamorpho. He was under mind control again. The Outsiders were defeated. Geo-Force and Halo were taken captive, the others were left to die.
Batman, Katana, and Black Lightning were taken by another faction of the under-grounders. This faction was against the one which took Halo and Geo-Force. Further underground, they were introduced to Prince Mardo. He'd taken Emily Briggs, who'd not been hurt, only kept against her will. Prince Mardo's sister / enemy (Tamira) had Geo-Force, Halo, and Metamorpho.

Issue #30

Cover Date: February 1986
Subtitle: The Truth about Looker, part 3: This Envious Race
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: The prince told the group of his people's history. Their great ruler's line had been broken when one of their people left. That man was Emily Briggs' grandfather. Her destiny was to rule them and consolidate the two warring factions. As Batman, Katana, and Geo-Force attacked the Prince's people, his sister's army (with Geo-Force, Halo, and Metamorpho) attacked them all. Tamira's people were victorious. She believed that an approaching comet would make her the supreme ruler.
Emily Briggs was enveloped in a strange energy sphere.

Issue #31

Cover Date: March 1986
Subtitle: the Truth about Looker, part 4: Pawn of the World Below
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: Emily emerged from the sphere changed: a new dazzling appearance and the ability to fire blasts from her eyes. She struggled with her loyalties to both Prince Mardo and his sister, Tamira. She sided with Mardo, who proclaimed himself king. He had Emily kill his sister.
Batman and the Outsiders awakened in the snow fall outside the caverns. Kind Mardo had Emily look to the comet and alter its course. It headed straight for Earth. Their plan was to wait inside their caverns as the outside world died. Afterwards, they would rule the entire planet.
Emily broke free of the mindwashing and attacked Mardo. The Outsiders were freed. She diverted the comet back to its original course and the king was overthrown.
The people of Abyssia chose new rulers and sealed themselves off from the surface world. Emily (who's transformation was permanent) and Rex were reunited with their spouses.

Issue #32

Cover Date: April 1986
Subtitle: (1) A New War's Winning; (2) Looker's Body: an Owner's Manual
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr (all)
Artists(s): Alan Davis (all)
Storyline: (1) The would-be queen of Markovia was captured by the Masters of Disaster.
Batman and the Outsiders took down Morgan Jones's gang when he heisted blood plasma. Geo-Force got news from Markovia and learned Batman had withheld the information from him. Brion went off on the Batman, and the others agreed. He dissolved the group, but they banded together and vowed to keep the Outsiders alive without Batman.
The Outsiders headed to Markovia - where they came together - for their first "solo" mission.
(2) Emily Briggs continued to get used to her new looks. She became more and more confident as her looks got her special treatment. She quit her job and changed her name to Lia.

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