Batman and the Outsiders ongoing 1983 (issues 1-5)

Issue #1

Cover Date: August 1983
Subtitle: Wars Ended...Wars Begun
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman was already reaching his limits when he learned that Lucius Fox was missing in the Markovian Revolution. He called an emergency JLA meeting. When they refused to get involved, Batman quit the team.
In Markovia, the king died, leaving his throne to his son Gregor. His other son, Brion, stood at his side. Dr. Jace arrived, but it was too late. Gregor and Brion spoke of the powers she'd given Brion and their sister, Tara.
Posing as Fox's brother, Jefferson "Black Lightning" Pierce, went on recon. He found an army leader, but the man was stabbed in the back by a woman with a sword. While making a plan, Batman happened upon an unconscious woman who was glowing. When disturbed, she blasted him with an energy bolt. Metamorpho, hoping to become normal again, visited Dr. Jace. While there, revolutionaries attacked. Prince Brion was injured in the melee and buried alive.
"Halo," as Batman called the amnesiac girl, flew him near his friends. He was captured. When he awakened, he was in a prison with Lucius. The leader of the revolution introduced himself - Baron Bedlam.

Issue #2

Cover Date: September 1983
Subtitle: Markovia's Last Stand
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Baron Bedlam monologued about his father, the Nazis, and Markovia as Batman waited for Black Lightning to blast him. When their captor was gone, Batman questioned him - Black Lightning had retired the costume due to no longer having his powers. Outside, Katana grabbed Halo. When they realized they were on the same side, they broke into Baron Bedlam's stronghold. Black Lightning finally worked up some magic and reanimated Metamorpho. He freed Lightning and Batman. They found Lucius Fox, who'd been rescued by Halo and Katana. The group went after Bedlam, who'd grabbed Dr. Jace and headed to the palace. All out war for control of Markovia broke out. A revived Geo-Force attacked Baron Bedlam. The revolution ended when Bedlam was defeated and given over to the people of Markovia.
Batman invited the people who'd helped him - Halo, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Katana, and Geo-Force to join his crusade. Metamorpho christened them "The Outsiders."

Issue #3

Cover Date: October 1983
Subtitle: Bitter Orange
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman welcomed his "Outsiders" to the Batcave. He didn't give up his identity, but he did tell them Bruce Wayne financed him. A warmonger calling himself Agent Orange plotted to destroy Gotham City.
Bruce took Halo to a psychiatrist to check out her amnesia. She later chose the name Gabrielle Doe as her alter-ego. That night, Batman took them to the penthouse Wayne used to use as his home. He invited Halo and Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) to live there. He also showed them what would be their headquarters below. Alfred contacted him and he split.
Batman found some men moving chemicals. Halo and Katana, who'd disobeyed orders and followed him, helped interrogate a captive. Batman located Agent Orange - the leader of the gang, and brought the Outsiders along. Geo-Force, Halo, and Metamorpho stopped a bomb, while Batman captured Orange.

Issue #4

Cover Date: November 1983
Subtitle: One-Man Meltdown
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: While a man (Ned Creegan) with burning powers broke out of prison, the Outsiders enjoyed some time out of their capes. Batman talked to the prison officials - Creegan had vowed to kill him (due to having been put in prison by Batman and Robin). Batman and the Outsiders captured him and learned he needed radioactive materials to stay alive. Metamorpho provided him with his needs. Batman caught the warden trying to destroy evidence where he'd withheld treatments for Creegan. Batman agreed to help the man at his parole hearing.

Issue #5

Cover Date: December 1983
Subtitle: Psimon Says...
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr, Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: [continued from The New Teen Titans 37]
Geo-Force and Terra put pieces of land mass back together into one, and saved the Titans and Outsiders. Once safe, Batman handed out orders (which alienated Robin).
Dr. Light left the Fearsome Five after once again being put in his place by Psimon.
The Titans and Outsiders mingled and found they had more in common than any of them realized. Black Lightning captured Dr. Light, and it appeared Halo attacked the groups momentarily. Raven was forced to shut her down. After they got Light to talk, Cyborg was able to get a device ready and treat everyone for Psimon's imminent attack. When he did, the Titans and Outsiders were the only people in Manhattan who were not "frozen." The citizens became Psimon's zombies against the heroes. Robin backed Batman down and gave orders.
Halo stopped Psimon from escaping with her stasis beam, and Cyborg destroyed his gadgets. New York's citizens woke up. Batman and Robin patched things up between them.

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