Shadow of the Bat annual 3: Poison Ivy Year One

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Brian Apthorp, Stan Woch
Storyline: Chapter 1: Look...but you Better not Touch Batman happened upon a body which appeared to be overgrown with fungus. A woman in green, called Poison Ivy by her partner, watched him. She demonstrated mind control to him by kissing another and forcing him to jump from a rooftop. Batman lost their trail while he saved the man.
Chapter 2: Kiss of the Spiderplant?
Batman returned to the cave, taken aback by Poison Ivy. When two of her men tried to get away from her, she killed them by manipulating plants. Bruce tried to make sense of it all.
Chapter 3: The Secret Life of Plants
Bruce is introduced to Pamela Isley at a party. The alcohol at the party was poisoned - it appeared only Wayne and Lt. Gordon were unaffected (they didn't drink it). Isley dropped her garb and revealed herself as Poison Ivy. She touched Gordon's lips, dropping him in his tracks. Wayne's date tried to stop her, but was shot when he tried to help her. Ivy gave him a special kiss, saying it would leave him dead within an hour. After looting all the valuables from Gotham's elite, she left them the antidote.
Chapter 4: The Deadly Garden of Poison Ivy
Wayne was able to get a tracer on Ivy; Batman got to her. She refused to give up and refused to give up the antidote for Wayne. She instead kissed Batman telling him he would die just like Wayne unless they got the antidote - a second kiss. He began to feel better immediately and bested the woman. She ended up confused in Arkham Asylum.


  • Narration: He's been wearing the cape and cowl almost a year now, bringing fear and retribution to Gotham City's wild side.
  • Batman (after returning home on a motorcycle): "I'm really going to have to get a car for nights!"
  • Alfred mentioned Catwoman in conversation.
  • Penguin and Joker are mentioned in passing by crooks.
  • Gordon is Lt.
  • Problems: Gordon is mentioned as being of the rank Lieutenant, but is also mentioned as working the Joker case. At the end of the Year One storyline, Gordon has been promoted to Captain and first mentions the Joker. It appears Gordon was either called by an inappropriate rank, or he was promoted to Captain during the first Joker case (The Man Who Laughs), and this takes place between it's start and his promotion.
  • This is collected in the tpb Batman: Four of a Kind.
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