Batman Vengeance of Bane II: The Redemption

Format: special issue
Binding: square-bound
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Graham Nolan, Eduardo Barreto
Storyline: Bane, now free of Venom, served his sentence in Blackgate. He refused to go to trial, he gave a guilty plea. Trying to be "king," KGBeast attacked him, thinking he could beat Batman if he could beat Bane (since Bane beat Batman). Bane was severely beaten. When he got out of the infirmary, he killed another inmate and got six months solitary. After the months of nothing but physical training, Bane emerged in the condition he was while on Venom. He went after KGBeast and defeated him. Then, with help from Ratcatcher and KGBeast, he escaped. While in prison, he saw a man who'd been on Venom and vowed to take down the "poison" traders. On the case, he met up with Batman. They somewhat made a truce and Bane vanished.