Batman: Sword of Azrael

Issue #1

Cover Date: October 1992
Subtitle: Vanishing Angels & Sudden Death
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Joe Quesada, Kevin Nowlan
Storyline: Batman began investigating a "fallen angel" seen during a festival in Gotham City. The angel Azrael, an assassin of the Order of St. Dumas, had been shot up and had fallen through a window. He had enough life left to get to his son. He left his son with a package of directions for his life. He followed his father's directions to Switzerland, where he learned the truth about his father, and that he would succeed his father as Azrael. He'd been receiving programming and teaching from his father since birth. The "System" was in his subconscious. Oracle was able to trace a sigil found by Batman on a sword. It was the mark of the Order of St. Dumas, a cult-like organization that appeared to have vanished in the 15th Century. Bruce and Alfred made for Switzerland. In the mountains, they found a cottage located inside landmarks that resembled the sigil Batman had found on Azrael's sword. The cottage exploded, taking Wayne's helicopter with it.

Issue #2

Cover Date: November 1992
Subtitle: Azrael does not Protect
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Joe Quesada, Kevin Nowlan
Storyline: Nomoz, the trainer of Azrael, go them to safety in an underground shelter. Bruce and Alfred escaped the helicopter wreckage to be caught in the ensuing avalanche. Batman emerged with Alfred. He jumped onto a hovercraft that rose from the snow and was met by Azrael. Their fight was short; the avenging angel returned to the craft and escaped. Numoz told Azrael about LeHah, the man who killed his father, and about the demon Biis, the Order's enemy. Together they began searching out the Order's other members to warn them about their rogue brother, LeHah. At their first stop, they were met by Biis. Bruce and Alfred saw the boy who was Azrael fall from a window, as his father had.

Issue #3

Cover Date: December 1992
Subtitle: Direct Action
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Joe Quesada, Kevin Nowlan
Storyline: Alfred stayed with the boy, while Bruce went in to see what was happening. He was met by Biis, who ambushed, drugged, and captured him. With Wayne taken, Alfred and Nomoz took the injured Azrael and sought Biis. The demon (actually LeHah) recognized Wayne, and the costume underneath his clothing, and plotted to take his fortune. He murdered another member of the Order of St. Dumas. Azrael, quickly recovered, found a pattern in the murders. They went to meet him at the next stop.

Issue #4

Cover Date: January 1993
Subtitle: No One is Innocent
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Joe Quesada, Kevin Nowlan
Storyline: Azrael made short work of the guards; LeHah killed again and escaped. They traveled west again to Houston, where LeHah was torturing Wayne at an oil refinery he owned. Azrael burst in and attacked LeHah, his flaming sword setting the refinery aflame. They rescued Wayne as the plant exploded. Azrael remembered his name, and that of his father: Jean Paul Valley.

trade paperback edition


  • This introduces Jean Paul Valley, Azrael, and the Order of St. Dumas.

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