Batman: Troika

Batman 515

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: Troika part one
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Kelley Jones, John Beatty
Storyline: Troika plotted to take over Gotham City. Bruce talked with Dick and Tim about his renewed interests. Two Troika members, Romana and Colonel Vega, decided to oust the Dark Rider (aka the Cossack) and replace him with the KGBeast. Batman and Robin took down one of Troika's agents and were led to the Dark Rider, who was rumored to have a baseball-sized nuclear bomb. Radiation poisoning affected him on his way to take down the "traitor to the motherland," Colonel Vega. Batman and Robin left him for the police.

Shadow of the Bat 35

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: Troika part two
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Barry Kitson, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: After questioning the Dark Rider, Batman and Robin split up (Ariana's family's store was again attacked - Robin requested to watch there). As Troika plotted, Bruce found it difficult at home without Alfred. Batman located Colonel Vega. He took down Vega's mind-controlled henchmen and chased the former KGB colonel into the street, where he was shot dead.

Detective 682

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: The Doomsday Clock
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Graham Nolan, Scott Hanna
Storyline: Robin saved Batman after he missed a line throw - he was still feeling the effects of his encounter with Vega. Batman agreed it might be best to take a night or two off. Bruce Wayne visited Lucious Fox and witnessed Troika in action - Romana and her goons burst in and again threatened Fox and Wayne Enterprises. When Fox refused to give in, Romana had the KGBeast bomb a Wayne-owned chemical company across town while Wayne and Fox watched. Robin went to the site to find the beast attacking Bulloch and Bock.

Robin 14

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: Big City Bomber
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Ray Kryssing
Storyline: Robin and Bock tried to get Bullock to safety as the KGBeast continued his attack. Batman was waiting at Lucious Fox's house when Romana showed up with her men. He quickly dispensed of them and went after KGBeast and the nuke. Robin battled the beast and finally bested him by fighting dirty. Batman arrived and secured the bomb. Bullock was comatose.


  • This was never collected in tpb.