Batman Son of the Demon

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: June 1987
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jerry Bingham
Storyline: Batman responded to the signal - Gordon had a team in place at a Gotham City chemical plant. Terrorists (each with a scar / mark in the shape of the letter "Q") were inside had hostages. He took them down one at a time. The final terrorist standing opened fire and was sprayed with acid. Batman grabbed onto their getaway vehicle - a low flying helicopter. They opened fire, eventually causing the craft to explode and crash into the river. Batman emerged with only a small wound. All hostages were saved.
On his way home, Batman collapsed from the loss of blood - his injury was worse than he realized. He awakened from a nightmare in the cave. Talia brought him there after following him from the factory. Defying both her and Alfred, Bruce got back into costume and met with Gordon (Talia with him). His evidence pointed toward a man named Qayin (Cain), who was headquartered in the country Golatia and was associated with its ruler, General Yossid. The terrorists were apparently looking for a way to alter weather.
Batman and Talia headed to Dr. Harris Blaine - they found him recently dead. A quick acting poison was in his coffee. The man had torn a page from a book - the Algol stars. Talia insisted her father had not killed the man; Batman wanted her to prove it and what her connection was to Qayin.
They arrived at the Demon's Head base; Batman realized Ra's al Ghul was indeed alive. Over dinner, they discussed his plans and Dr. Blaine. It was revealed that Qayin had murdered Talia's mother, Melisande. Ra's al Ghul had been his godfather and was left under his care when his parents were killed. Batman accepted al Ghul's offer - an alliance between the two to track and take down Qayin. He also accepted the deal's stipulation: Talia's hand in marriage. The ceremony had already taken place (with her father presiding) years before. The newlyweds spent the night together.
Ra's al Ghul informed his league that Batman was now to be treated as his son - his orders should be followed as if they were from the Ra's himself. Batman began teaching the assassins non-lethal combat techniques.
After meeting with Yossid, Qayin met with his doctor - he was dying (he was given 6-8 weeks to live).
Batman and a strike force (including Talia) infiltrated Golatia to plant a bomb on the weather-altering satellite they were launching. Qayin saw Batman and the two fought as the rocket launched. The mission failed - the bomb did not get onto the rocket. Batman and his team returned to base.
Talia was informed that she was pregnant. Both her husband and father were elated. Qayin's group tortured a prisoner they'd captured from Batman's team. He gave up al Ghul's location. Qayin insisted Yossid give him and his people transportation. As Batman and Talia spent time together, Qayin attacked their mountain base. Batman got his wife out of the fire and went to al Ghul. Ra's detonated a section of his base where Qayin and his troops were located. The survivors retreated without their leader - he was presumed dead. He emerged from the rubble and was able to get onto a retreating helicopter.
Qayin's people took control of the weather satellite. He killed Yossid and ordered a hurricane over Moscow.
As her father and husband spoke about the satellite, Talia collapsed. They got her to a hospital. When she woke up, she told them she'd lost the baby.
Batman, now with nothing to lose, joined Ra's on a raid. They attacked Mt. Ararat. After releasing some of their paratroopers, the jet was shot down. Inside the base, Batman took on Qayin while Ra's went to stop the hurricane. He disabled the satellite and the Americans destroyed it. Qayin went for Ra's; Batman stopped him and he fell into the computer bank. Qayin was fried.
Batman visited Talia in the hospital, but she asked him to leave and not return.
Batman returned to Gotham City and relayed the information to Gordon on who'd killed Blaine (one of his coworkers was in with Qayin).
Nine months later, a baby was placed on the doorstep of an orphanage.

2006 standard comic sized reprint


  • Several of the terrorists in the chemical plant strike were possibly killed. One was sprayed in the face with acid after shooting a canister, and three others were on the helicopter with Batman when it exploded and crashed.
  • " in the following weeks, the world's most skilled combatant teaches Ra's al Ghul's assassins techniques in non-lethal warfare of which even they are ignorant..." (narration)
  • During Qayin's attack on Ra's al Ghul's base: "No, Ra's, I'm through. Talia's safety is all that matters to me, now."
  • The child of Batman and Talia was born