The Joker: Devil's Advocate

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: 1996
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Graham Nolan, Scott Hanna
Storyline: Joker, who'd been on the loose for months, 'went postal' due to having not been included in the USPS's new line of stamps featuring great comedians. Batman and Robin took him down and delivered him to the police - stamps had been poisoned, leaving victims with his trademark grin. The DA's office planned to go for a no pleas, no deals trial and stick him with the death penalty. As the trial went on, Robin took down some guys attempting to tamper with the jury. Though claiming responsibility for many of his past crimes, Joker dismissed the stamp tampering as amateur - maintaining his stance of innocence. He was found guilty on nine counts of murder and sentenced to death. Batman suspected his innocence; Barbara refused to help him on the case, her father was also against Batman trying to prove his innocence.
Joker was placed in Blackgate's death row - the first time he'd ever been in prison. He refused appeals and stuck a lawsuit on the city. He wasn't exactly the model prisoner - one inmate ended up having to have his harmonica surgically removed from his stomach, another landed in the infirmary after threatening the Clown Prince. The man who was sending demands to the GCPD lost his girlfriend to his own plan when she inadvertently licked one of the stamps he was using to mail demands to the GCPD.
Robin found a lead - one of Joker's mini-storage stashes. Batman followed up on it and found the owner had lost his wife to the poison stamps. When he visited the man, he confessed fully. Joker was taken out of the electric chair and placed in Arkham Asylum. Batman visited him to make sure he realized he owed every moment for the rest of his life to him.