Batman and the Outsiders ongoing 1985 (issues 17-28)

Issue #17

Cover Date: January 1985
Subtitle: We are Dying, Egypt, Dying
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman and the Outsiders headed to Egypt, hoping they could help Rex at the location where he'd become Metamorpho. On the way, Sapphire told the group his origin: Rex worked for her father and they'd fallen in love. He was sent to Egypt to find the Orb of Ra, but was double-crossed by Stagg's men (he didn't want the man with his daughter). Left for dead, Rex happened upon an ancient meteor and found himself to be changed forever.
At the pyramid, they took down some guards and headed in. They found the meteor and placed Rex's body near it. It began to heat up as Metamorpho phased back to life. After a flash of light, Egyptian (ancient) guards entered the room. The Outsiders had been transported 3000 years into the past. Metamorpho turned on his friends. The Outsiders escaped the pyramid. They were captured and returned to Ramses VII. Batman realized they must help the pharaoh win his war - if he lost, the future would be forever changed.
In present time, Violet (Halo), was visited by a police officer about her ex-boyfriend. Her father dropped her off at school and told her the memory loss was convenient.

Issue #18

Cover Date: February 1985
Subtitle: Who Wears the Crown of Ra
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Metamorpho pledged allegiance to the pharaoh's opposition. At a annual meeting, Ahk-ton's people attacked Ramses. Batman got Metamorpho back on their side and they won. Ramses's got the Outsiders back to their own time; Sapphire proposed to Rex. Violet (Halo) had a difficult time adjusting to her school. No one seemed to like her, and the sister of her ex-boyfriend slapped her for "killing" him. A girl at Brion's school committed suicide after one of her professors attempted to take advantage of her in return for a scholarship.

Issue #19

Cover Date: March 1985
Subtitle: Who's Afraid of the Big Red S
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Halo visited Brion - they both confessed they didn't love each other. While she was there, he got a call from Denise - she needed help. Geo-Force got her to an ambulance (she'd ODed on sleeping pills). Halo went to Bruce after Geo-Force said he would kill the dean for pushing her. Bruce called Superman. The Man of Steel met Halo and went after Geo-Force. Superman took him down while Batman mounted evidence against the sexual predator. Rex and Sapphire did some Christmas shopping; Katana and Black Lightning took down some muggers preying on charity Santas.

Issue #20

Cover Date: April 1985
Subtitle: The Truth about Halo, part 2: Death and Remembrance
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Jane Denninger, sister of the man Halo had been accused of killing (before her amnesia), met with Syonide and Tobias Whale. The gang burst in on the Harper household looking for Violet. Halo was captured. She activated her alarm and the Outsiders headed to help.
Tests were done on Violet / Halo / Gaby - strange brain activity was noticed. Jane told Violet what she knew: she met her brother when she moved into town. They instantly became a couple. Later, as they were running away, the two stopped to help a man in a burning car. Violet found some documentation in the car and let the man burn to death. It was learned that the documentation was a formula of a cheap, yet highly addictive drug. They offered to sell it back to Tobias Whale, but he refused, hoping to track them down instead. Syonide was sent to follow them to Europe. She found the boyfriend dying of an intentional overdose (injected by Violet), and eventually found Violet. She shot her and left her for dead after taking any identification the girl had.
The Outsiders burst in. Black Lightning recognized Tobias Whale and the fight began. In the melee, Violet's father shot Syonide; she killed them.
Violet buried her parents; Whale got away.

Issue #21

Cover Date: May 1985
Subtitle: (1) The Silent Treatment; (2) Jaws, 4 - Gotham, 0; (3) the Roar of the Ghetto-Blaster
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr (all)
Artists(s): (1) Jerome Moore; (2) Trevor Von Eeden; (3) Ron Randall
Storyline: (1) Katana took a piece of ancient Japanese art from the police. While they transported a dummy. Though gangs attacked the shipment, Katana got it safely to the museum.
(2) Prince Brion visited a water park and was interviewed by a reporter. A man who'd designed one of the attractions was pushed too far and set it to attack. Geo-Force sprung into action and defeated the mechanical shark. After, Brion made a date with the reporter.
(3) Jefferson Pierce went looking for one of his students who'd been missing class. He found the boy and a costumed man calling himself Ghetto-Blaster. He was dismantling derelict buildings. Black Lightning went after him, but was thrown back - the people were on GB's side.
The next day at school, Pierce decided to go after GB again. Black Lightning took him down in public and had the ex-con confess to tearing down the buildings for his own benefit (for loot he'd stashed years prior), not the people's.
Mr. Pierce's student returned the next day.

Issue #22

Cover Date: June 1985
Subtitle: The Truth about Halo, part 3: What She is and How She Came to Be
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: Batman and the Outsiders arrived at the JLA satellite. It had been trashed and abandoned. Together, they got it in more-or-less working order. Dr. Jace ran some tests on Halo and she remembered. She said she was an Aurakle - a being from before time began. She was created when one gained too much information (they split when this happened). Fascinated with organic life, she merged with the recently dead body of Violet Harper.
As soon as she realized this, the Aurakles came for her. Though the Outsiders struggled, Halo was taken.

Issue #23

Cover Date: July 1985
Subtitle: The Truth about Halo, part 4: The Search for Halo
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: The Outsiders went with Katana to Japan. She released an Aurakle from a sword and commanded it to take them with it to the unity. Batman and the group defeated the Aurakles and ordered them to send them all home. Back on Earth, Halo left to "find herself."

Issue #24

Cover Date: August 1985
Subtitle: I Went to the Animal Fair
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: A pimp tried to pick up Gaby, but a man named David saved her. He told her he ran a commune for runaways and she asked to join. In civilian clothes, the Outsiders were on hand for Rex Mason's meeting with his fiancÚ and her father (who'd been trying to kill him). The zoo was taken over by protesters who thought animals were treated better than some humans. The Outsiders sprung into action. Batman soon learned that Simon Stagg's business manager set the thing up. He hoped to kill Stagg and Sapphire so he could run the business. After Rex saved them, Stagg welcomed him to the family.

Issue #25

Cover Date: September 1985
Subtitle: A Serpent in Eden
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: The wedding members fitted for their dresses and tuxedos. Gaby was still missing; Brion was out helping his friend get home from the hospital. He invited her to the theater.
Gaby began commune life and grew increasingly closer to "Brother David." David's father - an army General - visited the commune. During lunch, Gaby called home, but missed catching Tatsu there. The general had the food tested for drugs. While apologizing for his intrusion, someone did drug his food.
That night, David proposed to Gaby. They were found "without a chaperone" by other members. They attacked, and Gaby had to turn into Halo to save David. She was taken down and awakened in Kobra's clutches. He (Brother Abraham - the commune's leader) assumed Batman had sent her in to spy.

Issue #26

Cover Date: October 1985
Subtitle: Serpent in the Sky
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: Brion (in civies) survived a Kobra attack. When they could not take him down, they committed suicide. The rest of the Outsiders, also in street clothes, were attacked by Kobra agents. They won, and again, the would-be assassins killed themselves. Black Lightning called for Batman, but Bruce was busy taking down Kobra agents in his own home. The Outsiders met in the cave. Bruce's attackers also killed themselves.
Kobra, in control of an army general (Brother David's father), planned to take control of a top secret defense rocket. Batman realized Gaby must be the leak in their identities.
Kobra gained control of the rocket and demanded the contents of Fort Knox, or it would be sold to a foreign power.

Issue #27

Cover Date: November 1985
Subtitle: War Stars
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: The US fired missiles at the rocket, but they were shot down (it was a defense system). Batman contacted the Pentagon, but they refused to give him a space shuttle.
After being contacted by Kobra, the Russians called the Pentagon to offer their support in overthrowing the terrorists. Batman and the Outsiders infiltrated one of Kobra's "legitimate" business fronts. They found Gaby and boarded Kobra's own rocket to go after them. As they entered the US rocket, Kobra set it to self-destruct and got into theirs. Batman got the team into an escape pod and landed safely back on Earth. Kobra was still out there somewhere.

Annual #2

Cover Date: 1985
Subtitle: Dissembler at the Wedding
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): David Ross, Dan Adkins
Storyline: At the wedding of Rex Mason to Sapphire Stagg, another Rex Mason burst in to object. He threw a toxic gas bomb in and grabbed Sapphire. Batman arrived soon and saved everyone. He told them he had a lead - Maxwell Tremayne.
Tremayne, a war criminal, had a crush on Mara Stagg - Sapphire's mother. His infatuation moved on to her when Mara died. He'd gotten his associate, Even Steven (a shape-shifter) to assume Mason's look while kidnapping her. The Masters of Disaster (who were working for Tremayne) awaited Batman and the Outsiders.
Shakedown, Windfall, and New-Wave were defeated.
Batman and Katana took down Heatstroke and Coldsnap.
Metamorpho got to Tremayne and did battle with one of his robots. After defeating it, Even Steven came after him. He emulated what ever Metamorpho did, and it got in his head. When Tremayne threatened Sapphire, Steven attacked and killed him. Back at home, Rex and Sapphire were married.

Issue #28

Cover Date: December 1985
Subtitle: The Truth about Looker, part 1: Abduction from Below
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis
Storyline: Gaby got a haircut. Tatsu met with a business associate, Mrs. Emily Briggs (she'd been passed over for a promotion recently). Unknown to them, Briggs was being followed.
On his honeymoon, Rex attempted to save a would-be kidnap victim. The kidnappers instead kidnapped Metamorpho. Briggs was also kidnapped (while walking with Tatsu).
Batman and the Outsiders visited Emily's husband and asked if she'd had any dealings with Morgan Jones (a known mobster they'd been running into). Aboard his yacht, Katana found the men who'd abducted her friend and the Outsiders attacked. Jones denied any kidnapping.
Batman found the goons had been victim of mind control.

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